Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My day was pretty normal and so so. May be  I am quite  relax that is why. Today I took  Spaghetti  for my co-workers as a treat for  getting  my nine day pay of September in the first week of October. I was so goddamn  wrapped in my problems that I forget all about it in first place. An other gal brought sandwiches as a treat, and I definitely don't want to copy her at all.

She offered it to everyone and mine was just for  3 peeps. I have no mood of kissing up. By the way, her pay is enormous than me. No comparison. Just telling you where this Spaghetti  idea came from. I also bought Pepsi for them. May be, at my next pay I would be giving treats to every one ?  Heaven knows! Pig might get wings.

It is 10:30 PM at a moment, here .Electricity came just half an hour ago. I watched Big Boss (India) for a few minutes, which is pretty much better than local  wanna be Indian soaps. It is good so far. Just a start. Lets see how messed up that house would become in future.

With in fifteen minutes I would shut down the computer and go to iron my dress.Gosh, most annoying thing to do! Especially  at the end of the day. I wish all clothes  auto iron something. Most of my dresses are cotton made Shalwar Kameez. So technically they need more ironing ------ where you  just  have to  keep pressing that shit machine.

I don't trust electricity anymore. What if it would  not be there in the morning? I don't want to wear  wrinkly  dress. So yeah, I have to do it at night( right now). My sis and papa are quite good at it. Their dresses are always wrinkle free. I am really thinking of getting garment steamer.

Just want to update  on papa's  illness. He is doing fine. Went for more tests and have to go for follow up checkup within 5 days. I am so thankful to all your nice comments, and prayers. You are my family, too. Always encourages me, loves me, and corrects me when ever I am wrong. Says kind word,  when ever I am down. I told papa about you people and he was like.......confused and amazed.

"How do Peeps 'talk' through computer box?" My father asked. You better watch Zulfiqar Mirza's press conferences. It's more fun and spicy. But I can teach you if you want,I answered  and he  laughed. I have also taught him how to use SMS, and he forgot !!!

I started using computer properly from  February 2007 . And tapped into the world of internet since then and so happy. It is really incredible. Now I can do many thing. Like ....I just downloaded new browser, which  is shit. I mean goody good Firefox browser has got some  virus and stopped working. First, I download Google chrome, which is so dumb. Then I deleted it and installed IE 9, which is nothing but pain in ass. After every 15 minutes it  gave me some report of error. I used it for two days and re installed Firefox. But I think it also got some virus. Shit. Shit. OK, I  am giving up. I don't know how to download stupid browser !!!

Again using retarded IE 9  :(, which have no option for search and shitful of error. How could Microsoft be that dumb ?

Do you know it is Gumbby's birthday today ? Yes.... yes. That jade clay humanoid figure. I saw that on Google's web page, where they are  paying some sort of homage to Art Clokey with an invented  Gumby Doodlee. Actuallly it is 90th Art Clokey's birthday, who  is  a father of clay stop motion animation.

Our local television used to telecast this cartoon/show when I was kid . I grew up watching this. And still remember making stuff with clay after that show. Clay was big  thing  for kids back then. It  had an influence on our generation. We use to learn from cartoon not like today's kids who just do SMSing. It had a really rich imagination. There’s nothing on TV that imaginatively stimulating for kids today.

I also  used to make cards for Gummy's Birthday (for Gumby only ).  I seriously  had no idea that it was for some Art Clokey.  Today it all came back to me when I saw my favorite cartoon character at Google's page. I reckon today's kids have no idea who Gumby is. Other shows  I watched a lot were  Sesame Street, and Camp Candy. Those were days !! Really were .

Listen, it is getting late. I also have to pain my nails after ironing. I be back soon . It is never enough talking with you you peeps. 
Take care.


  1. Awesome! Happy birthday to him or it..? Firefox is the best i think :)

  2. Hey Izdiher Jan. If you are browser-shopping, try Opera. It is a Norwegian product, used worldwide by over 200 million Peeps. A slight learning curve. But it operates smoothly, has many features. You only need the 'free' version.

    It's recommended by lots of gurus from Yap-land to Lapland. I've got to go now, or would comment more on your post--another time, OK?

  3. Chrome it is! Its amazing that all the three people above me, including me, suggested different browsers haha :D
    and aye I like spaghetti, send me some too :] and oh yes, too much ironing and time goes into mainting salwar kameez.
    Uf this is a long update.Which reminds me that my nails are painted red on one leg and black on the other ha :D
    You take care. Uncle will be well super soon inshallah! :)

  4. ya okhty it is good to hear you are doing ok :) been a while for me :( i know but life can take us away with our concerns :|

    I have ironing issues too!

    good to hear your father is ok :)

    take care of your self Izdiher :)

  5. btw, give opera browser a shot.. i kind of like it its ok

  6. I use Chrome and I love it. And you said it right about electricity, in India, we too have the same problem. I wear only cotton clothes, often salwar kameez, and seldom kurthaas. Both need a lot of care (espicially if you don't want the colour to fade away) - hand wash, dry in shade and ironing. As you said, its a very difficult job.
    BTW, thanks for your award. I got it.

  7. Electricity in India has never been trustworthy, no matter you live in a rural area or metropolitan!

    Btw, I suggest use Chrome- firefox has been pretty useless and memory consuming these days, though I am addicted to it...Better to stick into Chrome or Safari.

  8. Ironing clothes! grrrrr... i hate ironing chores. It's hot hot hot -- not fun in our kind of weather which is also hot hot hot!

    But you're a funny one catching a moment to blog before doing your ironing chore. lols! Good one, Izdiher. :-)

  9. Thanks for the sweet comment and for following! I hate ironing, too, along with slow internet browsers. I use chrome now, and haven't had a single problem with it! Super happy!!

  10. I love the photo at the top of your page!! :) Also, try chrome or firefox. They're both so much easier to use than IE.

    Thanks for the comment :)

  11. Thanks for your comment and we should def follow each other. Now following you:)

  12. Hi Izdiher,

    Another one here who really doesn't like ironing!
    It is a thankless job.

    I hope that you are keeping well and that those nails are beautiful!

    It isn't hot hot here in Ireland,
    it is cold, misty and raining this morning.

    I hope that you have a good weekend.

    x Fiona

    ps am following you now x

  13. Hey Izdiher,

    Cheer up. Smile. Everything will be alright.

    I want to thank you for visiting my blog today.

    You can still do the 5 minute Friday even though its Saturday or Sunday or other days. I did mine on Saturday afternoon cause I didn't have a computer to use on Friday.

    So, if you're thinking of doing it, as Nike says, JUST DO IT! Have fun. You deserve it.

    Take good care of yourself and have a lovely weekend.

  14. When I was young we had to iron everything...I remember even ironing pillow cases and I use google chrome as my browser. I love it!!