Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Follow the law, or die

Helmets  are for people's safety.

The two-wheeler riders will be required to wear helmets by law in the city of Karachi was a good step to avert deadly head injuries that are the leading cause of death/disabilities in motorcycle crashes.

 Mega city like Karachi, where there are around 1.5 million motorcycles, wearing helmet should be must.

 It saves one from deadly head injuries, and injuries don't ask whether you are a man or woman. Both gender are on some bike, helmets should be worn by both of them without any nahkra.

 However, instead of spearing awareness about helmets, road safety and how it saves one from head injuries, we started our ‪#‎pindu‬ pan just after hearing it.

 "How will women wear helmets?" and some other stupid jokes like, " How will women look with the helmets on?"

And then there are some other lawn matching helmets meme. 

WTfish is how will they wear them?They will wear the way it has to be worn. What does being women and men gotta do wearing helmets ? And if you are that woman, what are you doing on bike?Stay at home.

 When there would be some accident, women would not get injured or even death, just because they are women?

Not only that, our inspector General of Police Sindh, Ghulam Haider Jamali is another pindu who has exempted women from the wearing helmet. God forbid, at the time of accident, women would be exempted from injuries and even death as well?

 In his own words," The law has been softened keeping in view the problems facing the public at large,"

Kindly, tell us what are those problems facing the public at large?

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  1. Seems crazy, as you say if an accident occurs it doesn't care what the sex is of its damage!