Thursday, August 9, 2018

Learn to take NO

I don’t know whether it is merely a habit, norm, culture or tradition, people have no concept of accepting no. The problem is real. Sorry to say, many don’t know that there is something called distance. It should be maintained. Anyone who greets you or have to shake hands because of some compulsion is not your friend. And even in the friendship there are boundaries. They should be accepted and respected. Crossing boundaries can effect relationships of  any sort.

There are lots of things which are made mandatory when they are  not at all. Once a No is enough to understand that someone is not interested. Forcing and emotional blackmailing should be stopped. Once a No should be accepted without getting offended.  That minding other people's business should be labeled as mental disorder because it is an obsession. People with such habit target someone and get obsessed about him/her...what s/he is doing, going where with whom and all that.

I am unable to understand the urge of getting personal without any specific reason.

That minding other people's business should be labeled as mental disorder. Period.  

 People with such unhealthy habit target someone and get obsessed about him/her. They do it with such conviction and certainty that they don’t know they how idiotic the look.
It is that deep rooted that no one consider that in doing so they cross the boundary. You will find such fariq log everywhere around you in abundance even in this today’s age of information. They have this extreme urge that they can’t restrain themselves.
It makes me proud. Definitely my business is better than their boring life. I am something which they don’t have. Otherwise why bother? Like, seriously. Why bother to waste your precious time on le me.  I can only  feel piety about them. It is their purpose less life.

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