Saturday, December 27, 2014

Winter break-2014

My Winter break has started. Yayyy

December 24 was my last day at school. I have finished all the work so far, and in doing so, I  have had to jump through many hoops. I am feeling so light now.

Working in school like never ending work.

All day I am either watching telly, reading novel or sleeping.Sometimes it is giving me headache. And then cold.Still,  I went   out and  had falooda, 

I watched ‪#‎PK‬ on cable. Print was actually a recorded version from some cinema. People's head, claps, whistles and desi jumla bazi was more clear than dialogues. Still liked it.Good to see Bollywood is moving from regular latka jhtka movies toward subject oriented and thought provoking movies.

I have finished reading Adultery by  .

It is just an OK novel. I mean if you excepting something like Al Chemist then forget it.

This novel is about a   married, woman in her thirties who lives in Switzerland,  is rich and bored with her routine life and had fling  with her ex boyfriend from school and it brought her back to her husband and family.( I am not gonna tell you the whole story, buy a book and read it over there about why she fucked him).

Everything depends on opportunities and availabilities. Some people have opportunities  to fuck, fling, make love, cheat. Those who don't have such opportunities, they  just eat goal gupa. 

I will be back and  continue.

Can you believe 2015 is here. Are you excited?

I am so excited and looking forward to 2015. I believe this is gonna be my rocking year, just like 2014 was.


  1. You rock Ifrah. I am sure 2015 will be more rocking then 2014.

  2. Ha ha.... year ending with a witty post while you choose gol gappas, Ifrah:)

  3. Tell me how do you like Adultery after you finish reading it.

  4. Yes, Ma'am...I hope--and believe--this IS going to be your "Rockin' Year". You treat people with kindness, you are honest with your beliefs, and your humility (and beauty!) will carry you along the road to happy destiny. But it WILL take work and study on your part . Then, together with God, you can bring it all together! I am SO CONFIDENT, that you have been quite blessed the past couple months.
    PEACE, LIGHT, and LOVE....

  5. I left reading Coelho after Zahir -_-
    Wish you a Happy new Year sis :)