Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Maintaining distance.

It is good to see that the notion of social distance is talk of the town due to this notorious Covid 19. All I wish is that it catch on once and for all amid general public as well. Actually we don’t understand the importance of maintaining distance physically and emotionally with strangers as well. 

Living in desi society, where everyone is brought up to mind other’s business, it gets so difficult to make others understand that getting personal is unhealthy. They consider such person a snob. Been there, done that.  When in reality this is called boundaries. Every person has a right to maintain that boundary when closeness becomes so uncomfortable. Giving space is basic etiquette.

Everyone is not social. Getting personal for no reason, or especially when someone has clearly ask for maintaining a distance or staying in quest to find out about others personal life is unhealthy habit. But, in our environment, it is other way around. If you show little bit of discomfort from such unnecessary closeness, new can of warms will be open for you. You will be called rude and what not.
Your crime is that you are not people’s people. Some of us are private person. Some of us are introverts. 

Mean to say, we mind our own business and don’t like others interference in our business in return. It is not easy to open in front of everyone. It depends on relationships to relationships. Location and time matter. We should respect others and their choices unless and until they are not criminals and harmful to others. No body owns no one. Life will be so easy if we only think about our self.

It is also an okay thing if someone is not close to you. Many are predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. They don’t find the closeness comfortable. It is exhausting. There is another kind: an outgoing, socially confident person. Respect each type. Take as they are. Sky wouldn’t fall if we mind our own business.

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