Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ok... I am using Chingchi Rickshaw, but not for everywhere. Neither it goes everywhere. Just from one stop to an other stop. Mostly,  I use bus for traveling in city. It is safe choke  full with  peeps. Many kind of people. But pretty safe. Separate section for  women and men. That is it.I  do feel safe in it. I have to travel alone everywhere mall, to friends place, to uni, to interviews,  to weddings, to eat chat cholay, or KFC.

Papa never  gives his car to anyone, ever. Nah.He is in love with it, madly. He and his Suzuki FX. And he don't goes everywhere with me. Man are weird, whether he is my father or brother.

I have written enough on buses and my two cent are  exactly same,  here !  Still same .

You say what's up ? Lemme tell you what's  up from my side. Technically, nothing huge. Today, every thing went well. Pretty much under my control. Whatever  I planned. Yeah, quite boring ! After meeting Z, came to me. Very clever. She doesn't talk with me whole week but always become so super sweet on Saturdays. I hate these types of  clever girls, who only talks with me when they are in need.

OK, every Saturday we have meeting type session to complete all left over work. Some times, I go with her and some times, I humbly  refuse  and fib ,like,"Hey ..sure, doll.But I am busy, so I might  leave late,"or like
 "Ma'am needs to talk with me after 1:30, time, doll."  Etc, etc.OK, well, we all do that .

She also does same with me.

But. But, but ..This does not mean I am some average-per-school-teacher, which I am temporary, but still don't go there. Let me confess something today. I AM FILTHY RICH .

Now close your mouth .

I even blow my nose with 1000 rupee note. I do shopping from Paris and Italy. Have some 400 pairs of branded shoes and bags. How come ? First of all, I did not earn this money from wheeling and dealing. Nor by gambling, neither by lousy  lottery tickets .

I  have a money  tree .

Quite Eco-friendly.Best to to have millions is to grow a money tree. I just pluck one note leave when ever I need . Fortunately, I sow American coin so it's reaping $$$. Yes, babe, it is  freaking beautiful green dollars, which mean with 1 dollar I get 91 and some pasia.Goddamn happy gal!


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  2. Izdiher Jan, I cannot write because laughing too much. No shopping in Paris for me, nor 400 pairs of shoes—because I'd never be able to make a decision which to wear, and so I'd go NOWHERE! You may keep your branded bags, but I would like a few dozen of those hankies (to blow my nose, of course!)...and a few seeds. Oh? You say just use some U.S. Coins?

    In US, most peeps ride bus or subway...but millions drive thwir own card. When gasoline costs escalate past $4/gallon. More Peeps will ride bus, I am sur of that. I also smell danger on Pakistani buses, esp with the factional hatreds continuing there. Well, let us be truthful.

    There is NEVER a guarantee from danger or tragedy anywhere in the world...even in our own homes. So that is part of life as anything. Is 'death' not also a part of life? So, let that rest—grin!

    Here I am not knowing how to stop typing! Please forgive, my intention is not to make your blog a forum for my beliefs.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    And...PEACE for you, my Friend!


  3. money isn't everything, ofcourse it makes living easier and better but it doesn't bring happiness.
    many kisses Izdiher!

  4. wow 400 pairs of shose ! what you gonna do the year is 365 day only and you still have 35 pair of shose XD

    your post made laugh and laugh you are soo funny :D
    if you are saying you have money tree here my mom says this to us do you think i own the bank ?

    really your post is funny thank you for making me laugh XD

  5. Ha..ha Money Tree!!!?? Nice One and quite funny!!! :D Keep Smiling! :)

  6. Oh, money tree?? I love it! :) lols.. Hope I have it here too! :)lols.. Have a nice day/evening to you friend! :)

  7. Do you have any seeds from that money tree of yours?

    My tree is doing great, but South African Rands don't line a pocket nearly as smoothly as US Dollars

  8. I must say I'm really proud of you for becoming a teacher mashAllah. I wish I could do what you're doing. LOOL a money tree? Ho did you grow that? Lovin the sarcasm

  9. Send me some of your money tree too! :D


    I hate it when people talk to me only when they need something too, makes me dislike them right away haha

  10. i love your money tree story have a great year this is my first visit here

  11. jaja, surprising story!! I would also like to have one of those money trees, but unfortunately, even if I would have it, money doesnt give happiness! by the way, is it true? that in Pakinstan women and men go in separate busses? In my university a teacher told us that that was made to prevent rapes, is it true?
    Congrats for your blog!

  12. I tried planting a money tree many times but with no luck. I guess I do not have a green thumb. I could use some new shoes and my car is 22 years old and does not run any more. Please send me a cutting from your tree. I promise to make good use of it. Have a wonderful week my sweet and funny peep.

  13. Haha, great post! Hope you get it practically soon! ;)

  14. Spare me some money tree seeds please :P

  15. I wish your money tree.....I'll copy it !


  16. all of us wants and needs money sis..heheeee nice post..have a nice day *hugs* ;)

  17. Very well :) you are so cool! Everybody love money but I know a few people who are not in love with money but money is in love with them,,,hoooo,,,but really!

    p.s would you plz fix your Islamic widget on the top of sidebar,actually the widget's surrounding badges are not well according to the beautiful names of Allah,
    I hope you will NOT mind at this suggestion!

    Have fun ~

  18. Hi Idziher! I was given to "Kreative Blogger Award" by a fellow blogger and I passed it on to you;)

  19. Wow, what a great blog! I already clicked the "follow button" before I read something. I was just so amazed of all your pictures! AWESOME!!!

    Greetings, Sophie

  20. Thank you for visiting my blog, I am now following you. Looks like you have a nice thing going on here and I can't wait to read more.

    Mary from ♥ ♥

    Oh, I am following you on Bloglovin too.

  21. hahahaha, everyone loves money :P

  22. Hahahahahaha P.S I love money too =D ;)

  23. Your ID make me confused, I really didn't know that you are Pakistani... :D

    BTW my blog is missing you... :)
    Stay Blessed

  24. hmmm...i need a money tree, too, lol!

    thanks for dropping in!

  25. Girl you better share that money tree. I'm super impressed by your honesty. Most bloggers refused to say their higher status. Thanks for being awesome. :)

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    i followed you back...this post makes me laugh so hard i was teary-eyed just now.... :D

  28. Weee! That's a really funny story about being a millionare...
    Quite cute...
    I love money too and I want me some of that money tree.


  29. great post! xx

  30. Lol...can u sent me a seed pf the tree so that I can plant it in my garden? I do't want anything, but I would like to buy some branded bags and 400 pair of shoes for my munchkin!!!

  31. Seriously, how about you lend us a branch of your tree :P Become our angel :D

  32. Cute! I love money too- particularly when I have it, a little too much because I spend it! Kisses pretty girl! Barbie xxx

  33. Lol ... Who doesn't like money? Good luck with your money tree! Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  34. Your posts always make me smile. I love that they are real with a sense or sincerity. All my love