Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Blog Is Carbon Neutral.

If I   write a short blog post about  “My blog is carbon neutral” and include one of their buttons  on  my site (check in the sidebar) and send the link of my  blog to, they will  plant a tree for me, neutralizing the carbon dioxide emissions of my  blog.

This blog is carbon neutral. Yours too

I love planting trees and I want them to plant one for me. I want my blog to be Carbon neutral.

There is nothing like tress. The bigger, the better. They are life. They are for our survival. Without them we are not able to breath. With out them we can't have rain., a clean and healthy environment With out them we can not  remove harmful COfrom  our environment. Without them we can't have food medicine, shelter and warmth. With out them we can't have a beautiful environment.

And living in Karachi which according to a research project conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by Siemens is  ranked below average and least  green city among other  South Asian cities and  and by an other the Polluted Coastline , with recent worst heatwaves  and less rain, I know how important and necessary trees are for our environment.

Taking  a deep breath and feeling the fresh air, and letting it for after holding it for a  sec is dream for us.

Unfortunately, majority of public is unaware of environmental issues. Authorities  are  shamelessly cutting the trees or letting it to be cut down, when  urbanization doesn't mean we finish green belts and parks.

Thanks a lot for reading this.I hope you will also make your blog Carbon neutral.


  1. Trees are so very very important. I also clicked on the link.

  2. Such a cool idea! Good job!