Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eleven !

6 beautiful bloggers tagged me in  a post  "Eleven" ,where tagged blogger  has to post 11 things about themselves,answer  11 questions,and in end create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.And then tag 11 bloggers.So mathematically , I have to write 66 facts about me, answer 66 question,and in the end ask 66 question .But, I will tag as many peeps as I can rule.

I wanted to do all 6 tags in one post but it is  impossible.Every tagger has asked different questions.So I am gonna  combine two tags together for my own sake. Never mind .Rules are in the end.

11 facts about me !
1 I love my self.
2 I am  petite and avoid tall peeps  .
3.I believe in angles.
4.I have 6 pricing.
5.I never leave home with out Kajal(kohl pencil) and lip gloss.
6. I can eat mango ice cream,or anything made up of Mango  anytime.
7.My primary language is Urdu,besides that I can speak and understand two regional languages:Sindhi and Punjabi.And you are all aware of my epic  English. 
8.I never skips breakfast.And mostly they are last night's left over Salan and Bhaji.
9.I can cook anything with Shan Masala Packet.
10.I have obsession with flowers, gardens,sea, sun,and everything. 
11.I am in your face.Take it or leave it.There is no third option .

11 Questions from  Professor-barbie .

1. What are you currently carrying in your handbag? 
 And: I do change my hand bags a lot  .Currently I am using  medium size, " totally new ", pink color bag ,one of my Aunt send me  from Jeddah.

Things I am carrying in it are :
Mac lip gloss,Nyx compact face powder,small wooden comb,Kajal ,hairs bands/phony/ties ,whatever you all it, hair clutches ,sunblock,phone number dairy(because I don't use cell phones),pen,Ding Dong chewing  gum,keys, wallet, inner realm purse spray ,pink sunglasses, my visual glasses and contact lens solution  bottle, Hello Kitty contact lens case , receipts, a mini pack of tissues . 

2. Tiffany’s or Pandora? 
And: Who are they ?I wear Shalwar Keemzs with Duptta on daily basis,which are sewed by  my next door neighbor -cum- sesame. 

3. Who inspires your current look this season? 
Ans: Flowers,tresses ,sky,sand .....nature.I do wear /or do fashion according to season.Love wearing floral prints in  pastel, light colors.Avoids dark and dull colors. They don't go well with my personality.

4. If you could live any celebrity’s life for one day…who would you be? 
And;  Angelia Jolie.I want so many kids  with same husband.

5. Your favorite hair trend/style? 

And.I don't follow trends/style blindly.I do what I like, and after mistakes I do what suites me.Like I've had bangs/fringes  most of my life but now I have come to this conclusion that this is not for me,so I  am more into layers now. 

6. What is your old faithful accessory that spruces up any outfit? 

And: A gold chain, I have from my Al-Aqeeqa ceremony.

7. Louis Vuitton or Chanel? 
Ans:  What do they sell?

8. Latest TV addiction? 
Ans:Noting.T.V is boring mostly.News talk shows,I reckon .Yeah, they are  more spicy.I do watch them with my dad.

9. Your ultimate dream job? 
Ans:  I want to be a queen.

10. 5 bloggers who have inspired your work? 

Ans: Actually every blogger inspires me.

11. 5 words that best describe you?
And: Sweet,salty,simple, stupid, and sexy.

11 Questions from Yua.

1. What was the most awkward/embarrassing situation you have ever been in to?
Ans :I don't keep account of them.

2. What is your favourite hour of the day?
Ans :Morning.

3. If you could choose what you would dream about tonight, what would it be?
Ans:An exotic dream........can not tell you.Wink*

4. You found a magical lamp and a gini came out after you rubbed it thrice, what would your three wishes be?
And:Money,money and more money !

5. If your life could be a Disney movie, which one would it be?
Ans:Ariel  from  The Little Mermaid.

6. When do you feel really cool and when do you feel uber goofy? Be honest!
Ans :I am most of the time cool. I just  feel uber goofy when I am with boring and conservative people.

7. How long was your longest crush on someone without telling them?
Ans:My crushes never stay for more than two weeks. They are so many as well.

8. What's the farthest you have traveled from home?
Ans:Sader for my high school.

9. Did you lose something recently, if so what? If not, are you sure?
Ans:Nah.... I am sure,babe.   

10.How often do you clean your room?
Ans :Almost everyday.I hate mess in my room.

