Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ask me out !

It is so boring .Why don't you ask me out .Whole week has been passed.No excuse .No one work on weekend.Now be a good boy and listen to my plan .

First ,we will go to beach or park .You shoulda  know I am an out door person.I would prefer beach for sure,  but I will listen you, too.We  will eat fish and chip, and lot of fried chips, and more fried chips  with Pepsi . Then spend more time out .And fun.

After that I will check your wallet .If there would be more money then we will go for  movie and dinner.Money is not an issue with me.Other wise,chip is enough .We can to to  your place  for movie if you want.Then God knows what would happen .

I can not guarantee anything . Maybe,  I  will start liking you .What do you say ?

P/s : I am free  today .


This is just for fun ,OK ?


  1. thankyou so mcuh for commenting ; ) dont be sad : (

  2. haha, good one,u know what...maybe posting randomly about this could attract someone :))))))))

  3. HHAHA! This post brought a smile on my face. It was cool haha :)

  4. so.. you're an outdoor person.. have fun dear ( if you were asked out ) hehe :DD

  5. haha .. lovely post :D
    have fun dear. xx

  6. good post, indeed. :)

    To be continue ur nice blog.


  7. me too..i wish someone would ask me out too. :)

  8. so.. did he end up asking you out?

  9. Lol that was a funny post! U have a nice blogg, love ur design! =)

    / Aesha

  10. I like the beach too, as well as fish & chips :P Hope someone asked you out eventually!