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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cover your shops

I can understand when sexually frustrated religious peeps talk about women, their dressing, how much un covered they are, how much fitna and fasaad they are spreading  on this earth, and all that jazz  in any frustrate and suffocated society, but boy, it is so annoying when  women talk like that : Cover your shops. I can see your butt becasue you are wearing jeans. You can't wear lawn  ( is a plain weave textile, originally of linen but now chiefly cotton, suitable for our weather) suits at beach because  it get wet and everyone can see everything. bla bla. Shreef girls wear jeans with long shirts, its hides their butts.

I am sure there must be so many more abusive and nonsense comments women used to hear from another women about their butts, boobs and other body part.

Most annoying is cover your shops.

Means your duptta is not covering your boobs properly.

I once  asked that type of  woman: are you lesbian?

She ulta asked: what is lesbian? You mean Libyan ? Lebanese?

Being a straight mature woman in my late 20s, I have nothing to do with any women's butts and boobs. I don't care if someone is wearing a lawn suit and her bra can bee seen. Or any girl is wearing jeans and her kurti is short revealing her butt, or if any woman's duptta is hanging at side. None of my business. It should not be other people's business as well.

Live and let  live.


  1. Well, I love you and I am not a lesbian ;-)

  2. All I wanna do is clap at your words! Amazing post that reflects your maturity and sense a of healthy attitude :) I do read your posts but this one made me stop and write a comment :)

  3. It is interesting how judgmental woman can be about each other. Such a shame. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  4. thanks..Ishraq (Sunrise) Prayer you know..?

    Take Care

  5. Great post. Live and let live!

  6. People are so judgmental out there. Even when you are decently fully covered they will pick point on you for not wearing a hijaab. They are not happy in any case and are always criticizing. Lovely post <3 :)

  7. Live and Let Live, Izdiher. NOW...if only countries..............(sigh)

  8. Its so Funny "Most annoying is cover your shops." I've not heard it before but its so funny.

  9. I've actually never heard that but I like this post. To hell with judgement. As long as a person is happy about the way they feel and look- no one else has the right to put them down.

    And I followed :)

  10. Lebanese lol It is almost like a scene from a film. In England it can be judgemental , though not to the same degree from your descriptions. But still women face scrutiny for their actions, i was thinking of people i know in Brazil, its seen as a liberal country for how people want to live, but in fact judges women and their bodies a lot (body fascism), plus street harassment. Same in England, its a sickness, this control of others particularly women. I saw once in a Stephen King film a character was judgemental , another characters advised him to 'count his teeth' before offering his opinions lol. What a great term. Good post! Very funny , and new words to learn also.