Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Geez !

This  customizing blog template  is quite a crazy thing to do. Only gave me headache and nothing else.

I am seriously beat after  muddling around HTML codes, and CSS. Have been doing it since last two days, still not sorted, you know.

This one I am done with is almost like my previous one. Only customization I did actually was separating each post in a separate box which Stretch Denim Light template, launched in 2006, the one I'm  currently using don't gives.. No such big change. I should have written something good instead of wasting my time with it.

Don't know what the heck I am looking for. Do you reckon (if you remember) my last one was  bad?

It was not, was it? 

It just, something was bugging me to change it. I was not even bored with that one. Anyway, change is a good thing. I also added scrolling effect to my sponsor's banner. They are getting higher,mashAllah and taking much space.

On a totally irrelevant note, you know, the guy I have been stalking since April  got married  a week ago. As his wedding date was coming near, I was thinking sky would fall down. Though no such sort of thing happened. His mom uploaded that heart breaking wedding pic on her FB's profile's display, I cried for 5 minutes. The end!

My bad, OK ? I shouldn't have gone  down that road. 

Love  is a dizzy thing and one sided love is mother of all stupidity.

 He is so goddam impressed with her. Some times he looks like his ankle biter. Why do people get married like that ? There should be mad crazy love, not like "oh she is so this and that." Who cares if she is so this and that !!!!!Ok. I'm the dumbest.

They had gone to Thailand  for their honeymoon.

I  shall go to Italy or Switzerland for my hm.

It's time to  chillaxe now.

On an other totally irreverent not : My telly ain't working :(. Has some serious picture tube  issue. Dam bored *. Missed so many episodes of  New girl, White collar, and Indian Idol.  Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa ( Widow of Quddusi Sahab ) is the only  local stuff which had got my attention these days, other wise  it’s pretty rare that I actually am really into any  local dramas. Almost all of then are dead boring.


  1. My girlfriend is Laos-American so she would love to go to Thailand, however if we get married our hm will probably be somewhere out of state but in the country

  2. haha happens ! :D
    at such points.you should think that yu'll probably have someone better :)
    you have such a positivve and creative mind,you probably are getting the BEST :]
    Goodluck :D

  3. I get what you mean about changing the templates. I used to play around with codes a little too much in the past. Sometimes I did end up making a total mess of my blog. Now I am trying to stick to one. Who knows how long I can keep myself away from fiddling with those codes. :D

    Aww heartbreaker! I don't understand this kind of feeling perhaps 'cause I am a super unromantic heartless person but imaginably enough, it must be tough. But this IS Izdiher we are talking about. She doesn't need our pity now does she? ;)

    Lots of love! <3

  4. Izdi!! drop the coding and just use templates LOL!

    on the irrelevant matter; when a man doesnt really realize that a girl like you is around then he is the dumbest man on earth! trust me on that!

    inshaAllah you will meet someone who is just right for you so soooon :) and then when you are together smack him for taking too long to come around LOL

    Cheers girl ;)

  5. Tweaking templates is really hard. Sometimes it's mind blowing when you can't incorporate the right code.

    Someone who will love you will find his way to your heart soon :)

  6. I wondered why all your posts kept disappearing! Like AR above said^^ just use the templates LOL! Also said some other pretty smart stuff up there too, so I echo those sentiments. You're never wrong for going down a road, sometimes you just need to change course or turn back. Remember everything for a reason. You shine in your own right, someday that light will be seen by all! Bet you when you do find the right one he eventually confesses that he was always shy around you or scared to ask because how could someone as great as you ever want him. You'll sit their dumbstruck thinking about it! (not dumb) It happens, and if it doesn't, its probably the wrong guy. (At least in a western dating scenario, that's how it should go).

    Take care,


  7. Blah, sorry to hear that. That's why I hate FB. You'll find your guy someday. Don't give up hope!

  8. You are quite the smart girl. The right guy is out there for you. Don't despair~

  9. I'm not sure I know what "chillaxe" means, but it sounds dangerous. If you mean "chill out" that's probably good. Take care and don't allow yourself to get too bumbed out. The perfect person is heading your way right at this very moment. Be ready!

  10. Hey Izdiher, I know what you mean, I'm the type of person who keeps changing blog templates hehe, I hope to stick to this one. I hope everything's okay, my Aunt just got married and went to Thailand for her honeymoon too :)

  11. Mr. Right is around the corner
    and you will meet him soon I am sure!

    Wishing you a good Wednesday

    Fiona x

    ps just to let you know that I am going on holiday and so won't be around for a week or so
    and won't be able to comment on your lovely blog.

    Be good!!!

