Monday, February 27, 2012

Kaanch Ki Chooriyan (Glass Bangels).

Remember my Chait Charrya post where I uploaded one Punjabi song called Chait Charrya  ?

I ain't forcing you to watch it ,but you known, in case if  you are  wondering what is was  all about  then for your information that was super happy  wedding songs.Yeah all that stuff.

Chill ! I am not getting married.But I can talk about wedding any time.The whole big thing super  fascinates me.Mayao,Mehindi,Dohlki,Nika'ah ceremony  and then Valima.Every day new threads to wear.

I love the Nika'ah ceremony  most .The whole bridegroom procession with band baja. Valima is more decent stuff.  Super fun is Mayao  and Mehindi ceremonies.Most of you will be calling it TOO much,which is,no wonder.The above mention functions  are  actually  all ritual. The main thing is Nikkah  and Walima.It's merely   depends on ones personal choice.One can prolongs it as much as he/she wants.

Actually, I am blabbering  about all this  because , in first week of March, one of my  good friend is getting married ,and  I picked that song for her  Maayun dance.But her Punjabi cousins rejected that straight away   with saying" It is too soft."When I suggested Dandiyain ,they said,"Too girlie."Anyway!!I am off pickking  songs for her .Way good!!!  Arguing with them is like viscous circle. I can never win. They will do the Bangrah on fast numbers.

I am totally out of touch from Punjabi numbers or even any  Indian songs. It's been ages, I haven't heard any. Last movie I saw was Dabang and Band Baja Barat . However ,no intention of busing into Munni Badna'am or Shella Ki Jawani,either oldies.Can you believe they were suggesting me that ???

What am I, Munni or Shelia?

Seriously, what has happened to the Bollywood?

They used to produce so many songs in a year .Now there are just few.And stories are so doomed.No typical heroin.No typical hero singing  song  and dancing around tree .No Shadi numbers .Sound effects so perfect . And NO villains!!!!

I heard Sanjay Dutt has been blowing away everyone once again in his new Villain avatar.I really wanna see Agni pat for sure.DEAL!Also, Imran Khan's and Kareena Kapoor's new flick .What is the name ?

My cable operator is such a ***** ,big time. 

Those were really days when we used to blare  music from our radio and used to  listen songs in public buses and school buses ride.Then cellphones and I-Pod came in and everyone got their  stupid head phones and their own music library.Phew.

Life is no more fun now.Bus rides has became way boring.

Excuse me ,why I am talking about Music????Hmm...because our weddings are never complete without music.

Now back topic.So the friend who is getting married is my very very good friend.

Out of sudden, month ago, she gave me this scoop of getting married  and   asked me to be her  bridesmaid.

“I wanna  ask you to be with me.You to have to deal with everything.Be with me. ”

I have said  yes to her . I have indeed.You know, It is  actually, it’s funny.I went to quite a few weddings last year, and I wasn’t a bridesmaid in any of them.Always guest So yes,it is gonna be fun .I am so psyched :).

Pulse her two elder sisters are married and in different cities. They be here soon.Even her Bara'at is coming from Rawalpindi.One of her relative  proposed her some zillion years ago . Her family was not interested at first.Now they had finally decided.

These days just shopping is going on. Yesterday she came to my place and we went  to the Samama Mall and picked  her  dresses from tailor .Today we went to  the Magna mall,then to the  Millenium mall.We actually wanted to shop from near by mall but things were OK there,so  then we went to Paposh Bazar and bought her Mayaon dress  .

Paposh Bazar is  ad'da of all stuff  .Everything is available under one roof.And it is  not fancy-over priced mall.

She did her fair amount of sparing  ,though,I was only  interested in buying  kanch ki chooriyan (Bangle),and jewelry.All  my  chooriyan  are old .I have  8  sets so far but I want more ,more and more & those sets are definitely not enough,and the dress I'm wearing at her Mayyaon is lemon color Shalwar Kameez  ,and teal color Sharara  at her Nikkah .Her walima will be in Rawalpindi.

So what I am saying is every girl should have matching bangles. According to that   I must  get a new multicolor  chooryian . Supper super happy.

Mehindi wali is also booked  from Rose beauty salon.I am also attaching pictures of Bangles I bought, so those who have no idea what bakwas I am  saying will get a clear picture .

On our way back , we ate at H-block. My food was chicken  burger. She had  prawn fried with rice. Poor gal is dieting .Oh we both drank fresk lime with soft drink.

To be on level,I am hell tired  after shopping ,and I don't know what the hell I am writing today. Never mind my blabbering .I even don't know title for my today's post either. I reckon it should be Kaanch Ki Chooriyan.

On totally irrelevant note, I just saw that someone clicked  +1 at the end of my Chait Charya  post.
What's the deal ?You must be laughing .

Laugh !!!

This world is so self centered,I know . Everyone thinks about them self. It's my happy moment. I am happy for + 1, so shut up.

