Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blog Anniversary

Sharing is sexy

Just got time off  from my laziness to post some thing . My mother is asking me to type her exams paper before Eid and I have been delaying it for festive holidays. Still two more to type. Huh ! So department of Agricultural me! I know your semester's exams paper.

(super serious)*

I love holidays. They are time when I really  loosen up and  stop being tense and get  relax. But believe me , this time I am more tried now. I was so uptight this past two weeks. Only thing in my mind was  to   sleep  till noon. And I did this !! Saturday...... I slept all day. Sunday was just OK. Pretty mellow. Eid was on Monday, which was quite hectic. Don't know how Tuesday flew. Besides that  eating a lot :

Breakfast ----Kababs with bread
Lunch -------grilled meat with rice
Dinner    ---  again something of meat with rice.

Here I am ........Wednesday morning ,with my cuppa tea. No more meat. God forbid !

How  you peeps  have been doing ?

Thanks a lot for your sincere and warm wishes for Eid. The  touching thing is that most of my readers are non-locals and non-Muslims but still they wished me.

It's our fault too. Creating good friendly image of Pakistan has never occurred to us. So busy in collecting funds from others so who would care for others. Money is coming ! This way or that way.Those who want to see East they visit India or some where Far East Asia.

Any way,  this is my point of view.

Never judge any human on its ethnicity, race and faith. It's every ones personal matter. I am born Pakistani. God decided that.Celebrating festival is most fun thing to do. I just need an excuse to doll up, to chow down, go here and there and have fun. The past few days been great in this regard. First Halloween, now Eid.  Thanksgiving  and Christmas is coming too..Yay .

This makes me Happy. And I want to share my happiness with humans .My sole purpose of wishing festivals ,occasions ..anything is just Sharing !

Because sharing is sexy. I reckon happiness multiplies with sharing. Share money, ice cream with me. Keep your boy friend with you. I ain't taken in him.

However, I am bless that my readers are intelligent.

How  cute !!!

OK ..Actually the problem is that there ares lots of misunderstanding, hate  and propaganda___ vice verse.  We are involve in judging each other without knowing actual facts. We don't do any research. Follow what we have been told by wanna be preachers, sheiks, and society. God has bestowed us a fat brain in our upper chamber, which we don't use. This all creates prejudice toward each other .

Nah ...hate is strong word. No one can hate each other. Unless and until some one steal someone boy friend/ gal friend. It is more a misunderstanding which has led to mistrust, to dislike, to suspicion, to an accident of someone being killed--then quickly hatred..I am sure people don't hate us (Muslims).

Yes, thanks to bias  media and propaganda.

Do you know this time last year, according to lunar (Islamic) calender which we follow I stared my blog. Last year Eid el Adha fallen on November 17th.This year it was on November 7th. In this way  this it is my blog birthday month. 


My blog is one year old now. What I learned from this place is show off  sharing. Here I share my  ideas, my thoughts, my faith & believe, love, hate, anger, fears. I have met lots of amazing people, who comes here to me without any prejudice and hate. Here you are free to say whatever you want to say. I never delete any comments and criticism, because I am not all-knower. Most of  the things are based of my common sense.

I learned a lot  from you and most importantly I met my self. 

The more you know others. The more you know your own self. The more you meet others. The more you meet your self. The more you SHARE. The more you get.


  1. I've always believed the same thing that we do not judge another based on race or nationality. I'm not like everyone else of my race or nationality or even age group. I'm just me. :o)

  2. your so right what I always say we are all human religion,race,age won't matter at all..what's important is the Heart of a you sis Izdiher..yes I am a Christian but it has never been an issue to me..I was laughing though on what you said..yeah I won't share my boyfriend sis hahaha..passing by sis gudnyt *hugs hugs* ;)

    oh I'll take one lollie thank you weeeeeee..bye bye ;)

  3. sharing is indeed sexy haha :) and caring of course!
    congratulations on the one year!!!

  4. Well, I am from Lucknow, its like the hubbub of Muslims in India, and I have always been proud of knowing Muslim friends, and honestly I think someone being a Muslim and receiving hatred only serves as a silly excuse.
    Anyway, I'm SO glad you had such meat-y times :P Take care. Khair mubarak againnnn!

  5. Congrats on your Blogoversary!

  6. Looks like you've been enjoying Eid :-)..Congrat's on your blogerversary <3. I thought you'd been blogging much longer than that,you are really good at it :-). As for the hate, you can win them over with love :-), and you are right, Muslims seem to be misunderstood due to all the negative propaganda spewed by their media, and our politicians don't help the situation , they make it worse. Sigh! But you r blog is a good example of how wrong the image that is portrayed is. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my blog, I really value your feedback. xxx

  7. thanks so much for your sweet comment :) your blog is just awesome, how could i not follow?

    and happy blogoversary! :)


  8. Sharing food, resources, home, talents, prayer I never thought of as sexy. However, we share even more with each other; our work, thoughts, and when two share a bed, their children.

