Sunday, June 17, 2012

A happy shopping day.

Two days ago, Papa Jaani gave me and my sis 1,000 rupee kharci( pocket money)

 We ain't spoil sisters, just in super inflation and prices are going freaking  up, for no reason. So, you may kindly close your mouth. 1,000 PAk rupees are not that much.100 Rupees is like just 10 rupee note. Read some last paras, if you are not interested in my shopping bak bak. You will understand better.

And, if you are one of those people who roll eyes after listening girls shopping adventure ...then you are a boring, rotten and a boring soul. Full stop !

Other fun laug,  listen !

 My sis and me  both work though he still gives us some sorta kharci off and on. In  our childhood, when my sister used to shed crocodile tears, papa always gave her 2 rupee because there was no other way to  stop her crying. Candy, toys ..... nothing worked ! It was only power of money. Then this rate increased day by day. However this has not spoiled her at all, even motivated her to do her best. Now she is an engineer and earning better than us. This is for those who says money is evil........ no it is not.

My cousin wedding was on this last Friday.  I had to  buy another  duptta so urgently  for  my orange dress and other  stuffs as well. Never ask a gal what she wants to buy ! She just wants to buy!

Cherry on the top I got kharci from papa jaani. I spent my  whole Thursday  shopping with my sis. While browsing through shops  after shops, malls after  bazaars, and no wonder  we had larges  it up. You should have done shopping with me.

Shopping ain't just going to mall and buying stuff. It's a  magical. It makes world a  happy place. I know, I am babbling like Rebeca from confession of a shopaholic.  No wonder  shopping is magic. So, pardon me.

Even though my orange dress's duaptta is quite wearable, full with gold embroidery, just out dated and   not for rich peeps wedding's reception. It was bugging me to get a new one since R's engagement. I can wear  it in my hood only ( and I did that at R's engagement) or some where else ( where no one knows me), not at his reception. My cuz 's reception was in metropole hotel. Its an awful rich  peep's wedding spot. So I decided to  buy new one in mehindi green color.

The kameez have golden, rust and mehndi green embroidery and wasy bhi ajj kaal contrasts is so in. And I  Swear to Allah  I was excepting to get one  in 200, dammit I was hell wrong. That  chiffon duaptta cost me an earth (500/-).  I used to buy whole dress in 500( back days). Even the orange dresses I wore was also from sale, coast me 900/- after stitching, which was way  in my league.

First we hit the Saima Mall. It is  5 minutes chig vhi ride from my apartment.
I bought an other mauve and peach color cotton -khadi mixed dress, with silver embroidery at its front
 = 650 /-
Mendhi green duaptta I have been dying to buy    =     500/- .
Bra =   100/-  Can you believe it was 150 but I bargain real good. Just three months ago it was just 60 at Friday Bazaar. Going to the mall was my sis's stupid idea.
I spared total   1,250/- over there, right?.

Then we  took G- 18 ( bus), and  went  straight to Chase up, from where I bought  La' Fresh's intense moisturizing cream   =        125/-
Almatic  strawberry cream  for my mother =  150/-
La' Fresh's facial mint mask =  200/-
Cristine's water proof  mascara =   250/-
Cristine's black eye pencil  =   45/-
Cristine's metallic green eye pencil = 45/-

Over there, I all around spared some  815/-, and  spend some 2 hours,  and still had no intention of coming outta cosmetic section. My sis had to buy shoes but designs were so bogus. We were already  pretty knackered. so afterward, out side the mart, at NEPA chawrangi we drank sugar cane juice. I paid for it. One big glass  of  sugar cane juice 30/-, two glasses 60/-. Also had chakar kandi for  25/-.

I am gonna do some math here, other wise  I will forget, OK?
  650+ 815=  1,465 + 78 =  1,543/-

At that time we were done and making track via ching chi.  I saw Alla'ah' Dean's Bazaar adjustment to Alla'ah Dean's amusement part. I know it was there since ages but never been there. I had an itching to explore that virgin territory. And to my surprised, it's an incredible bazaar. They were chanting biji baji ...baji. Prices ain't fix like fancy air-con malls, where you can't bargain.Actually, here you have to bargain other wise they will loot.And fixed prices in the malls are all wrong. You seriously thing one daupatta should cost 500? Or normal cotton bra should cost 100-150? This is  a serious loot.
I bought a set of bangles  for 40 /-
3 Lipsticks, which were  on sale,  for 100/-
And finally my sis got her shoes, and googles.
I spared 160 /-   over there.

I fall in love with jewellery but could not afford to spare more. We had to come back home. It was Maghreb time already. Sun was setting down. Sky was getting dark. At home,  my mother was getting ready to kill me. We took ching chi rickshaw once again and reached home. I had 100 rupees left, and checked out the book store.

The shopkeeper with whom I deal, Imran bahi, was out for Maghreb Sala'at. I had a fight with that stud who was substituting him, however, after good tu tu mein mein, he gave me 3 books in 100 rupees.

Wow ! I won  tough he is gonna be dead. I will tell whole episode to Imran Ba'ahi.

Total  cost  =  1,923/-

Don't get panic. That fat number is pretty normal. Actually, we are in the era of super inflation like I said above. Our currency value  has been down sizing.  You know 1 USD = 94 PKR, just about to hit 100. It's crazy, boy.  If you are a math/ economic peep go there and read how rates are  increasing. It is science, I reckon.  If you like me, then in simple English prices has been double, things are getting outta layman league, and no check and balance. Every one is a king.

