Saturday, March 24, 2012

Karachi Jan.

 Saf ____my only left over  like minded girl friend had been flown to Rawalpindi  today . Her father  worked at some pvt airline and she wanted to be a stewardesses. Mine ran  an advertising company and  I wanted to be an anchor woman .However, life has some  things totally different  for us .We  ended up being  some thing else.

Both were so vain in  university.

She was from different department. One  day she was sitting in  corridor of my department and doing her revision. I was doing mine .Those were exams days.  First thing I asked was:

Permed or real curls?
She said 100% real curls  !!And  then she asked, " Real straight or re-bonding something."
I replied 100% real straight .And we became friends.

When ever I meet someone I check hair  out and its cut for sure.

 I have off today so I went airport  to see her off . Friday was also off because of 23rd March and today is Saturday . Tomorrow Sunday .OMG, I wanna die :D .

It's 4: 11 p.m.  at moment over here . Came back home from airport an hour ago .Chow down rice  with  curry and hit computer to check out what you commented on my Jihad post .  Not bad, ahan .You know ,that post was much needed . It hurts when peeps call me 'Paki" or " Muzzie" .

Anyway, Sonia is online . She does not even know I am writing this post while chewing the fat  with her . My first Indian friend  :) . She is also a southern like me. I haven't told her that I am coming from an airport. She will read it by her self. No sweat ..

Also listening  Hasan Nisar's interview on you tube he gave to the  CNBC's show   "Syasat Mana Hai " ( here ) for 23rd March .  He rocks , man . Not watching ,just listening because it's pretty  impossible to watch while chatting and blogging .What a juggler I am .

OK before Ammi yells at me,  let  me complete this post .

I am sad but happy for her as well . Lets be optimistic  she be back  for Eid ,  or for   any other occasion . Rawalpindi is not that far . I will not have to wait for her like I do for my other friends , cousins and relatives who lives overseas____million miles away from me .

I only have one real  uncle ,who is  a loner and doesn't interact  with us at all  and   few not so-interesting -relatives over here.I don’t see them all that much . They are  totally cool people , but  I don’t know . We  meet sometimes, out of the blue, very often_____occasionally .Whatever the word is ! Kabhi Kabar .

All my mother's real siblings and  other relatives  had been immigrated overseas  long ago in 90's and my fathers peeps are still in Bangladesh . I haven't  meet them yet .

I  met my Seattle   aunt, her husband, and my 3 cousins after some 15 years in May 2011 . It was a  fine experience .She was here  for her in-law's daughter's wedding . Most of the time they stay at their place.

Last year,  one of my first cousin got married in Toronto . Can you believe the whole USA was there___Every man   and his dog. Then three of  my other kissing  cousins got married in USA, the  whole Canada went to USA. This May another cousin is getting married in Toronto, and USA peeps are getting ready !!!!!!

However ,I love this scenarios .Yes.I know cousins  can be way  fun. But in my case friends   are quite  better. And you know, this part of me is like  super cool. Well, I do share a special bond with them which I can not share with my millions miles away cousins . And I also don't wanna be in their dangerous gossip loving circle ,where everyone knows everyone.

No other scientific logic why I love this scenario. Only thing is that friends are also living their lives and moving on  which is  a wake up call for me I reckon , isn't?

In 90's when everyone was leaving I also  wanted to go there but not any more ! Now, I am much better in my own world  by the grace of Alla'ah . Living my life because this is what Alla'ah has decided for me .

I am more mature, more lucky , more happy .

Who knows about  the  future ?
I might be traveling around the  world.

Karachi  is not that bad place to live, neither that good .Cool mornings, long  noons. Evenings  full with life. Beaches .No matter its heat sucks other .It's smoking hot.

There are evil things too: Political unrest, target killing, strikes, etc etc .So,yeah ......Living here ain't that easy .It's rich peep's city.

However, right now I am here, chilling.
Loving   Karachi Jan   !
( Ja'an =Love )


  1. I'm glad you're in peace with yourself, and happy about life :) I hope to get to that stage soon! xx

  2. Nice article. I think there are many people who think differently about friends and family.. I personal don't have trust in both. They have both stabbed a knife in my back. Though the family band is something that stays forever. You still are connecting in 1 way. But ghier inshaAllah. <3<3


  3. You seem to have reached a sort of harmony, which is the best way to live.

  4. be contented in your life :) i'm trying to achieve such inner peace too

    Latest: Walk This Way or "Wok Dish Way"?