11. What did you eat yesterday? 
Ans:Kab'bab and Roti from Baloch Sajji with my family.

My Questions:

1.You look  like ?
2.You live like ?
3.Where are your keys?
4.How much money do you have in your pocket at a moment?
5.You love those places  where ......... ?
6.Where is Africa?
7.You are hooked  on ?
8.What came first egg or  hen?
9.Why Zebra  wears striped dress ?
10.Why  sun is yellow?
11.Your dream bf/gf  is  ?

You have been tagged:
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1.Post 11 random facts about yourself.
2.Answer the 11 questions I asked.
3.Tag 11 other bloggers and create (11) questions for them to answer.
4.Inform those that you have tagged them.

 Have a good day!!!!


  1. Loved reading this :) omg ding dongs!!!!!!and wow salan for breakfast :D hahaa xxx

  2. Nice answers :)

  3. It was fun learning more about you. This is a great way to bring the world together.

  4. Nice answers, so tomorrow I will have to post my questions :)

  5. -Oh you love mango, I love them too. I bet you'll love our mangoes here.
    -Morning is definitely the best time of the day.
    -Angelina Jolie is an epic. I really like her too first because of her Charity works, 2nd for loving her children and 3rd for being a great actress.

    I was tagged 4 times and you reminded me to work on them right now. Thanks for inspiring me as well.

  6. Sweet,salty,simple, stupid, and sexy.
    >>>> this answer made me smile. ;)

    thanks for the tag, i'll try to do it on my next post. :) have a great day!

  7. thx for the Tag sweetness.. I'll work on this post asap, Love u

    MiMi xx

  8. Great sharing izdiher!! I love them all!! And I found out after reading all your answer, WE'RE BOTH 100% SEXY at the end!!! hahahaha

    Passing by with smile.. Thanks for the tagged!!:) MUaaaahh!!

  9. Lovely Izdiher! A nice read! I am already tagged and with more tagging from you, I am in a dilemma to answer so many questions:)

  10. I loved your answers gorgeous girl! You are fabulous! Love you, Barbie xxx

  11. Thanks so much for visiting my blog - following you back!

  12. You're a morning person? Really???

    I enjoyed reading these facts about yourself . . . and now I see I've been tagged. I'm happy that you remembered me. :)

  13. I love your five words that describe you, how they are all S's and how they all seem very true.

  14. Fascinating...:o
    You are l♥vely. :)

    Oh my! I see my name...*sigh*
    I'll have to pass this chance. I had been tagged once and revealed too many secrets...*gasps*.
    *Ahem* Thanks for the chance. My name appeared makes me happy enough. Apologies for my coyness.

    Have a nice day! ^u^

  15. Ahahah, I loved your answers. And aaaah an exotic dream huh? ~ BD

    And omg Ariel, I loved her haaaiirrr. When I was younger I would tell my mum I wanted to have hair like Ariel. And she would tell me ''Sure sure, when you grow up your hair will become like ariel's...-sigh'' She'd never have guessed that I actually dyed my hair red ahahah. >D

  16. thanks for tagging me! That's very sweet of you =) this is fun fun ^.^

  17. I love the layout of your blog
    thank you for your comment on my blog !!!
    check it out real soon to enter a giveaway ;)

  18. It was amazing to read those facts about you:)

  19. Very interesting things you have shared!

  20. Hello! Interesting post! I love the blossoms in the header!

  21. Izdiher!
    Thanks for tagging me--I think?--grin!
    Did not see that until now. Truly I do not think People want to know a whole bunch of trivia about MY life--or me!
    But YOU go get 'em, girl!

    Good post. Popular woman!

  22. loved all your answers! this was fun to read. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, by the way! also, how do you make the mouse have a flower? its so cute!

  23. Thank you for tagging!!

    I've also tagged you but from another 11 questions that were ask to me.The link is below:

  24. it is tagging season..oh my this is my fourth tag..I will answer it sis..oh ok I love to be a queen too hehehe..anf I love mornings too..nice sharing sis Izdiher..I'll do my assignment..I got all of you lined up..thank you ;)

  25. I feel i like a I now know you a bit more :-), thanks for the tag,

  26. superb blog..plz have a look at mine too :)

    I hope you will like i m new here

  27. Nice reading, Izdiher. Thx eleven times! ;-)

  28. Thanks for the tag.. Your answers were really lovely... Nice to know a bit more of you :)

  29. Always nice to know a bit more about you Izdiher! You are one of a kind you know!
    Blessed day to you dear. xx

  30. Hey I have answerd your tag.. Pls check it Izi:)