  12. I like simple layouts and plain templates. It just makes it look clean. I like your template too, not complicated at all. You just gave me a smile when I read about the guy you're eyeing on...reminds me of how I was with my X-bf. Sigh...those were the days. I don't blame you for being nosy sometimes, I used to do that and it's fun reminiscing it. lol!

  13. I'm not in a generous mood. The guy that I am crushing at work pissed me off today. And he happens to be from Thailand. SO yeah. fuck guys.
    That guy you're talking about is an idiot if he doesn't realize that a gorgeous smart girl like you is like a freaking diamond. Italy's the way to go babe <3

    mad love,

  14. Ha ha! Izdiher, it's his loss for not choosing you. Take care and have a blessed Ramadhan!


  15. He can go off to Thailand all he wants but one day you'll find someone absolutely amazing who will think the world of you and always put you first :)

  16. You will surely have someone to take you to Italy or Switzerland:) Thailand cannot come near those destinations Izdiher:)Best Wishes:) :)

  17. Yeah, unrequited love really hurts, I know all about that. Smart is not important, a really nice guy will love you for you, sweetness,warmth, affectionate, loving, they are more important. Yes, Italy or Switzerland for your honeymoon dear Izdiher, with someone who is worthy of you and loves you like crazy! :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  18. How have you been, Izdiher! Missed you :)
    Its good to read your posts after such a long time! Stay blessed and miss, Italy isn't too far. ;)

  19. You'll find the right guy for you! Just take your time!
    So you're quite busy rearranging templates.. Well it would really take time and I'm sure you'll be able to come up with your preferred template and layout! Great day to you!

  20. maybe he's just not for you. unrequited love sure sucks, but it's better to love and lost than not love at all. :) Cheer up!. :) Good luck to the template stuff. ;)

  21. hahaha.. I just changed my template and did so many html and css code, phew! Not going to think about changing that template for next one year! hehehe..
    Ok, take it easy about that guy... He just don't deserve you. I'm sure God has reserved a much more better guy for you! Trust me! The one that can take you to Italy or Switzerland for your honeymoon! :D
    Cheer up!! :))))


  22. awww hun... take it easy there are still a lot of fish in the ocean you can get a good catch sooner or later. Love is something you cant rush. Just get busy making yourself even more beautiful :)

  23. Hello Izdiher! Thanks for commenting on my posts :-)! DO you have the body shop/pulse boutique there?

    Man I've tried customising my blog, I think Ive messed up the template coz I tested itusing a site and it reported a million errors... I am clueless when come to this stuff.. and you are right..you spend so much time reading tutorials by genius geeks for other geeks feel dumb and in the end you wish that you had just written a post or two instead.
    One day when we are famous paid pro bloggers we'll hire someone to update the look of our blog everytime we feel like it :-) inshallah one day!

    As for the dude, my sympathies...I know its like I dunno why ppl make such huge marriage decisions like that sigh But it wasnt meant to be..and you'll find someone even better inshallah who will sweep you aoff your feet to switzerland for your honeymoon, and forget all about... Mr Wrong!
    Kepp smiling hun

  24. what to say i mean you first told a story and ended with qadusi sahab's bewa....u've the power to bear i must say.love it<3

  25. Unrequited love is a terrible heart breaker Izdiher but it passes.

  26. Haha I am loving New Girl now. Indian Idol is not bad, got some pretty good singers this time.

  27. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:


  28. nice picture and very impresive blog.. love this blog..

  29. I'm addicted to One Tree hill these days :p

  30. I haven't tried customzing my template with the use of HTML. I just used the basic template and then customize the background.

    Well, he is not meant for you and Mr Right will come along one day:)

    Thanks for visiting my blog

  31. Izdiher. YOU? A STALKER?
    I 'see' you as that 'perfect' little smiling girl.
    Waiting for God to choose your mate.
    I keep learning about you, Peep--grin!
    Happy Ramadan!!

  32. :D Just go with a big smile and... be the most beautiful girl you already are. You're not at the lost, but he is... haha~!

  33. DEFINITELY his loss!!! Love ya, Girl! Good luck on the new template. :)

  34. When you figure out your blog and get the template as you wish and everything looks great, and we all know it will look great, you hav eto help me do something with mine. Please!?! :)
    About that guy you were stalking... never waste your time on someone who is not willing to give you some of their attention. Someday, someone will come into your life and love you the way you've always wanted to be loved. I hope that happens soon.

  35. oh my dear , if you lost it's not meant the end , maybe you loved him but he didn't know about you , i pray to God one day you will meet your love , just keep looking and always smile and never frown due to maybe some day day cute handsome man will see you for the first time.