    What a 'sexy' thought, if we believe (I do!) that all the Universe—known, unknown, seen, unseen is one, all extended integrated whole of the Creator's LOVE. Isn't that SEXY!

    Think! All the souls ever born—some unborn, might already be molded into one huge entity called 'love'. Yet each molecule is independent.

    SEE what you have done, Izdiher Jan? I have not yet gotten to the first paragraph you wrote, before my comment is finished! I will write another.....

  9. Ifrah Jan...I read your post several times, because it has become obvious to me that you have a load of truth to dump on the world.

    Your remarks on relationship between sharing and happiness, Judgments of others, reminds me of the phrase “to not practice contempt prior to investigation...”

    I read your frustration. In fact, when I research privately the 'east', I go to Malaysia or India. Next time I'll visit the “Pakistani” pages. Walla.

    Your writing is refreshing, articulate, well thought, interesting, full of truth and love. are willing to learn.

    I have predictions for you, but will not “share” them here (No...NOT 'sexy'--grin!!!)

    CHEERS! On a whole year of fine writing (and 'sharing'!!!). I will have to think about writing on the topic—maybe I just DID in these two comments, Hee, Hee, Hee!

    Only ONE fault I find in regard to your writing. You should “get off your rump” more frequently, and publish posts more often. In greatest respect for your talents, Ifrah Jan, I am hoping for you, PEACE!

  10. totally agree with you my deaaaaaaar :)
    happy birthday to your bloog muaaaaaaaks <3
    dont forget to visit my blog!!

  11. I hope you had a wonderful holiday :) happy anniversary ya okhti :)

    always take care of yourself! love your bravery! very inspiring :) keep it up :)

  12. Congratulations!! This is lovely..:) Our God created as equal even if we were from different, country, born different races, religions or belief, what important is our heart and what's inside of it.:) Love to be your friend who ever you are!:)

  13. happy birthday to you one ANniversary of your blog .
    i know how you feel about haters around us , i blame how their parents raised them ,also i blame the media . EVEN WE AS MUSLIM do have the same haters people as them , CUZ we are NOT perfect , and i blame both sides of people.
    you are one pure girl , full of respect to others , this how your parents raised you God bless them .

    if we care about the haters we will waste our lives with something stupid. that's why i leave it aside and enjoying my day with the people who love me or at least they RESPECT ME.

  14. Awww I loved this post.
    Happy blog anniversary! I wish I had found your blog sooner :)
    Oh and eid mubarak, hope yo had a wonderful eid :D

  15. Happy Blog Anniversary! Nice change to your blog, with all the flowers. I like it!

    I love your free spirit and telling it like it is - with honesty.

    Keep it up, Izdiher.


  16. you have nice title photo is that you? I'm now following your blog thanks for following mine.

  17. My dear, dear friend! I just wanted to say a massive thank you. Thank you for your powerful and enlightening reads each week- you write with such raw honesty which is simply inspiring. Thank you for your lovely friendship, you constantly support my newcoming blog and provide comments of love. For truth be told, you are a better friend than some of the people I see in my life. I wish that your blog continues to flourish as you have a talent that shines like the sun! Happy blogging birthday IZDIHER!! Kisses bestie! Love Professor B xxx
    P.s. I love the change of background- just beautiful! xxxx

  18. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi t3ala wabarakatuhu, Jazakumullah t3ala khairan for stopping by my blog, You yourself have a really beautiful blog, and congratz on your blogoversary!

  19. Happy blogoversary and a very happy (belated) eid mubarak! :D

    Sharing is sexy,yo! So next time you start on a chocolate,you`re sharing it wimme ^_^ :P

    And someone stole my boyfriend from me once. I still hate that person -_- Um,actually,there were THREE of them,to be more precise :\

    A good read all over,keep posting! (:

  20. happy anniversary to your blog! more bloggings to come haha :)

    love lots!

  21. yes! sharing is sexy.
    and congrats for your blog
    keep blogging girl
    and don't worry that you don't put a veil formally on your head. the most impostant first is that you believe in Allah

  22. Eid Mubarak hun, and congratulations on your blog anniversary =D

    I do agree with you I hate when people assume things about u based on your religion or nationality, shows how uneducated and naive they are!!

    MiMi ♥..
    Make-up Overdose

  23. every time i read one of ur posts i got a smile on my lips, u have ur own way to expressed ur self witch i love and respect
    nice post cause actually many Muslims feel the same as u.(love 4 every body)
    happy blog anniversary
    wish u many years coming inshaAllah in blogging cause that make us happy
    kisses 4 u sis

  24. Congrats on your blogiversary! May there be many more to come :)