Monday, December 19, 2011

Achowwww !!!!!!!!

I am pretty much busy with my running nose and blowing it up after every 5 second, which is quite painful.God forbid, I am having so much  cough and fever + headache since last 3 days due to sudden change in weather. It was unbearable at work. Teaching  pre school kid is not an easy thing. Noisy class. It grows when I teach loud or to make them memories something hard or new !

One of my uncle also got married on Sunday and I could not attend his Nikkah ceremony which held in Masjid. At night was reception type party at home just for close kin. Tomorrow is reception from girl's side and on Wednesday from his side. Yeah... two reception  to attend. I want to be fit for it. I have made two dresses. I reckon I have told you  about it. Hope I get some pics.

However, holidays has been started and my  headache  has gone but this phlegm has been frozen and taking time to run down. I took a half day off on Friday  and came back home early. My half day pay would had been detected but I don't care. It was pretty unbearable. Hard antibiotics make my heart pounding so gruesomely. I am behaving like a druggie because of these antibiotics. They just don't suit me. So much sleep in it.

First it was not that cold but as it is getting colder and colder by the passage of time. Even though it is a festive season. It always make me blue. Time to  gather around the people you love and exchange gifts. It brings along warmth, peace, and serenity.

I also did more self scrutinizing about my single life and guess what I find serenity ! Yes I am cool with it. I know. God can not be harsh on me. Something in store which I surely don't know at a moment. On the other hand I am not gonna run after love. I was kidding about James Franco.  I just want someone who love me MADLY ! So yeah....ain't a fool to be saddle for stuff which is not in my hand. He will find me and come to me automatically .

Meanwhile, watched movies on HBO, and watched movies, and ..yeah ..... watched movies ....Also getting time to watch Morning Shows. But dammit ! I am so changed. Or they so boring ! Typical  woman talk. So far, in two days, I watched, The Good Guy, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  I will start with Scott Pilgrim first.

The main character Scott Pilgrim has to  defeat his dream  girl (Romona Flower)'s seven evil exes in order to get her. Ramona has evil powers and all her exes came back to her. She moved to Toronto from USA to start from starch. The whole movie was so fast which was its pulse. I loved the hilarious dialogues in Canadian style.

Already a life is so slow so watching some thing slow makes mm sick. So this   video game like movie was a cool thing to watch. It was so freak and non sense at a same time. So in nutshell it is creepy, speedy and good time pass if you having running nose and you don't want to use your brain!

The Good Guy was just predictable and slow  Nothing new to keep my attach. I just watched it because nothing else more interesting was  telecasting.

In this flick, the main heroine was a perfect, kind heart, ambitious and girlie girl, name Beth, who just wanted everything fine in her perfect life, while Baker was a total bad guy, from tip to toe, in good guy's mask :a womanizers, wicked, wacko creep! She could not find out  his reality until another guy named Daniel came into her life.

Daniel happened to be Baker's co-worker and also become friend with Beth. They have meet before  at a book shop. He said an incredible dialogue which I don't remember fully at a moment. Something about keeping dreams alive. But she meet him descriptively second time at a party organized by Baker's Boss. She invited him for book club she do with her gal friends .Things were pretty normal.

He did not play any game while Baker played with her heart and lied through out. As we know, none can stay so long with bad guys, who consider themselves cool. No mater how good  they play. Their reality can not be concealed. They can play well but can not stay for long. Many  woman fall for them at first place but in the end good guy always win.

In the nutshell, this movie is just OK for weekend. There was no chemistry among actors. I find them more like a  siblings rather than a romantic characters.

I wanted to talk more but I need to clean my running nose once again . Achowwww !!!!!!!!

Take care.

Good Night !


  1. Hope you get better soon!
    Of course we understood what you were writing about James Franco... just let things the way they are and something good will come along.
    I have seen "the good guy" movie but I wasn't impressed...
    Wish you to have a good time at the wedding!
    Many kisses!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. Dearest sister <3 May you get well soon, insha'Allah <3 My thoughts are with you and I send you lots of sweet hugs!

  3. Wooh! tell me about the cold... And those morning shows kill me...
    I've never seen The Good Guy before. I think I'll try looking that movie up...


  4. I hope you get well soon Izdiher..*hugs*..keep your self warm ok ;)

  5. What a coincidence! I've just watched Scott Pilgrim vs the world this week, and it was the most hilarious, romantic, action movie I've ever seen!!! Haha. I like Ramona's changing hair colors especially the electric blue hair. haha.

    Anyway, i hope you get rid of your runny nose. get well soon.

    xo cherry

  6. god bless you my dear!!!
    hopèe you will be fine sweet heart
    biiig kisses

  7. Hi! Nice that you visited me! What a nice blog you have! Yes, I´m a member now, hope you´ll be a memeber as well! I have just started so it´s nice if you join! Many hugs from cold Austria, we will meet in our bogs! Take care with your flu and REST!


  8. I hope you will feel better soon dear Izdiher. Take good care of yourself and drink hot tea with honey or milk with pepper, breath essential oils. Medicines are horrible I know, they let you feel so down, aren't they?
    I would love to see the dresses, oh I will pray you feel better.

  9. Take care lady! The holiday and the weather affect everyone.

  10. Hi, passing by to greet! Hope by this time you feel better my friend!:) Always take care!:) Merry Christmas!:)

  11. get well soon dear! I got more than 5 times nosebleeding during this holiday, poor me ):

    Well, its been while since the last time I read ur blog, so how r u?! have a great christmas holidayyy!


  12. Aw,get well soon Sweety! <3 (:

  13. Just wanted to tell you I hope you start feeling better soon. :) I've been feeling the same and thinking about buying some Kleenex stock. LOL! I also wanted to say thank you so much for your sweet comment. Girl, that totally made my day!!! Get well soon!

  14. Get well least you get to see some good movies at home and just be entertained.

  15. Yup! Get better quickly, this has gone on long enough--TOO long time.
    Take care

  16. Oh ya u got to take some pics and do upload them :D

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World looks fun I am definately gonna watch it :D

    Tc and Get Well Soon amigo!!!!

  17. I really hope you´re better now! Enjoy all the receptions and thanks for making me discover these movies!
    I´ve just discovered your lovely blog and I love it! I´m happy to be your new follower :)

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  18. Hi Izdiher,
    I am your newest follower. Hope that you are feeling better now. What a lovely blog you have :) Thank you so much for visiting mine. Hope you will feel better for the Holidays!

    Happy Christmas!

  19. Hope you get better soon!

  20. I hope you are getting better by this time. I liked to see the movie "Good guy", by it's name, but after you comments "sibling", now feeling that much interest.

  21. get well soon dear! and please keep commenting on my post it gives me some courage to blog!

  22. I hope you're feeling better now. It would be nice seeing you wearing the dresses. :)

  23. hope everything is fine now!
    hw was the reception party?

  24. get better soon :)

    thanks for sharing :)
    it seems many take this opportunity to get married. Lol

  25. I know I'm late as always, I hope you feel better by now :)

  26. ahh i'm sick too! i hope you get better, and i followed your blog, i think you're really inspiring! ^-^