Nevertheless,if you liked my today's post ,don't forget to click on +  in the end.


  1. i enjoyed All your post
    i wish your friend have very nice and amazing wedding .please tell her i wish all the best for her to live happy with her new life :)

    after her wedding i want to know more about all that situation of beeing bride made. i hope you write bout the rest if you don't mind .
    and thank you for telling us all this things.

    i clicke on +
    very nice post i love it :D

  2. This was fascinating and beautiful! I learned so much I did not know. Thank you for sharing~

  3. love your post!!!

  4. Lovely post and loved the colors!
    Hope the wedding will be fantastic ^_^
    Have a lovely Day!


  5. Great Love it!!:) Thanks for sharing!:)

  6. A Beautiful post :) So much similarity with weddings in India:)+

  7. weeeeee..a pink wedding gown suits you well sis..can't wait to see you wearing one someday..I enjoyed reading your post added my knowledge to your wedding ceremonies..passing by and have a happy Sunday sis ;)

  8. Hello izdiher ~~ I enjoyed your post. Good luck with being a bridesmaid.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am so
    glad you enjoyed the jokes.
    Take care my friend. I love your little flower pointer - it is so cute. Love, Merle.

  9. woahhh~! the photos were amazing!!!
    thanks for visiting my blog..and following it! u have a great blog expect that i'll be a regular blog visitor..^_^

  10. As everyone says here, GREAT POST! ;)

  11. You sound very happy and I hope you'll have a great time at your friend's wedding. You must be so excited to be the bridesmaid and all that. Very gorgeous wedding photos. Love them.

  12. Thank you for sharing, I have learned so much from your post and the photographs are really beautifully vibrant. Of course it is an adventure for you too, lovely that you were asked to be a bridesmaid.

  13. Hello Izdiher! Your blog is so beautiful! I wanted to thank you for joining my blog site I just joined your site as well on your Google Friend Connect, but it appears under the name Marcia Doyle, just so you know it's me!

  14. Izdiher, do you really know what is so fetching (attractive, charming) about you and your blog. It is ALL YOU!

    Enthusiasm reigns here,you are in love with life--and it not only shows in your stretches outward to Peeps everywhere who read this, even those who don't have time to comment. (Note: I don't have time to fight, fight, fight those dammmmm 'word verifications' below here, since blogger made them so difficult to translate (sigh!)

    And, when others are affected by your happy joy over the 'little happenings' in life, they too enjoy more, complain less, and trust in their Creator--that's the road to peace!

    Also (puff, puff..out of breath--grin!), I enjoy reading about those weddings and the preparations, and the prescribed ceremonies. But I go now, before you become exhausted just reading a comment heheheh...

    PEACE, Pak-Girl!

  15. Your world seems so exotic to me. And I like your header. Thanks for following my blog. I will join your friends too. Have a beautiful week !

  16. Your wedding looks exciting. In our part of the world, we don't have dance and music on wedding. Its just family get together, gossip, food and nikah...Brides wear silk saree. The reception usually takes place on the same day of nikah, but in some cases they extend it.
    Best wishes for your friend. And for you, enjoy your celebrations!!

  17. glass bangles are gorgeous! (((: i loved this post so much. GOOD GOOD POST!

  18. The wedding you're preparing for sounds amazing! I wish I could have seen it. I'm a Muslim like you but I'm a Malay Muslim so we have different traditions. The only thing we have the same is the akad nikaah. I'm not sure what walimah is but maybe we have that too but call it differently.

  19. I like being self-centred :/ At times it even helps :P

    OMG!!! The images are awesome!!!! And yes, when it comes to mehndi and chorian Well I AM A FANATIC!!!!!! I just loveeeeeee mehndi and chorian =D

  20. Nice post. Learned something :) Wishing your friend a happy wedding! :)

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  22. sweet blog.!
    follow me back :)
    im following you

  23. love those bangles

  24. Girl you've been tagged in an 11 questions post!
    Love Barbie xxx

  25. Awwwwweeeeeeeeee <3
    I loved this post :D
    And kanch ki choriyan mujhe boht boht pasand hen, nice pictures :)

  26. Ahaha omg, pakistani weddings sound soooooo familiar to Arabian weddings! So cool! xD

    They are so much more fun than the western weddings I have been to!

    Well anyway Izdiher, sorry that I have been so dead lately, but I had an writer's block...

    Thank god a friend of mine tagged me for a fun blog tag, and since it's my turn, I would love if you would participate!
    I can't wait to read your answers to my silly questions at the end. XD

    So if you have time, here is the link;

  27. I've heard quite a lot about this in my country too.. Just slightly different. I've never been to one though. But I do hope I get the chance to attend a nikkah in the future. They have so much colourful lively event. :D

    Beautiful post girl... People should know about such informative events from around the world.. :) When's your turn.. Hahaha! KIDDING!!!

  28. Wow! You're mehendi looks super gorgeous!! :)I want it exactly this way for my wedding too :)

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