Friday, November 10, 2017

Key Smith: Amjad Khan

 Belonging to Bhori community, Amjad Ali is content in whatever he earns from his modest key shop in Saddar,  Karachi.

He started working when he was 15 year old.

Khan says; '' This is the best i can do. I am my own boss. This type of work is better than 9 to 5 job.'

He is content with his earning and feels proud of his hard work.

Key Smith's Tools

It take five minutes to make one key.

Amjad Khan bought his modest shop with loan from his friend in 80s.

Key making machine is helpful and faster than making keys in traditional way.

With key machine, he is able to gain more customers. 

People prefer lasted technology oriented work.

Key Smiths in Pakistan are still using old methods. 

Most of key maker shops in Karachi are small.

One key cost 30 PKR/-

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