Monday, October 2, 2017

Camel milk seller at NIPA

Camel is a desert animal. Having that majestic animal on one of the busiest road of Karachi city is a unique thing to see.

These are animal of Bhagri people, as they told me, who has been coming  to NIPA since last month,  around three in the noon to sell the milk. 

One of the customers, 60 years old Abdul Majeed said, he grew up drinking this milk as he belongs to southern Punjab. It is a common thing over there in his village. It is full with nutrients and natural way to treat diabetics and other diseases.

Camel milk is known as  white gold. It is being sold at 200 per kg.

Shooting them was not that easy. I got there at rush hour.

The whole thing was managed by females. They belong to Bhaagri tribe. Most of them lives in huts near Safora hoat.

Two young  girls, Sadia and Rani were giving me all the answers as older ladies were busy in dealing with customers.

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