Thursday, January 2, 2020

Dilemma of honor

Hareem Shah is another controversial personality of our time.  We call her social media start/celebration/sensation.  You all know how she started and where she has  reached now. Her fame is  her involvement with politicians through the medium of an entertainment  app TikTok which has become so called controversial.   News are that she is no more in Pakistan because of her current controversy of leaked videos of phone calls with politicians. According to her some big wigs are threatening her and her family. Wise decision. As  everyone is comparing her acts and fate with late Qandeel Baloch, especially after her leaked passport and CNIC pictures to expose her, leaving Pakistan is a wise decision.

Then comes Mr. her father's 12 minutes video in which he is apologizing in tears on her behalf for all the mess. He seemed ashamed of her.  As a law abiding citizen and a religious man,  being a responsible and loving father,  he did everything in his capacity to  bring her up well. He is more worried about his ancestral's reputation, national security and integrity due to her acts. To him, she has disappointed her. He prays she come back to the right path. 

Harmeen Shah, whose real name is Faizza Hussain is an adult woman. We and everyone including his father and whose ever reputation is on the sake need to understand the fact that no one is responsible for her and her acts. No one should be ashamed of her or anyone. But the  million dollar question is what wrong  did they exactly did that everyone belongs to them are concerned, ashamed  and disappointed?  

What are their acts in fact?

 Since when making video is a crime? 

All the politicians are equally involved with her. Her access to Foreign Minister Office was because of them. How come it is possible that a  TikToker gets tap into the top office and  record the video for fun? How come there is no investigation? Or just  for more likes and followers she one day decided to record her video in Foreign Minister office and got through  it? 

How lucky! 

We should stop making others fool in today's age on information and technology. The leaked calls are of not she talking to the wall. Why one politician is advising her not to go in media ? Why the face of that person is hidden with emoji on whose lap she is sitting? To be honest, everyone is quite comfortable in that leaked picture.   And if she is blackmailing or threatening them,  then it is still their problem. This phenomena is dubs as facing the music. All they could do is register an FIR against her if they are so clean. As she once said in a TV interview that she records everything. Another wise thing. 

Why would anyone entertain you for free?

 Connect the dot. 

The concept of shame and honor is way too much in overly conservative and unnecessary traditional societies like Pakistan.  Here everyone wants to control everyone. Public has opinion on everything. They don't mind telling you how to live your life. They are ready to taunt and even reaching at the level of making the lives hell of the people related to you  for your acts which  they disapprove because they find  then different from their idea of doing things. This is called cognitive dissonance. The disturbance created in their mind is too much. You can even get killed or burned alive. 

 Majority here have no issue with anything in general. They are okay with conservative ways of living. No one here fights for the right of freedom because no one wants it actually. People respect their cultural, norms, tradition and everything in between. Thus they don't want anyone to bring any kinda change. Every other thing they find conflicting their existing set up is unacceptable. Everyone has right to do whatever that person is doing is no such thing.

Those minority who wanna  do "other" things, do behind  the close doors. That is the way it is. They are at least safe, alive and mentally in peace.

Therefore, whatever  especially Qandeel  was doing didn't go well. She was fighting  a lost battle every day to be accepted by the audience who some how had rejected her long ago. Her struggle was more psychological than physical. There was no one with her on that. Such fights are exhausting and waste of time. Those people cum audience were only on her page to take out their own frustration by insulting her. She was too much for them to handle.  They wanted her to repent or die.

Almost same is happening gain for Harmeen Shah. Her story is different but treatment by masses is same. The taunts, insults and leakage of her personal documents...all just to expose God  forbid to get murdered. 

 Public use social networking sites to share their meal, shower, ice cream, cleavage, shoes and what not. They also  have their fair amount of followers and haters.

Qandeels mistake was that her Facebook page and content  was for wrong crowd. Usually, now due to so much content on internet, no one gives damn about them.  Neither should.  That's how social media works. They are owner of their own profiles. What is vulgar and what is not on personal accounts are subjective discourse. 

Technically, that is not your page. You have issue. Don't follow, don't subscribe. Who says this is your duty to tell what others one should do in real life, cyber world or behind the doors. Calling every one  "R" word can't help anyone's   frustration. 


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