Thursday, March 22, 2012

They are liars.

 Note:  This post contains religious content. My only humble request is to  read it till the end ,  and  correct me  if I am wrong .

Jihad ain't  a holy war !

The Frenchman who killed 7 peeps can't be Jihadist because in reality no  can do Jihad with out the permission of    state and no one  can  create fitna / terror  in the name of Alla'ah (God) .

Al Qaida is a big fat lie  and portraying the wrong picture of Islam . They are anti -human , anti-Muslims , and anti-God  . Filthy people with  gross crimes and sinful acts .

That guy  was  just  another victim of   brain washed  religious extremism  .

Every  religion  teaches peace and harmony . Jews , Christians , and Muslims are all believer of God and follower of  his books . We are all children of  the prophet Abraham ( Peace be upon him) .  Does God __ your God , my God permits us to gang up and create chaos  and terrorize peeps ?

Islam says  "  A perfect Muslim is one from whose tongue and hands mankind is safe . "

Some one , once said to The Prophet Mohamed (pbuh)  'Pray to God against the idolators and curse them .' The Prophet replied ," I have been sent to show mercy and have not been sent to curse.'  

The word ISLAM means "PEACE ." It is Arabic word drive from “Al-Salaam=Peace . "

Even  Muslims greet each other on daily basis by saying   Al-Salamu Alaykum which means "Peace be onto you ."

The religion which doesn't not allow cursing , hurting and its meaning is peace has become one of the most violent and hateful religion jst cause of them .

It  was sent as mercy to humanity (Quran 4:79) .

Revenge and extremism  is also forbidden and have no place in Islam , so how could they use innocent  children from the age 12 to 18 for suicide bombing in Pakistan , for creating terror ,and fitna  in the  world  . Not just one time . Uncountable able  bomb blast and terror attacks .

And I am so sorry the  type of Jihad they are trying to do  is  totally outta question  .

 Jihad is  an Arabic word which mean struggles or strive  . There are four kinds of Jihad fi sabil Alla'ah (struggle in the cause of God) to be a better human not to kill :

    * Jihad of the heart (jihad bil qalb/nafs) is concerned with combating the devil and in the attempt to escape his persuasion to evil. This type of Jihad was regarded as ' The Greater Jihad ' (al-jihad al-akbar) .
    * Jihad by the tongue (jihad bil lisan) is concerned with speaking the truth and spreading the word of Alla'ah  with one's tongue .
    * Jihad by the hand (jihad bil yad) refers to choosing to do what is right and to combat injustice and what is wrong with action .
    * Jihad by the sword (jihad bis saif) refers to 'The lesser Jihad' (al-jihad al-asghar). Army fighting  at a time when  state is under attack  . And for self defense.

"The most excellent Jihad is that for the conquest of the self" -Bukhari

You see, the greatest is of heart and by the sword is the lesser. These so called Jihadist  don't fall in any of above mention categories . All the holy wars mentioned in holy Al-Qurran are all done by the permission of Allah. Prophet (pbuh) did nothing with the permission of Allah.

In today's world only state can  declares the war by the sword. And No Muslim sate, Palestinian authorities, government and president has not declared any sorta  war yet. Open your eyes, almost every Arab state is friend with Israel. Turkey is a part of  the NATO.

Our (Pak) army has been fighting with Taliban , Al_Qaida , and many other militant for so long  because our only sin is that we are ally of  the  USA  .  We are Goddamn fool and fought someone else war on our land . But any way ,  our government has declared war against them . These terrorist  has raped Pakistan to  death .

 Jihad/war by sword / weapon is not a game of kids .

On the other hand , they brain wash innocent  kids over here and prepare them to blast bomb at public places ,markets , Masjid , parks , school etc ,etc . They hide  weapons in Masjid .

If they have to do Jihad(struggle) then why don't they do  Jihad to build up schools for poor children in  rural areas , for spreading  the light of knowledge , for effacing  poverty , wrong acts , killing , against poverty , drug and evil things in society .


God knows the best .

 For further information in detail watch this video.



