Wednesday, June 19, 2019

How will we know each other?

I  was at light house when I saw the glimpse of beautiful building of Church.  Due to the boundary walls I could only see the top roof. Without wasting a time I decided to go inside at the spur of the moment. 

This is Christ Mission Church. One of oldest protestant churches in Karachi. 

I left my shoes outside, a habit of visiting sacred and holy places. Tired and unprepared, I entered. The atmosphere was quite welcoming. Farndas was the first person I met there. He was there to meet the Reverend, regarding his son's marriage. The Reverend was out for some bank work. We both sat on the benches, talked about religion and waited for the Reverend. In this hot weather of Karachi, sitting there and having cold water was nothing but heaven.  

Why would any Muslim would want to visit Church is the first question comes to every one's mind?

And my answer is why not?

How will we know each other if we don't visit and have talk.

Churches and other religious places are beauty of Karachi. This should be our identity. A city full of diversity and harmony. 

The Reverend came back in 10 minutes.  

We had a good, meaningful and open talk on issues like extremism.

I asked him to let me see the mass on Sunday. He happily invited :).

As I said the visit was decided on the spur of the moment and weather is killing me, I was so lost.

I couldn't take good pictures.

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  1. I completely agree - how can you learn unless you're willing to have a conversation?