Thursday, March 29, 2018

Matter of life and death

Since 2015, I am  adjusting somewhere  even when  it is not necessary. It could have passed ( like I pass every other things by ignoring and moving on) by just Salam Dua. I am forced to interfere.

I did. 

And I am a fool. 

Now I am famous for my outspokeness when those are just facts with common sense I merely utter here and there. Yeah, I should have had bit my tough for my own peace on day one.

I thought I will pull through it like I do ( by ignoring), I underestimated the power of  group of line of beggers though. Every strategy doesn't work everywhere.

Everything was so overwhelming. Only my God knows how I resisted. To survive and pass a day peacefully I am working so hard on  being deaf, dumb and blind. 

That's call of the day.

I am still amazed at the notion of how doing something so simple can turn into a matter of life and death. 

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