Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's time for Russia and Qatar

When I  heard the news  that Russia and Qatar will be hosting world cup in 2018 & 2022, I could not get chance to write at that time. l know am late  but anyway.

                      Congratulation  to both of them

It is amazing to see that  how  Qatar and Russia won the  bid.The Russian bid was picked ahead of England, Spain-Portugal and Holland-Belgium to host the 2018 event.Qatar got the better of the United States, Australia, Japan and South Korea to stage in 2022.

Football is way big event .Lucky those countries, who get chance to host it .These king of mega events affects the lives of people and brings the boost to their economy .

FIFA has it's own criteria .What if  England or any  European or other country could not get chance this time ?Perchance   some other time . Everyone should get a chance.Many countries has hosted it and result are good so far.France and England have hosted two occasions.Euro's and the World cup before . And as for the Olympics, Brazil are hosting the 2014 World cup 2 years before they host the 2016 Olympics.South America & far East Asia has also  hosted it .Italy did twice and least South Africa in 2010 were friendly for sports and proved to best bet.

The country who is hosting foot world cup should have  the best stadiums ,fantastic transport system and accommodation already in place. Well,  technically Russia   is a  huge country with massive legacy.It might take football to a new area, like South Africa.Let the Mafia controlled Russians have it and pay for it.

I am quite happy for Qatar, but I have my concerned too  .They never hosted any big event before .It will be the first Middle Eastern country to host a major sporting event.It is a small Arab speaking country, with less than 1.5 million people and a central crux of their bid centered around boosting the region's global profile. It is a  fact that it follows Islamic law, which includes a law against drinking in public or being drunk  all. Who cares? Qatar  is rich county .They will nail it perfectly .

On the serious note, I think a World Cup in Qatar and Russia will give them an opportunity to embrace other cultures and become more internationally minded, with more foreign investments flowing in.

 What if  Qatar invade neighbor countries and become huge? And what if, one day, oil pop up from Russia and she become rich ?Who knows, what will happen in 2018 and 2022 ? Only time will tell .

But the million dollar question is, who will prophecy these world cups? Because Paul the octopus, is death .R.I.P Paul .What about monkey this time ?

Why not? It is more closer to human.


  1. I am from Iran,I don't qatar patt.
    Russia is mafia why Fifa gave them chance?

  2. A dog would predict this time.

    Qatar is best,baby.