Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thank God it's Fiday.

  P/s:  I wrote that post on Friday night, saved in drafted. Couldn't get time to published it till Saturday night.Today is Sunday here.

This Sunday   there is a  farewell part  of one not so friendly  friend of mine, who is going to  UK.Got work over.

You know these days what I am longing so desperately?

 I am longing these days pass quickly. There are things to do but  I am just not doing them.  Spring has started over there. Flowers are blooming everywhere. Weather is supper nice but  I just wanna stay at home, and do nothing. No mood of attending that party either.

Rania, my female friend  is going  there for  sure, and why not  she has huge crush on him. Time wasting. I have told her to steer clear of such guys, you  know those going/dying to go  overseas type guys.  When they return their head so full with pride. Already he is on cloud 9.

I don't like him, and don't wanna talk about him, so I tell you one joke
Son :   Mom what is girlfriend?
Mom:  If you are a good boy, you'll get one when you're older.
Son:    What if I am a bad boy ?
Mom:  You will get many.

Bingo ! that mom is wise.

Nice guys why are you so lazy ?  If you like some one go and say it, why wasting time and blaming bad guys for getting all gals ?

O, I was saying  me and Dani went to millennium mall at noon around 1:30 pm despite knowing that it is Friday and malls and markets will be closed till  3:00 pm due to Friday mass prayer. KFC was open, we waited there, chewed the rag  and had Zinger burger without fries and Pepsi. We had Miranda later on our way to mall.  When the mall opened we rushed there, she bought a dress for party for herself, and trimming/shaving machine for him.

I am sure he will give that to his younger bro. He always does that. And this time it is so sure, he don't make shave. It was my Idea. That is another thing I don't like about him or boys in general________facial hair.  When there is shaving machines out there, then whats is the need of having beard or facial hair whatever they call it. And it doesn't look good on everyone. Very few can pull it off.

 Anyway, we knew what we had to buy so came back home straight without wasting much time. I had nothing to splurged. Beside splurging I am also reining in tea. We all know too much of everything is bad for health.  In my home we are hooked to it. I am having some serious problem with caffeine. Doc has suggested me to drink a glass of milk daily. If I drink after sun set, I can't sleep for whole night.

I took a nap, and due to that my mood is good, and I am able to write something. You know naps are natural mood lifters,  maybe I am making it up, but to me, it really is. A very old habit from school days. And its almost spring/summer, days has become long, so a nap in noon  for 45 minutes won't kill anyone. In fact it will  refresh you.

Glad that Star world is telecasting   One tree Hill's from season 1, besides  Modern Family. They are also old season, when lily was so small.  I read on internet that Jay and Gloria had a baby boy.  When will I watch new season?



  1. Here it's Saturday.
    I love naps too. In general I love sleeping.
    Hope you have some rest this weekend.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  2. Its Sunday here actually .... 12:40 am :-)

  3. Glad you enjoyed your nap
    and I hope your weekend is too.

    I like the story about the mum and son
    you are right - she is wise!!!


  4. Haha a power nap is always a good thing to do if you are tired. And moms always know what to say! Wise words.


  5. Lol, wise mother.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Its already Sunday here :/

    Hopelessly Hopeful

  6. your mother's right. bad guys attracts alot of girls. that's what lady gaga's song Judas all about. and glad that spring is coming ;-) i love blooming flowrs.

  7. Hey Izdiher!! Following you now :)

    And, what a coincidence, I am feeling extremely lazy too... I don't feel like doing anything, it's a totally different thing that I'm blogging :P

    I'm gonna take your advice on the non nap! And I'm insomniac and like you, if I have caffeine after sun set, I can't sleep at I'm insomniac as well!!

    Anyway, take care!!

  8. Yeah.. So obvious you're in good mood,,, XOXO

  9. Hi! I enjoyed your weekend ramblings. I too often feel lazy during weekends and love to take naps especially if the week days at work were torturing. Loved the wise mom's joke, made me smile.
    And btw, I really like the pic in your header, so lovely!

  10. You're a good friend, but I have learned, that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make em drink... such as the case with an old acquaintance of mine who thought it was a good idea to move out with a guy she just met.. UGH! Foolish girl.. now everything's blowing up in her face.. Can't say I didn't warn her. I all but begged her. Anyhoo... I'm having to cut back on caffeine too.. too much caffeine isn't good for anyone, speeds up heart rate, etc.. etc.. Good for you for cutting back and for taking better care of yourself which is something we all should do more of.. I enjoyed hearing all about your trip to the mall and random ramblings!!! LOL! Take care Yar!

  11. Yum I'm also addicted zo tea :) Well not that bad that I can't sleep of it :D
    I don't like to take a nap in the middle of the day, because when I wake up I feel like I'm more tired than before :)

  12. ahaha that joke was really funny

  13. Hey not all good guys are lazy the problem is the competition (bad guys) play dirty and as I've been told by many women are more attractive than good guys... can't explain that one though I think it's something to do with the challenge of getting someone who's not completely interested more interested (a guess)... I shall experiment one day and figure it all out. Totally agree with the nap thing, it's another mum's saying thing, things will look brighter in the morning

  14. You do write fun posts Izdiher, and that joke was sure a good one!

  15. LOL at that joke ! Tomorrow is gonna be friday again, so glad about it =)

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  16. your blog...keep writing.. :)

  17. I also love drinking tea and watching Modern Family. Yes, Gloria and Jay got a new baby. Lily has grown and the last episode with her was very funny. Thanks for the visit and I will be back to read more of yours.

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