Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy B-day,Zeinab

is my best love  blogger & its her birthday.Enargeia is her awesome blog ,which is so deep,macha Allah.And I am so amazed by her writing style and thoughts .Not a kissing up  post,OK? Fact is fact .I like rolling with intelligent people.She always gives her two-cent on my  posts.Would not say much .Wishing her very happy birthday.

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Happy B-day, babe.May you have many more :).


  1. Omg Izdiher!! You're the sweetest person ever!This definitely made my day and my post-birthday. Thank you so so much. This means a lot to me!

  2. Happy birthday Zeinab ~!

  3. Thanks again, sweetie, and thanks to the above commentators as well!
    Also, I came back to ask whether I can have your email. :)

  4. Although it's too late, but I wanted to say happy birthday ..
    Wish all the best to you Zeinab.

    Wow, you both are very sweet ..:D