  1. Izdiher:

    I appreciate your words and believe what you say. I know that all religions, even Catholic in which I was trained, have had violent pasts, and still have much to atone for. I do not dislike Muslim people and blame those who have perverted this wonderful religion, one with a history of inclusiveness.

    But Izdiher, you have many followers and people talk. Are you safe expressing such liberal views? I hope so. But please be careful. There are lots of zealous people out there looking for victims.

  2. I am with you on this Izdiher. 100% with you.
    We can't stay there and say nothing. We can't approve hatred, violence, crime in the name of God. This is wrong.
    I am not Muslim but I don't approve to see every single day people sending the wrong message about Islam.
    Jihad is an inner struggle we all have to deal with in our own lives.

    There is not one religion that says Kill your neighbour because he is this or that. All religions teach us respect, tolerance, love and peace.

    At some stage voices have to echo the reality of things. Lies can't be taken on-board.

    Thanks for standing up for your beliefs Izdiher. Stay blessed. Sending my love. xx

  3. Izdiher, this is a fine article you wrote, in which you express your own thoughts rather succinctly and quite understandably. (You like to take risks--especially when you believe correct!) That is admirable, and all free Peeps should respect that.

    Hopefully you will not think it rude of a foreigner (me!) to write his opinion also here.

    FACT: It is nice when I can believe that People will change their view, when faced with truth.

    FACT: That ain't always the way it works. People in this uncertain world are quick to judge, to blame world problems on one group, one country, one man, etc. For a reality that I see, read on:

    French leader says to all French Peeps: "Do not confuse terrorism with Islam, the one is not the other."

    Afghanistan leader says to his Peeps: "Please do not judge ALL Americans or American soldiers by what ONE sick-minded 'terrorist' soldier did in the darkness of night."

    American leaders say to Peeps in New York City (police) and around the country, "We must not even 'suspect' one of being against our way of life, our culture...on the so-called "evidence" that they "look Arab""

    OK, I (Steve E) warn that all these leaders talking to their Peeps, are having as much result, as if I was to tell my wonderful big dog, "Lucky" to explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity!"
    Some call it, "IN one ear...and OUT the other". The masses want BLOOD!

    I wish you, Izdiher and all your readers, PEACE, Love, and Serenity!

  4. what that guy did was HORRIBLE. I can't believe he killed innocent people (kids for crying to loud!!) you can't kill innocent people because other innocent people are being killed. that's fucked up.

    the image bastards like that are giving of islam sickens me. I just hope people are not stupid enough to think just because a small group of people do this it means we all do = Islam is violent. That's so far from the truth!

  5. Totally agree on this one! Since when Islam is a reason to kill people?! The Islam that I know doesn't tolerate that. It's really sad that they use it as the most normal word...

  6. u took a risk, a big one girl... kudos to you

    nicely written, and something that was strongly needed. I hope you did not use the internet for information about this, its a bit misleading out there.

    N you don't need the permission of the state to start a jihad, the call for jihad must be made by the caliph... something which the muslim umma don't have. so technically, there can be no jihad until there is a caliph.

  7. I love your brave, passionate, truthful heart, my friend. Please be careful!

  8. by Sheikh Yusuf Estes

  9. Eh I cant believe what some people do in this world it's just wrong!

  10. wow! At first when reading the 'Note' part, I was like okay here's one of those peepz that cause religous problems. But as I kept on reading I got ur point. That was a brilliant explanation for the illitrate mind there. Alot of people use islam to justify their mischiefs which is untrue. Islam is peace as u explained. Infact in sura Al mumtahama Allah told us that its okay to live in peace with those with different religion so far they dnt mean to harm. It is also writen in sura Al ma'ida that who so ever kills an innocent soul regardls of religion is as thou he killed the whole mankind. I hope people get to undastand! The light of the true islamic message is begining to shine I cn see!

  11. Hi Izi, I admire your being brave and straight forward in sharing your feelings and belief. I believe too that in any religion, killing, violence or any thing that can harm people are not permitted. Because God gave us life and HE is the only one can get our life again.

