Sunday, July 22, 2018

Punch Mukhi Hanuman Mandir

Karachi is a city of multi ethnicity and races. Hindus along with other different communities are living here since ages, especially in it's downtown also known as old Karachi. There are more than 20 Hindu temples situated in Karachi.

The 1500 years old, oldest Hindu temple," Punch Mukhi Hanuman Mandir" in Soldier Bazar is one of its kind.

Legend is that the  Hindu Lord Hanuman's 8 feet idol is present here centuries ago, all by it selves with its five characteristics  Narasimha, Adivaraha, Hayagriva, Hanuman and Garuda.  

It is the only Hindu Temple  which is  supposed to have natural statue of Lord Hanuman in this sub-continent.

Devotees come here everyday to worship and be blessed by their God. 

 It is said that 11 fists of mud had to be removed before the idol of Lord Hanuman surfaced. Devotees circumambulate the idol and the sanctum sactorum 11 times in hopes of getting their wishes fulfilled. (Source: here)

Worship was in full swing when I reached the Mnadir around 11 am on Saturday.

Not a single devotees was bother by the presence of a Muslim woman with her camera. 

The sound of bhajaang was making the ambiance more real.

A child offered me banana.

I don't know much about Hindu religion.

All I wanted was to take beautiful pictures in peace and talk to the people present there to know more about mandir and what their religion. 

After almost half an hour a guard came and stopped me from taking the pictures.

It was my mistake to be there without any official permission.

It was so naive of me to assume that I will be able to talk and get the pictures without officials involved.  Gone those days. This is today's Karachi. 

There is security and racial issue.

The worshipers have no issue . They are open and friendly. 

How could an Urdu Muslim from  upper Part of Karachi will taped into the mandir of Old Karachi?

Their reasons of security and hate if there is any is valid and understand able.

But this is not the solution to the issue. 

In my opinion these places and communities will faded away if the fear and hate stay like that.

We should be open and welcoming to survive despite all the differences. 

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