Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lunda in Sunday Bazaar.

Till 90s going to trifling stores were consider very cheap thing to do(over here). These markets were  used to be in Sadar area, mostly  for lower middle class people. They  went  there for sweaters, costs, boots and shoes, etc, etc. It is blessing for them.

Economy was quite different  back then.  Peeps who wore thrift store stuff never said it out loud. But now due to inflation, trifling is has become acceptable. Middle class people are also going there without any hesitation or shame. Not only that, in last five years those stalls  has reached  to  our very own Sunday Bazaar.

When my bro first bought his sneakers and coat from there,  my father scold him" Are we lunda wearing people?  Your ma, pa never bought anything ever from lunda, how could you? Don't you know it is some dead gora's stuff?''

My father is not racist, (maybe he is ), but it is said that second hand stuff in these thrift stores are  from the west, and in local lingo it's dead white people's  stuff.  His time was good. Life is different now. Jeans and coats are expensive for us, if not for my father.

He still have that coat.  It was his best purchase from there. I bought couple of bags too. My tall friends from university said flat  pumps from there is win-win. I also have no issue in having worn out , used second hand stuff. Sometimes, it just  freaks me out when I think about " dead "  white people. It is still somewhere back in my mind.

We have been shoping from Sunday markets from so long. Concept of  these  bazars is  totally different from thrift  markets. These are temporary day markets in tents from 11 am till dawn to  provide a good shopping arena  to buy the items of domestic use on alternative days on discounts. All stuff are new.  It started in 80s, though it is no more discount bazzar, a good way to do shopping for middle/working class. You can find almost everything under one tent. Every area has these types  of bazar.

Now there is a thrift section in almost every bazzar. Stall holders are (Pakistani) and Afghans. The more posh area, the more posh thrift stuff. Defence  Sunday bazaar is famous for  its branded bags. Yes, branded bags with little bit defect. Or may be they are fake. Prices are from 1500 to 500 PK Rs/-

In Johar, where I live, I have Monday, Thursday,  Saturday and Sunday bazaars. Their thrift section is just Ok.   Most of the stuff are not that good, they are so damn worn out, but our Pakhtun stall holder  knows how to fool you.

Thing which irritates me,  is its SMELL. These  sections have this specific smell  which I can't explain.  It makes me keel over.

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  1. Don't worry, when I die I'll have my dead white people stuff shipped to you. LOL

  2. these kind of things are every where (we call them Flea markets or thrift stores here). No shame in getting something good for little!

  3. You would not wish for my "dead withe man's stuff" for several reasons. One, is that it already came from flea markets--HAHAHA!

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  5. Yeah, in my place they call them "Bundles" and my brothers really like to look for sweaters and t-shirts from Japan and Europe. I don't have the skill nor patience to really pick and choose though.

  6. such bazaars are there in India also...
    what is not good for one person need not always be not good to have na?

  7. Very well written. Liked your style of writing. Nowadays, these shops have established themselves in Internet. They are called Craigslist and Ebay.

  8. We have such bazaars here in Malaysia too but they mostly sell food. We do get some interesting items like clothes and sandals but mostly for daily wear. Your bazaars sound interesting!

  9. Charity shops are really popular in UK as are car boot sales and people are much happier to buy pre-loved items than they were in the past when it might have been shameful. There is also a fashion called 'shabby chic' often referring to interior design but also to clothing.

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