Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MAC 's compact powder & its Heatherette Collection

I hope everyone is fine .I have had  got infection at my left eye and it is hurting me to death . I also have a huge jumble of thoughts going on right now in my head, and I want   to get them all out.But every time I try to put them down in my blog .It goes off! Supper Pissed.

So that is why re-publishing my  fav post . It is about compact powder and a tip for buying it .I am not gonna tell you  how to use it.You  are not that dumb .Are you ?

I started using MAC Heatherette Collection with their compact powder product .Their result are exquisite. So I decide to buy their other product as well ,like Studio Fix Foundation,concealer ,Sheer tone Blush ,and  Eyeshadow palettes and  eye mascara from same Heatherette  collection .

In2009, when I was looking for right Compact Powder, I found this and I blindly  go for it, just for it's cute pink color, and I never regret it .It was not only reasonable and in my league,also gave an extra pack.First real pack stay with me for 5 1/2 month, and I think that's enough, and then I used that extra pack for more than  3 months . Sometimes, when I 'm in hurry and rush, or  in noon time ,when  I don't want heavy coverage,  I  only use  it after my moisturizer,  and then I don't need aught else after it. Just few touches of it and then Done Da na Done.Yes nothing else!!No base,because it is powder + foudation.

It's just like Studio Fix Foundation  . It hides all spots , blemishes and gives good super fıstık  look,  without being white clown.Actually they are  highly pigmented makeup .I feel so fıstık .Many Youtube makeup guru are using their products, because it  is professional-grade makeup.

My number is 3 ,and I am sure if you know your right CP and base number, you would never look painted. I can only advice to buy one number/shade darker  than your original skin color,because powder and foundation usually is darker in the bottle, and when  you rub it into your skin, it gets lighter, and in  this way your  face looks more radiant and glow. Foundation and powder  that is the same shade as your skin tone, would  end up more pale or dark.Translucent is best choice.  The result will be much better than being all white or gray and pale .

Besides that it has good quality mirror ,which I keep in my bag / clutch and purse,  every time I go out, and I love it that much I still have my first CP's case(of course empty/finished)  with me .

What's your color ?

And which number do you use ?

What's your trick and technique?

If I'm saying wrong about number thing ,correct me.


  1. Your MAC looks different to mines - I just love the pink casing. I have never seen those year... Mines is the standard black Studio fix powder. I tend to either get the NW20 or NW25 because both seem to match me.

    Its all I use when I go out and because I have oily skin, it really does wonders for me!

    PS: Im a MAC fan! I swear by it

  2. I hipe your eye gets better dear! I don't use makeup so hehe :P

  3. I don't use much make up other than blush and mascria. I would love to learn how to apply make up on although I wouldn't look as good>.<
    when did you first started to apply make up on?

  4. Izdiher LOVING your new design! Look amazing! I pray that your eyes get better soon, I got infection before coz I wear contact lenses. The pain is horrible and the swollen part - OMG!

  5. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, i'm now following you too!
    hope you feel better soon. i love MAC makeup.

  6. I love my mac... But, I use, Lancome foundation. :) I used to be a make up artist for, Lancome of Paris. Make up = Fun!!!!!!!!! love your blog! Eid be-lated, Mubarak!

  7. Tks for your comment :)
    I love very much MAC ! it's for THE best of Make Up :)
    Lovely blog :)