Wednesday, May 6, 2020

With Hardship, Come Ease

"With Hardship, Come Ease" is a  project where I am collecting personal narrative and stories of brave and strong people from all over the world to  assess the concept of resilience. How we humans  hit rock bottom and how we bounce back. It is in blog form right now :

I would be great if you be the part of if and share your story with me. 

Have you ever felt done/ lost with your life? 

What kept you going? 

Be open, be vulnerable. Be raw. 

Last but not least. How you got control over the situation? What was that exact thin which gave you hope to be alive again? 
Also give at least one advice in the end for those who are going through the tough time.

We all go through a lot at some point in our lives.  I am a firm believer that with every hardship there comes ease. Life has never been a bed of roses for anyone. Some are warriors and survivors. Unfortunately few become victims. Interesting thing is that we humans are thick skin. We mostly survive.  The journey becomes easy when we listen others stories of hope.  

This is the  aim and object of the study. It is also OK if you want to go anonymous. Send me your entries with your age, location and a photo here or to: