Friday, April 6, 2018

Everyone doesn't deserve respect.

Respect is earned. There is no other way around. The phrase that 'everyone deserves respect' whether he or she is the CEO of a multinational company or a sweeper who collects my trash every other day, is incomplete, unclear and misleading.

It makes people "assume" that just because they got the licence of "deserve."  It is their birth right of some sort. They, CEO or a sweeper, both have to do something to earn respect. Even the meaning of word 'deserve' is: do something or have or show qualities worthy of (a reaction which rewards or punishes as appropriate) or to have earned something or be given something because of your actions or qualities.

Period !

No matter who you are: your age, gender, caste, class, position, status, occupation/profession, family, children, nation, tribe, language_can do nothing to make you respectable in the eyes of others. The reason everyone doesn't deserve the respect is because everyone doesn't earn it. Everyone is not entitled to it.

Respect is earn when we show kindness, empathy, and forgiveness to wards others. It should be given at first place, no wonder.

Then comes our so called desi elders, seniors and baray, who lives in their fools paradise by assuming that they are worthy of respect just because of their age. They didn't bother to give a second to have our say. If, god forbid we say something in explanation, it is considered " disrespect."

Arry, bolnay tu du.

Let me speak. To them everything is disrespecting. 

How could I respect someone who is so damn touche and not even letting me to speak?

Not working !

Just take this for example: You treat some like a piece of crap, bad mouth someone, yell at, mistreat someone who is 'lower than you-technically,' pass insulting and derogatory remarks/taunts and even go to that extend whether you don't mind character assassinating someone: come back without any shame, asking for respect just because you are 'someone.'

Not possible.

Some bunch of over smart people can be around to pamper your ego, giving salutation after salutation, is sycophancy, not respect. It is flattering to gain some advantages. They know by doing such things will give them advantage. Otherwise, no one is that kind. That is why no one will waste their time with the sweeper. They know he or she is not gonna help them in return.

 That's it, my dear friend. No one is your friend.  No one loves you, or respect you for no reason.

We, humans actually assume a lot.  Despite knowing all, we liberality behave like a naive. Somewhere deep down inside us, we want to be respected, admired and loved without doing the hard work.

For a time being this ego pampering can make us pumped with false pride but reality remains the same and so the perception; having people around saluting and bowing is not respect.