Wednesday, June 17, 2020

No one wants to leave.

Sushant Singhs Rajpoot's sudden dismiss on June 13 by committing suicide had created a public discourse of nepotism in Bollywood.  The news was indeed shocking. It was an extreme act: taking your own life. He was just 34, smart, bright and quite successful. He will be missed by his fans, friends and family. His suicide is being linked to depression  due to nepotism.     

 Nepotism has always been in Indian cinema.  It is as sever as #me too in Hollywood. But it is not exactly as straight and simple and it is not just in cinema.  People from filmy background and support have failed miserly too. Public has rejected them without any mercy no matter whose son or daughter he/she is. No body wants to put money on bad actor .

There is no business like show business. Indian audience has its own taste. Films are supposed to entertain public. There are lots of actor who came from outside and ruled for many years. Film industry like any other industry is demanding. Competition is cutthroat. 

Success is all about knowing  the game and playing it well. The outsider who are in the industry in different sphere  working successfully have adjust themselves perfectly. Actually, talent alone is never useful. One gotta be disciplined, mentally strong and clever too. 

The problem is not just nepotism.  Here work is based on relationships. If you notice, all those outsiders are part of some group. They have been repeated by producers and directors with formula films again and again. Film makers don't give chance to others or new comers that easily. Star kids are given chances because of their references and even when they  prove to be failed, film makers don't repeat them. Only thing easy for the start kids/insider  is that they don't have to struggle much when it comes  to licking  the feet as they are already friends and know each others. It is also important to be seen at parties and be the part of the gang. Rest the fate is in the hands of audience. It is a cultural of  grouping for survival. 

This business and grouping are lethal combination. It is in every industry. People act in group and on references every where in sub-continent. The openness is not here.  That is why outsiders like Sushant and Kangna have to go through a lot. Kangna spoke up and got into trouble.  But Sharakuk despite an outsider, coming from Delhi, working in TV is supper star in film industry. He made right friends. Actually it all come down to friendship and references. That is why people don''t speak up or help others. They are part of the gang. A smart person knows the main guy very well and act accordingly. That is the way it is. Unfortunately, cultural of sub continent has always been master -slave. Be a slave, get work.  This has been going on for so long. 

Grouping is human nature. We prefer "our" people. The struggle to adjust and make friends is real. There is also no such law which enforce the producer/director to cast different person. They have every right to wok with whom they want.  On paper, casting  should be based audition but what can we do if if Sanajy Leela Bhansali  wants to cast Deepika Padokuni in same style historic movies Bajirao Mastani  and Padmavit.  There must be shortage of actress. 

Besides references, there is an other trend: Produce your on film and act in it. Well, their money, their choice. We can' question this. It shows how self centered they are  though.  People not only want to stay in business, they want to stay heroes be it Aamir or Salman, Raj Kapoor or Dev Anand as well. No one wants to retire and give space to new comers. 

Another cultural problem is worshiping humans. Be it, politicians or celebrities. We are conditioned to literally workshop humans. Yes, they are celebrities and stars. They entertain us. But they are not gods. Sub-continent is so tangled in worshiping personalities. 

We also have examples like Late Irrfan Khan was an outsider. He struggled a lot in his early days. And not only in India but he made a mark in Hollywood. Well, that industry worked on different criteria.  They picked him. His luck. He proved himself. His craft, hard work and again luck.

Film Industry is not supposed to be property of few elites. Everyone has right to tap into it with his/her talent, luck, hard work, craft and discipline. However, how can anyone be able to work if all the opportunity is divided among themselves. Bollywood need to change. I also hope, we pubic get some life too. It is we in the end who empower  them this much that they  have becomes gods. 

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