  5. lol... no one can hate this city XD

  6. Multitasking and enjoying life! What else does one need, Izdiher:)

  7. Izdiher, I loved reading about your perspective on your family and friends. I too have many cousins ( brothers and sisters) and a few friends - and I keep in touch with them as much as possible ( because they do not live in the same city where I live ). My cousins's age ranges from 20 to 45 ! So, I get an opportunity to know about a wide ranging experiences from them - some of them are interested in writing, one wants to study Psychology, another has 2 grown up children, and yet another is interested in fashion and make up. From her, I got the courage to try green nail polish on my nails !
    OMG, I gave such a long reply!
    Anyway, take care,

  8. Hey Babe. Interesting post. But ya know, everything you write is interesting. And your words, your thoughts, your philosophy...are all right up front, bathed in honesty. It is a rarity in these days, Izdiher!

    Your friend is very special for you.
    Take care.


  9. Some of here in Karachi whom I know most of them wants peace in here. Infact some times we cannot avoid everyday problems in here because came here to KHI 4rm LHR half of my maternal family lives in LHR and eternal family here in KHI.. 4got introduce my self dat m student doing BBA and I'm also half Karachian and Lahorian..:)And this my blog.

  10. Salam Izdiher,

    I totally understand about cousins who gossip about you - we have them here too! But still I love them in spite of that and yes - friends are way cooler, because they are there for you, most of the time. Nice post Izdiher. Always enjoy reading about you.

  11. It's good to know that you love the place you live in even with its shortcomings. There is no perfect place anyways. So it's for our own well being if we appreciate what we have.

  12. Sounds like a neat place to live!

  13. The joy of having a large family is the range of people you'll get to meet, all with different temperaments.
    It also makes the world a smaller place.

  14. Hey Izi.. Yeah ur right.. When v had a chat I wasn't aware that u were writing this post.. U know what today 1st thing as I logged in to FB I checked out for u, but was totally shocked to c dat ur FB account does not exist at all.. What is dis Izi :-( *tears*

  15. haha talking about hair is always the best conversation starter :D dw i dont have much close family either, im quite jealous of families that are so close but its just that they live far away...
    and yay for being haappy!

  16. its nice to see your blog!!!
    i'm following you back :)

    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  17. Hmm..sweet post know what...
    mujy to Karachi kay naam say hi dar lagta hy..sorry but believe me..meny aaj tk nae visit kia & I feel everybody is scared there & its kinda killing ,firing,dead bodies & target killings type something..well Karachi is our Jaan because its our Quaid's city too..muaaah

  18. Wow sounds like there is a lot going on in your life too! Keep strong and look to who God is to you!

    <3 Cambria

  19. there are good and bad things about Karachi, but there is no place else like it!

  20. Enjoy your life and live in the now, I'm happy to read that you have sucha mature outlook on life. And thank you for all your reat comments on my blog.

  21. P.S what is the name of the song is playing in the background on your blog, its beautifully it

  22. Hai Izdiher,
    I dont know how you found me..
    But you are always welcome 2 my blog..
    You have got a cool blog too..
    keep writing..

    kind regards,

  23. You check hairs? haha :) Nice way of becoming friends :D
    I love beaches. Though there aren't any where I stay :)

  24. I have to say Izdihir, I admire your honesty. It's a very rare quality. I'm glad you are in peace with where you are in life and what destiny has for you. I hope life has nothing but beautiful things for you since you deserve it.

    MiMi xx

  25. what a cute way for you and your friend to meet sis..

    I am happy reading you again after my long grandpa passed away..I'm still recovering so reading you all here gives me a smile..thank you for sharing sis and continue being you because you are special ;)

  26. I guess I can sort of relate, except it's more like everyone is well on their way to getting great jobs except me.

  27. Hi Izi,:) Thanks for sharing us how you love your friend so much, how you two become friends, nice knowing too we have the same hair,lol..:) Most especially the feeling of you are fine out there..:) More hug!:)

  28. Wow!!! This is some sassy blog. It is good that you've managed to adapt to the place quite easily.

    Following you now. Hope you could follow mine too..

  29. Hi Izdiher, what's up? Why the sad music on your blog and I miss the funny and often cute comments you write about life in Karachi. Hope to hear from you again.

  30. good for you! to be happy is make others happy.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.