Monday, May 28, 2018

Reporting on the cycle of violence in Pakistan

A panel discussion was arranged on the topic, "Reporting on the cycle of violence in Pakistan: Understanding the interplay between power politics, laws and rights'' on March 13 at CEJ/ IBA Karachi.

The Panelists of the discussion were: Justice Retd. Majida Rizvi (Chairperson of Sindh Human Right Commision), Owais Tohid (leading Journalist, currently host his own show on Capital TV Crosscheck with OT), Ravi Panjani (Barrister dealing with Media Laws), and Uzma Noorani (Co-Chairperson of Human Right Commision, Pakistan).

The discussion was organized and moderated by Fareeha Aziz. She is APNS's award winning journalist and cofounder of "Bolo Bhi, a civil society organization working on internet freedom, privacy and gender in Pakistan.

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