Petrol prices has been lowered down  though  zara check out dadageri  of transportation  mafia ! They are not reducing prices of fare. Majority of vehicles are on CNG.....still fares are touching sky. Every one is dada here, na. Pray we get some relief and I do more shopping in future.

Anyhow, I am so happy. I had a happy shopping  day.

See ya soon.


  1. hopefully fare prices go down, you'll actually pay a good bit more for petro than we do here in the states.

  2. Your day and your purchases sound wonderful Izdiher.

    My husband still gives my daughter spending money too
    and she is 24 and working!
    Daddies and their daughters.

    Would love to see all those buys,
    enjoy them all.

    Have a good week ahead

    Fiona x

    ps petrol prices here in Ireland have gone down over the last week or so
    it is now one euro and 57 cent a litre
    every little savings count!!!

  3. What an exciting day you had with your sister. I just sit and smile when I read your posts, they are always so refreshing and vibrant!

  4. Shopping is always a terrific piece of fun. I'm sure it would be even more so to go shopping with you and your sister~ your buys sound lovely!

  5. Shopping always makes my day too :D
    Couldnt go shopping today but i drank sugar cane juice too. i dont really like it, i really prefer anar juice/pomegranat :)
    I wish i could go once more shopping in lahore

  6. You did your part to help move the economy along. I don't care much for shopping, but that isn't odd since I'm a guy. I bet you looked pretty in all that new stuff.


  7. Shopping is always a good way to pamper ourselves (ladies).. :))


  8. Good for you and your sister. You really had a good time shopping! Yes, you have to pamper yourself from time to time. Enjoy and take your blues away!! Have a great weekend Izdiher!

  9. I mean have a great week ahead. Weekend is over LoL. I'm sorry for the error. haha!

  10. Looks like you both had a great time, it is nice to go out and spend money on yourself!

  11. Sounds like a lot of fun, I remember my niece was the same way she always had to have a small amount of money to stop the crying :)

  12. Hmmmm it seems like u had a great day.. It would be more fun if we could see the pictures of all the stuffs you shopped :)

  13. Shopping can be nice :) Although I'm not a shopping person. But sometimes, shopping can be fun. Have a lovely day , take care xxx

  14. shopping is one way to treat ourselves and reward ourselves after busy days of work..I'm glad you had fun bonding with your sister..have a nice day ;)

  15. We need pictures!

  16. Felice inizio settimana a Te...ciao

  17. You are both good in Math and beautifying yourself...waiting for the photos!

  18. Shopping is the best way to spend money ;) Have a nice week!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  19. ahhhh SHOPPING, the only way to suck depression outta your life:DD
    after reading your explicitly detailed blog:D i guess you must have had some fun:D

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  21. Very happy indeed. You shop a lot!!! Girls will always be girls when it comes to shopping... hahaha!!

  22. Dada geeron ki hakoomat main, aur super inflation kay bawajood aap ney tou kamal hee ker dikhaya--Tu Tu Mein Mein kaam dikhaa hee gai, you got 3 books just one US Dollar (100 rupees).
    In fact, the markets can not run without the active participation of women folk, because they are the major buyers.
    Guided by the female psychology, the business brains keep changing fashion constantly to make money through overpricing the new products.

    Last April while in Lahore, my mom tried to bargain with shopkeepers "not knowing" that prices are always either re-tagged or at the sight of female customer, more than 70 percent is added on to the actual price as female bhata tax. This provides the shopkeepers to reduce the price to satisfy the female customers.hahahahaha h hehehehehe

    I went through your post, it's quite interesting.

  23. Assalaam Alaikum dear!
    You've been tagged: Eleven Tagged Questions

  24. Shopping.... ahhhh how I miss thy sweet word. XP
    These days it's all work work work. I need to start shopping again LOL

    Did you go to a salon for your hair or did you dye it using a drug store brand? :P

    mad love,

  25. As someone put it, "A Bad Day Shopping is Better Than a Good Day at Work"...

  26. My dear friend,
    Any can of shopping is a part of life. If you can enjoy it... then its twice as nice (smile). Thanks for sharing.

  27. I'm not really into shopping and stuff though. But glad you had fun! :)

    It feels good to be back. :) Hope you're doing good!

  28. the figure looks huge but it sounds more like the stuff is very cheap coz' you manage to buy a lot! :D

    Latest: Thai Chakri Palace

  29. shopping with someone specially with family is always fun!!! i hope you had fun!!! that was alot of shopping spree :)

    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  30. It's a fun feeling when we spoil ourselves sometimes :) I hope you had a good time.

  31. This is actually a nicely written slice of Pakistani life.
    Like--who in Australia or Canada wishes to know about
    Pak president, etc.

    The Peeps, the shoppers, THAT what make news!--grin! I never bored with 'shopping' long as I can walk at my own pace in the stores which sell hardware, books, music, or FOOD!
    AND...if there is plenty benches to sit, read, doze (ZZZzzz), or just "BE"!

    Also never think money is root of all evil--it is what we DO or DON'T do with it, which makes it evil. Right?

    Izdiher! Glad you so! I used to think 'shopping' meant walking around and 'looking'. Anna says, "NO! Shopping means BUYING! PERIOD!" Well, okayyy.....


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