    Very interesting post.:)

  12. You are so strong and brave and your compassionate heart speaks volumes. This was a fantastic post and I couldn't agree with you more. No religion permits killing for the fun of it. Love your heart!

  13. Izdiher, No killing of innocent can ever be justified!

  14. Religion is such a tricky topic and people use it to justify some truly horrible things :(

  15. agree with you :) ssometime people just try to twist the fact!

    Latest: Anything IS Food!

  16. Holy words, Izdiher. You are a very courageous young woman and your strength is inspiring. May the God of Abraham bless and protect you and use you in mighty ways for His glorious Kingdom!

  17. You have said it well. I am with you on this. It really is a pity how some anti-social elements misuse the holy name and cause chaos under the pretext of raging a holy war. Indeed, there is no religion which encourages hatred and war. All aim for peace. If only the humans could understand this, the world might not have been in such a pathetic state as it is today.

    I am glad that you brought it out and shed some light over this matter by bringing up logical explanation.

  18. Izdiher, I am so glad that at such an young age you are so wise, so thoughtful ! To understand the essence of a religion is sometimes beyond the capacity of adults yet you have captured it so well in your post.
    I really admire your views. You are a very perceptive and compassionate young lady, not only that but also very courageous.
    Take care,
    Sanghamitra@La Dolce Vita

  19. You are brave Izdiher and you managed to blog very well about such a controversial topic-its like there are too many of these disenfranchised people, with no hope who get brainwashed and then commit these atrocious crimes in the name od Islam- and give us all a bed image a...and awful consequences to deal with. Pakistan's biggest mistake ever was to become a US ally, things hanve just gone from to worse- it is never in the news for good things only suicide bombing ..(except for the cricket win congrats)

    keep blogging hun, you are breath offresh air- unlike the crap the media spews

  20. Well said Izdihir, I couldn't have said it better myself.
    Once again, I admire your honesty and strength.
    I hate how terrorist parties have tarnished the image Islam represent, which is LOVE and PEACE.
    The "sira"of out prophet is based on peace and respect. Not once there was an act of terror in it.
    Islam is based on respect and freedom. Our religion is not forced on anyone. The problem is also with our culture and traditions which also play a huge role in tarnishing the image Islam perceives.

    MiMi xx

  21. Wow I really loved your post - and I will agree with the others this is a difficult subject to write about - but you did it so well - Thank you! I to am sick of people (mailny press) judging the terrorists as muslim terrorists! We never heard in the press (The IRA Christians attaching innocents)even though the IRA called themselves Christians the press never wrote that!

  22. Very informative, Many people believe that all Muslims are terrorist because of what the extremists do. They use the Quaran, and Allah to justify their actions when in fact, they are not justified anywhere in the Quaran or other wise. If only more and more people could see this. Islam is a very peaceful religion and it doesn't condone such senseless violence.. Thanks for posting.

  23. i m loving it....

  24. Bravo, m'dear! Like you, I am tired of bastards who hijack my faith and tell the world that the atrocities they did was in the name of God.

    Our faith is one of peace and acceptance. Those who chose to interpret it in a harsh manner to suit their own agenda are the lost ones. Only Allah can help them.



  26. not only crazy, maniac & ignorant Muslims do there crimes under the name of Islam, but in all the ages crimes was done under the name of religion, the crusades war was under the name of religion, when the church burn the scientific and their books it was under the name of religion when Israel occupied Palestine and Sinai in Egypt 40 ago it because of it's doctrine that her land must be from the Nile to the Euphrates river, and that what states did for Israel in Iraq, and their hands plays now in Egypt to devoid it like Sudan all of this is for Israel. so don't bother ur self izd. cause all crazy things all over the world was done under the name of religions, so we (Muslim) r not amazing if some crazy between us do this, the problem is that some Muslims are Muslims with no understanding or faith. they are tools for others. thank u for such a post

  27. other thing, jihad does not need (a Calif) or government order, weapons or swords, we Egyptian now in jihad with our traitors governors and our sons die in our revolution and we consider them (shohada'a, shaheed)mean die for the cause of God,for our freedom from the persecution. and without any weapons. and we will succeed inshaAllah

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