Thursday, September 28, 2017

These are my stories

Today, while shooting  on road, someone taunted that it is useless to take photos of these labors. They have been working since many decades and photographing them can't change their lives.

I don't mind such off and on comments. To survive on the roads of Karachi, first rule is to ignore each and everything and become little deaf.  He was somehow right. But he is wrong that nothing can be changed.

It is a general believe that people who are on roads, working low income jobs are hopeless and poor. Technically they are, because of their low income. They are working and earning. Why I petty someone who is working hard and earning something halal?

Documentary photography has its purpose and impact. I guess their condition is still the same because no one told their story in any form to anyone.

We all can change our condition. Sometimes, someone else would do that for us. Well, that is a whole lot of another topic. But my documentation via still images has no such purpose. I am just telling the stories of my city via my camera.

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  1. Thank you for your photographs. I enjoying seeing places from an individual perspective. These are places and people I will probably never visit or see for myself.

    You are obviously proud of your home to show all sides of life.