Tuesday, August 14, 2018

No need to be victim.

Speaking up is indeed dangerous. In third world oppressed societies like Pakistani society, it can take your life. Or it can make your life hell. We have built such a non-tolerant society where remaining silence is consider better. A wise thing to do. Speaking up is discouraged.  Irony is that majority are of  those people who despite know everything prefer to be quite.

They are happy being victim and wants other to be the victims as well. Not only that, they even mix bluntness up with rudeness. Well, bold and intelligent person is always a threat. However, silence serves no one. There is no dignity in it. It is always minority who do wrong and majority go along with just by being silent.

As Dante Alighieri, said in Inferno:  

“ The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.’’

We are responsible for whatever happening around us. We are supposed to contribute to politics and society. Being neutral shows that we agree with whatever happening to us. And majority prefer to remain silent. They believe it is not their issue. Saying anything will create problem for them. They are nothing but idiots.

Never mind.

In ancient Athens contributing to politics and society in general was considered the norm and highly desirable. Being apolitical and selfish was frowned upon and all citizens aspired to be politically active. It was rare for citizens to demonstrate apathy towards what was happening in their state and common issues. The overwhelming majority of Athenians participated in politics to a greater or lesser extent.

Those who did not contribute to politics and the community were known as “Idiotes” (ΙΔΙΩΤΕΣ), originating from the word “Idios” (ΙΔΙΟΣ) which means the self. If you did not demonstrate social responsibility and political awareness you were considered apathetic, uneducated and ignorant. The word was transferred to latin as “idiota” and was used to describe an uneducated, ignorant, inexperienced, common person.

The brave is one who speaks up. S/he is not afraid to call spade a spade. S/he decide that enough is enough.  That is why s/he is  a hero not a victim. The victim remain silence and endure all the pain. Hero speaks up. That is why Malala Yousufzai  and Mukhtara Mai are celebrate as heroes, not victim.  Actually it is quite easy to be a victim. There will be no need to take the responsibility. Just blame others. This also help to gain sympathy. 

Another mentality besides being victim is grouping. People wants to be the part of certain group no matter what. It is beneficial for them. Despite knowing all they decide deliberately to remain silent in the name of neutrality. 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Learn to take NO

I don’t know whether it is merely a habit, norm, culture or tradition, people have no concept of accepting no. The problem is real. Sorry to say, many don’t know that there is something called distance. It should be maintained. Anyone who greets you or have to shake hands because of some compulsion is not your friend. And even in the friendship there are boundaries. They should be accepted and respected. Crossing boundaries can effect relationships of  any sort.

There are lots of things which are made mandatory when they are  not at all. Once a No is enough to understand that someone is not interested. Forcing and emotional blackmailing should be stopped. Once a No should be accepted without getting offended.  That minding other people's business should be labeled as mental disorder because it is an obsession. People with such habit target someone and get obsessed about him/her...what s/he is doing, going where with whom and all that.

I am unable to understand the urge of getting personal without any specific reason.

That minding other people's business should be labeled as mental disorder. Period.  

 People with such unhealthy habit target someone and get obsessed about him/her. They do it with such conviction and certainty that they don’t know they how idiotic the look.
It is that deep rooted that no one consider that in doing so they cross the boundary. You will find such fariq log everywhere around you in abundance even in this today’s age of information. They have this extreme urge that they can’t restrain themselves.
It makes me proud. Definitely my business is better than their boring life. I am something which they don’t have. Otherwise why bother? Like, seriously. Why bother to waste your precious time on le me.  I can only  feel piety about them. It is their purpose less life.


I was as composed, clam, and focus as much as I could be. Rehearsed before going to auditorium.  Reached the auditorium before the time (totally not my thing) to check my things for more the presentation. I even rehearsed again on stage prior to the presentation...

Bad luck, or what I trembled when I was called upon stage. My voice was shaking from the start and it was obvious that I am worthless.

Despite being here since the last four years, my uncomfortableness is still there. Blaming others is useless. Definitely it is me who is the real weirdo. All is my fault.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

You can't make me fool.

Everyday, I thank to Allah Almighty for the internet. This free access to information changed my life.  I am exposed to all kinda information, tradition and culture. I no longer live like a delusional frog in the dark well with the old wives' tales.

And this is the power of information and knowledge that I am not under anyone's unnecessary control or fear. This power of information and knowledge  empower me. There is no fear. No one can make me fool.

It is quite easy to control the masses when information is censored, altered, controled or stalled once and for all. Even in this age of information, there are over smart people who think they can get away with by making masses fool. This only happen when information is not spread to the masse.

Western values are always looked down upon in the Eastern countries. All the modern development came after industrialization which like it or not happened in the west (England). People have no shame to use western inventions but when it came to freedom, they go nuts.

This is egoism and nothing else.

Cognitive bias at its peek. Because of this bias, they create their own subjective reality. To them what their society and elders told them is right. This narrow thinking don't let them to think and develop nor they let others to think and develop. There are also those who have all the knowledge and information but they are so much under societal pressure that they can't even bother to think.

Most of the western countries are developed. Freedom of expression and freedom of information is their core values. Success is scared in places live Pakistan. Sharing of information is considered as giving away the secret of success. Others will come and snatch whatever one has. This fear doesn't let to flow the information.

And this idea of giving information is dangerous for the so called controllers of the third world countries of East. It's money and power game. It will rock their boats. Public would no longer be under their controlled. That is why people from these countries risk their lives to go the western countries. They don't care for any of their forced values and traditions when it comes to living a better and standard life in the western countries.

