About me

Welcome to my site "Izdiher"

My name is Ifrah Imam. I am a Karachi based documentary photographer, visual story teller, blogger and lecturer by profession.

I started this site as a blog, when blogging was a cool thing to do in 2006. And I used to call my blog the coolest blog on the block. I still blog. Meanwhile, I started photography. My first camra was Nikon coolpix27. In 2015, I joined public university as a lecturer. This profession chaged my life. My blog post can tell the difference. 

Life is good, by the grace of God.

I write because I think.

I think because I feel, and I feel because I see and observe everything around me. I can not close my eyes. My writing is not that deep yet I will write about anything I will feel.On any issue. It could be fashion. It could be politics ,bitching , revenge. Anything which would catch my attention.
Let's see where life takes me. Same funda goes for my photography. 

 Please leave comment when you go form here so I would know where I'm heading.  I believe writing blogs are useless without comments and healthy criticism.

Thanks  for reading

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Try Relay: the free SMS and picture text app for iPhone.

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  1. Alive people almost think feel learn write like as Pakistani society it's necessary.So my suggestion is keep it up dear..
    (Just for Alive people. )
    میں زندہ ہوں تو سوچوں گا۔