Sunday, March 20, 2011

Buses & boyfriend

It was a done deal   that  R and I would go Sunday market.So,I read Sunday paper in morning.Nothing interesting to rock my boat.Same news and  articles with bias views,then I got R's sms that she is not coming,because she doesn't wanna use bus any more.OK, I get pretty pissed but kept it bottled.When  San  type girls  says that they  can not ride on public buses,I can understand their misery of being born rich,with a golden spoon in their mouth,can not enjoy real life out there ,but when she  said  her  boyfriend doesn't let her  to use buses I feel to slap her  tight and ask where are they  coming from ?

 You born here ,middle class wanna be angle, so get on bus and go home.

Their boy friends are annoying and over protected for their hard to get girlfriends .I can understand how damn elbow grease hard it is for a boy to get girl friend and have relationship .So they are over protective but then where this buss issue come from ?Since last  two years, R is traveling with me on bus .We never have had any problem.

Suddenly he is not allowing her to use it ,because lots of pakhtoon and lower class poor worker ,labors people travels in it .Technically he is slandering  all those people who travel on bus.First thing ,it is their transportation too.And if they stare and do vulgar things .It means it is part of your society .These men are on your face ,so deal with them,whether you like it or not ,these Pkhatoon live here .Second thing ,it is cheapish and most affordable transportation for layman.So get her a car .

Those boy friends claims that  these illiterate workers and labors do rigors and intolerable act ,So it's happen every where .You can trained a dog but can not trained a man.Forget it,don't complain.You are also like that . Men comes and sit in  women compartment ,which is quite disgusting,because it has been rooted  in us.I also don't feel comfortable,no matter from which class he belong .

When they know this is not allowed ,why do they do this feat?It is a conductor's duty to not over load bus with passenger, but they do.Buses are less,passengers are more .Then who to blame?Shall we stop using buses?Or you stop over protecting your girlfriends .You and she is also a part of this socity ,so put up it.

And next time,R you don't need to come with me.Ask him to pick you up ,and drop you in gutter.Or I will tell you mother you have an affair  with this loser.


  1. I just read through a few of your posts really quick. I relate to you a lot. Especially when I read your profile and the emo thing. Please don't call it emo though. The drama and the emotions we go through are there because we're woman not because we're emo God forbid.

    If you live in Pakistan I think it's a bit dangerous to ride the bus I dunno. I can't judge honestly. But from what I've heard from my cousin who lived there for 15 years because her parents had business or something there. But she left Pakistan 7 years ago I think.

    I think it's cute if their boyfriends are being protective. But if it's about high/low class thing then it's not very nice.

    The interenet is reaally bad here. I want to comment on a lot of your posts. I'd go with bangs not layers.

    I love the Audray Hepburn picture. I hate the model Gizzel though.

    Tell me more about the zero some game. What is it exactly?

    Some times I like curels too. I'm sick of my hair.

    Hehe I like your relationship tips. and your beauty tips.

    keep em posted xxx

  2. OK,speechless.Today I'm on cloud 9 at a moment,I mean I psyched .Thankssssss aaaaa BIlionnnnnnnnnnnnnn.There is one thing in you in which I can relate my self with you.Yes,thses are emotion which we all have and penning them down is better,and if people like mind read them is best,because in this way we can help each other emotionally.yes,I am from Karachi Pakistan ,but it is not dangerous.Thousand of women from student to oldies travel on buss.It is a segregation which our society is creating .You don't know boys here .I control my self as much as I can ,not to insult them.han welcome to comment whatever you want.Zero sum game mean when I talk is quite strange to few people,I accept I'm crazy ,but it leads to argument .That's what I hate .I will keep posting and please keep posting and suporting each other :)

  3. Tell me more about Pakistan. Have you ever been in a relationship?

    Awww! inshAlllah xx

  4. Pakistan is nice country .People live here .society is just like any another third world society can not sum up in here .Inshallah, I will write post about it .
    Yes,for your second question .You can see my email Id in side bar 's About me" section.I would love to talk with u :)

  5. Miss izdiher,we are here to support you .Gurls from Lahore .We also travel by buses ..It is safe .We go to collage by buse everyday .kabhi kuch nahi ho
    apna khayal kakhein .

    asselam alikum

  6. Hey there ! salam...Thanks for dropping by my blog and following! will inshallah keep up with urs as well! :)


  7. walikum asselam, sister from Lahore ,and Zainab.Yes,it is safe .Be brave and take care of your self.
    And Zainab it is my pleasure to follow you.Please keep reading mine, and comment whenever you want (but I want lol).Nice to meet you .I like your blog and Pinknes about it.Pink is my favorite color too .It is cute :).

  8. sure, it's maybe cute that their boyfriends is being protective but the girls should still be able to make her own decisions. If she want to take the bus, then take the bus. I really like your posts!


  9. Right,I know we girls wimp and I hate it .I respect's boy friends, husbands ,brothers,and fathers weighs about us.This is so beautiful about these relation.Girls should be so strong to knock these jerks out.
    Take care .Have a nice day xoxox.