Saturday, August 27, 2011

Festive preparation

Last Friday :

Hope you have had a good Friday. Yeah, sad. Ramadan is going. Sahur, Eftar and all the additional prayers would be no longer. May A'accept all our worship, prayers, and fasting. May he bless us, forgive us and save us from hell and its fire, amen.

Before going to preparation, what do you reckon on  my blog new look? Ain't cute? I got so bore with that shadow  window picture template. This one is quite better. Just no back ground picture this time. Looking for some floral patents . Cherry Blossom. So in love with them. Super cute little thing .

I have given  festive holiday to my students. So at a moment I am at home  but feeling quite bore despite that I had a hectic Friday. Lots of cleaning and cooking . From kitchen to living room. Living room  to bathroom. Bathroom  to bedroom, and  to every corner of the house has to be clean. However, my dress, jewelery and shoes are also  done.

Beside that my father's one of the best friend  is coming today  for Iftar. Mom is going crazy. Actually it was not meant to be a party .In the mid of Ramadan  he invited us but we could not showed up because of  papa's illness. He always give grand party to his friends, every year. So now, he is coming to see him  with his wife and son.

We have  started Eid preparation before one week.We make lots of sweets dishes and Firni is above all. I like kulshay too. Eid with out sweets is nothing. Other food as well. This year we are not cooking Biryani. We have replaced it with pallaow. It's a really happy day. This is menu for this Eid El Fitr  :

1.Lots of sweets.
2. Pallaow
6.Gosh-e Feell


Finally ,I found a right hair dresses and got bangs after zillion months. Feeling alive. They suites me rather than layers. My big forehead goes well with them.Yesterday, I got them cut. I wanted to do a follow up on bangs or layers with complete details . But it is not that important.


I still have to pack gifts  I bought for my mom, papa , Fi and Ai. And for few friends. I am becoming addict to blogging ,lol. Nothing much . Small, small things and decoration. It was sale. I wish it is Eid all the time so I could buy presents for people and get back  in return. It’s so fun.

Yeah, I know for some it is  very important, and for some it is not. They get  stressed out trying to pick out gifts for their friends. But others believe that giving gifts shows how much you care. They look for presents that are special and personal, and they might get hurt if their friends don’t do the same.

I reckon   it is a thought that counted. We should give parents to each other. When I have nothing much to give I gives flowers .I pick them .It is free.But my flowers are not for everyone .It is for very specific peep.Usually I buy ear rings, some jewelry for girls or decoration stuff like: photo frame, small antiquate things. And if you wan me to give a gift please don't hesitate .

However, now at this age I don’t care  when others don’t give me gifts. I would rather go out to a nice dinner or some where. On the other hand, books are best gift for me.I really appreciate it. They only  gift I still have is one book my uncle gave me some 5 years ago. Rest of them have been lost, broken, gone  ...or I don't know.

The thing I would miss a lot at this year Eid eve would be my neighbor hood. There were lots of girls who use to make Heena tattoo/design . I don't know much girls here.

Eid Saeed, everyone!


  1. """No shadows to depress you, Only joys to surround you, God himself to bless you, these are my wishes for you, Today, tomorrow, and every day."""

  2. Hope you have a wonderful Eid too!!

    Looks like you will =D

  3. i want to have those henna tatoo. bdw i perm my hair n hoping to my hair to look good but :( its a disaster. i have to do it by myself n its aint permenant urgh!! bdw i really wanna eat original indian food. the only indian food dat i knw n i eat are curry , n biryani, dal n others which are common in malaysia. but when u mention all those name. im CLUELESS


  4. I love your new background. That Cherry Blossom makes your blog so soft, and sweet.
    Btw, I just know that you're a teacher? Woo that's cool, my mom is a teacher too..:)

    Happy Eid Izdiher, forgive each other. :)

  5. happy Eid to you :)
    i don't like heenna , i hate it so much !!

  6. happy eid to you too..

    i miss putting henna in my hands.. i wanna do it this year but not sure if i will have th chance =)

  7. You have nice blog...
    Visit my blog --> Stay Blessed

  8. Eid Mubarak to you and your family, Izdiher!
    Also, I love your new background photo. very pretty. X

  9. Happy Eid! Hope u have a gr8 one :)

  10. I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3
    follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)

  11. thank you sweetie!
    i follow you back!

  12. wow love this post:)

    Patchwork à Porter

  13. Mate, I like ur new design! the colour is nice :)

    wow u prepare Eid one week before?

    yum yum,I wana try the sweets u mentioned!!

    Hope u'll have a nice Eid :)


  14. Happy Eid hun, Great Blog hun.
    Thx for visiting my blog and following.. Wold love to follow you back

    MiMi xx
    Make-up Overdose

  15. Sounds like you have a lot going on! Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE the photo in your header. Absolutely beautiful!

  16. you have a lovely blog! happy Eid! i am now following and would love if you followed back :)))

  17. beautiful mashallah have a blessing eid dear

  18. The henna design is absolutely beautiful!

  19. love Izdihar,
    first, congrats on the new style of the blog, i liked the mouse pointer the most so cute
    and thanks for the topic i really felt we are on Eid. Enjoy it to the max, love :)
    Fatma Yousef