Saturday, November 1, 2014

After Eid.

I know I didn't write anything after Eid. Nothing  special. same old life and school.

 If you are one of my faithful followers who always   come here off and on  for updates or new posts: Awe, I am sorry.

If you are one of those who don't give a fuck about me, my blog and its posts, then fuck you.

I had Eid Milan (potluck) party at school.

Today is November 1, and you will see this will pass so soon.2015 will be here and you wouldn't even know.  I have off till Wednesday due to Ashurah.

What will I do? Nothing.

Karachi is having a lovely and like we Karachites say___a romantic  weather, because we really don't have much rain here , and when it rains,  to us it is romantic.

There was a prediction of cyclone Nilofer however it didn't come to hit us. It just rained last night. I didn't wake up for a minute to see it or to even close the windows. Before I always used to wake up even at the drop of pin, but now I am sleeping like a death body. In the morning, corners of  my carpet was wet, but it is OK. No big deal. It is about to dry up.

 Two movies  came out in September and thanks Haven  my dumb cable operator  showed both of them,  otherwise I would be running after him for new releases, just like I always have to do. I dunno why he is just so dumb. He is cabal wala, how come he doesn't know from where to get pirated stuffs?

Anyway, Khoobsorat was so pahsi ve, stiffed just like its lead actor and actress. And its only hype was Fawad Khan.  I never liked Fawad Khan. I don't give a crap if he is from Pakistan and working in some Indian movie. It is not an obligation for  me to like him Pakistan. There some 14+ crore Pakistani. I can't like someone just because he/she is Pakistani. 

Music could no catch on me and story was so predicted, that is why there was no charm left for me to watch it.

Dawat-e-Isq was  OK. Preeniti and  Roy did amazing work. Throughout they were entertaining despite lack of content and most of the scene were so quick.Characters were middle class and real. There was Hyderabad and Lucknow, their food and cultural, with  a social  issue of subcontinent: Dowry

Gullu is  a middle class, sales girl  from Hyderabad. She has her own dreams. But just like any middle class girl,  she was also in rista (arrange marriage) process. And anyone who goes through rista process,  knows how it sucks, big time. Still people are so brainwashed and getting married via it,  they have no  ability to think it sucks.

 All the rista which were coming for her were asking  for dowry. Disappointed and dishearted she decides to go USA. For going to  USA she also needed money. For that  she made a plan..____A plan of trapping  a dowry skeeking  family and convict them in dowry case,  get money from them and fly to USA. She also convinced her father(Anupum Khair) to   support her in her plan.

 This duo come to Lucknow to put the plan in action.

In Lucknow they meet Taru, a cook who has its own kabab shop. He charms her with his Kababs and Biryani.  Their marriage gets arranged. As usual  Taru family ask for dowry, she complain about them to cops,  gets her money. Every thing goes according to her plan till end when she  feels guilty, and returns  all the money.

She was in love with him. He forgives her.
frame dowry seekers and extract money out of them.

Read more at: put their plan in action they , where  they meet Taur____ a cook. He charms her with his Kababs and Biryani. Despite making him fool and looking, she falls in love wtth him. In the end she decided to return the money and  chancels  her plan to USA. He forgives her.

  The end.

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  1. a friend of mine in Kuwait said it rained (?) a bit (a few drops), probably due to a large cyclone in the Arabian sea. Sadly, it is raining here, but turning much colder...ah the beginning of winter for us

  2. Hahah hey Happy November Izdiher... it's raining too here in Malaysia, and twisters (small to medium-sized) are happening here too more frequently these days, scary :'(

  3. Long time no see! :D Good to hear tidbits of your life. Fawad Khan is (I don't know why) adored so much. He always plays the rich-cool-dude-who-tramples-on-middle-class-girls type of roles. Where is the variety? But I must say that Pakistani serials are bang-on enjoyable. They have stories (very realistic) and very good actors playing touching roles. A few months back, a new channel with Pakistani shows has been launched in my country. I like the shows (even though I am more of a ZeeCafe type). Most of the actresses (young or old) are so elegant. :)

  4. Refreshing post as always! I like it!

  5. Always good to read your posts no matter when they come, Ifrah:) The pics of the school party were nice!

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