West and East are different in many ways. Their  society, politics, economy, values, norms and tradition, you name it...are different. But it doesn't mean Western values should be dubbed wrong. It can't be adopted by eastern people if they want, vice versa.

Better to stop calling it the West or East. Its the division of developed and under developing countries. Lack of freedom,progress, development in every field of life has made grapes sour. Rejecting the concept of progress and development is the biggest stupidity. Nothing is forever. We humans are supposed to evolve in our lives. Change is constant. Better change for better.

So what if something good is from the West?

Freedom of Information make the process of golabation faster. The world is becoming a global place.

 Everyone has right to adopt the values which s/he thinks is right for  him/her, unless it is not illegal or criminal.

I have no issue with anyone who wants to live traditional and conservative life. Go a head.  But don't dare to force your agenda on me. I am not interested at all.

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Don't ask if you can't listen.

Technically, I should be brief in my talks. No one has time to listen my whole stories. Fair enough. But if you are asking me something, and especially an explanation type something,  then you must have the guts to listen as it is you who dared to asked at the first place. That is your desire to talk to me or ask whatsoever, not mine.

This shutting up anyone without letting to complete the answer is extremely rude and ill mannered. No one is responsible for one's inner abnormalities and mental condition.  It shows one's lack  of character, manners and etiquettes.

Lots of people somehow assume that they can be in control by shutting up others or not giving time for explanations, when in reality they are making themselves a stupid fool in front of everyone.

Listening is a skill just like talking. It is an essential part of communication. Most of the problems can be solved by communicating effectively. However, if the intention is to shut up then saying what is effective and what is right is useless.  Communication is a two way process. Only you will say (Read: Order) and other listen (Read: Obey) is like living in a fool's paradise. Both should get equal chance to speak and listen. Otherwise, what you are saying  is just commands choke full with ego.

People, when they get status and position forget that one day they will be come down. They without any once of shame abuse of power. Third world countries like Pakistan where getting success and position is scared,  arrogance is inevitable. This is a form of survival.


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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Cat is out.

The role and involvement of establishment in election, making government and policies are not hidden from everyone. They play their game time after time.  Election 2018  is the most engineered election by the Establishment so far. But, all was done before the election. Army made sure no rigging/ mismanagement take place during the electoral process. And there was no such rigging.

It wouldn't be wrong if we call this election the most fair and transparent in the history of Pakistan.

Now the results are out. PTI came out as winner. It won majority of the seats in the election. They are more than eager to form government. Them PML and PP are at most there were they were along with MQM. It was quite surprising and upsetting for the big parties and their supporters. Many strong and powerful candidates lost from their fixed constituency.   As usual, they rejected the results and demanding re-election from Election Commision Pakistan.

ECP asked defeaters to respect people's mandate. In a press conference held on July 31, ECP Secretary said no complaint with regard to poll rigging in 2018 elections had been received from any part of the country so far. The allegations are baseless.

He is right. Now, no matter who much we have differences for each others' political parties, people have decided and  voted. It is better to respect the mandate of public and work for the betterment of country.

Better luck next time.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Faal wala

We, humans are curious to know what is in store for us. But the question is, is there any way to find out our future?

Chines Cookies?
Black Magic?

 Once being so popular way to predict future, Parrot Astrology, is a rare thing to see now. I found one in Downtown Saddar.

 Nafeesh, is in this business since last 30 years.

 " People want to know the future because of uncertainty. That is why in this modern age, they still want old traditional way of  solving their problems," says Nafes.

 This old method has declined so far.

 They trained their parakeets to pick envelopes.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Punch Mukhi Hanuman Mandir

Karachi is a city of multi ethnicity and races. Hindus along with other different communities are living here since ages, especially in it's downtown also known as old Karachi. There are more than 20 Hindu temples situated in Karachi.

The 1500 years old, oldest Hindu temple," Punch Mukhi Hanuman Mandir" in Soldier Bazar is one of its kind.

Legend is that the  Hindu Lord Hanuman's 8 feet idol is present here centuries ago, all by it selves with its five characteristics  Narasimha, Adivaraha, Hayagriva, Hanuman and Garuda.  

It is the only Hindu Temple  which is  supposed to have natural statue of Lord Hanuman in this sub-continent.

Devotees come here everyday to worship and be blessed by their God. 

 It is said that 11 fists of mud had to be removed before the idol of Lord Hanuman surfaced. Devotees circumambulate the idol and the sanctum sactorum 11 times in hopes of getting their wishes fulfilled. (Source: here)

Worship was in full swing when I reached the Mnadir around 11 am on Saturday.

Not a single devotees was bother by the presence of a Muslim woman with her camera. 

The sound of bhajaang was making the ambiance more real.

A child offered me banana.

I don't know much about Hindu religion.

All I wanted was to take beautiful pictures in peace and talk to the people present there to know more about mandir and what their religion. 

After almost half an hour a guard came and stopped me from taking the pictures.

It was my mistake to be there without any official permission.

It was so naive of me to assume that I will be able to talk and get the pictures without officials involved.  Gone those days. This is today's Karachi. 

There is security and racial issue.

The worshipers have no issue . They are open and friendly. 

How could an Urdu Muslim from  upper Part of Karachi will taped into the mandir of Old Karachi?

Their reasons of security and hate if there is any is valid and understand able.

But this is not the solution to the issue. 

In my opinion these places and communities will faded away if the fear and hate stay like that.

We should be open and welcoming to survive despite all the differences.