Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hair talk .

It feels  like it's been ages I did not post anything. I last posted on 12th April. Today is just 19th April. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 ....just  7 days ! Huh, it's not that big deal but believe me I seriously felt strange. 

OMG ....Am I in love with this blog ?
Did you miss  me ?

Just wondering !

Enough stupidity.

Actually there so many things to talk about but electricity has shaken my every day schedule.  I usually blog when there is peace  at home, and no one in my room (quite rare) or at the end of the day, which means night. And at night bitch electricity( please from now on call her bitch) comes back at 2:30.So yeah, not that easy to blog at that time. I go to bed at around 12.

My area___ Jauhar, block 18's  schedule is sorta like that :

1:00 to 3:00    (noon)               2 hr
6:00 to 8:00   (evening/night)    2 hr
11:30 to 2:00 ( night )               2hr

 If you know how to do simple addition answer would be 6 hours .

And whatever time for internet I get from my other chores I  spend talking with Steve Jan and Sonia. With Steve I am a totally serious person.We talk a lot about religion, spirituality, politics....all serious stuff, ya know discussion sorta. Few days ago we were talking about the notion of soul mate and then he wrote a poem about it here !

Sonia is my girl friend. We mostly talk about dresses, Bollywood flicks and random gurl stuff.

 That is why I  am not  getting time to blog properly. So don't be mad with me if I am not visiting you either. You are good looking people and  I love reading your blog. Blame the bitch  !

I know I already rant  about it.  And  there is no need to rub salt into my wounds.

So simply leave it.

Heyy could I forget to tell ya  about my new hair cut + new color.

I snip my long, one length hair, boring, black, straight hair. Now they are in layers, glossy,  light brown, much wavy, and in medium size. Feeling new and light .

Long hair looks good  but it's  really  really hard to keep them maintained . You have to spend ages in combing them because they get tangled very easily.

In my case I have had got lots of  split ends. They were mostly dead  in the end. No life ! And blow drying was pain in the ass. It normally used to take almost whole day to dry off naturally.

So on one fine day a bug was bugging me to cut it. I called my friend and we went to salon . Hair dresser asked me some 5x, am I sure ?

I dunno why people get so attach with hairs. They will  grow back, isn't ?

I am just missing my choti ;(

An other reason to snip was to go into lighter brown tone and  after growing them too long I find dying them lighter very tiring. Light brown suites my personality. However I only do it occasionally   when I really get bored with myself  looks. And its sunny summer ____ good excuse to change few stuff.

It cost me 1,700 PKR which is way lesser than other big salon.The color she used was direct lift color without bleaching. Color is  rich brown by Stylist Silky Hair Color.

And I  also no longer have  bands/ fringes/ front cutting .They don't suite me  so bye bye bangs.You know I had bangs more than half of my life.

 I have had side bangs, as well as blunt bangs hairstyle at one point or another. But my memories are not so special in those occasions, except one when I get them from real professional, by chance when a Malay hair dresser come to my town, and did a work shop. My friend, my sister, and I went there. It was more than a fun. He asked for a volunteer, I offered my self voluntary. .

I freaking loved those bangs. Actually, it is a beauty of bangs that they look good on almost any type of face shape, especially for long or oval faces they give much more beautiful look if only they have been done by a right person. 

You know, they are fun if you think of them like a hair accessory, or if you have any fashion sense. They can instantly change your look and are fairly easy to grow out or push back off your face when you're in the mood for a sleek, bare-faced look.

But after that I never find anyone who could gimme a proper bang so I started growing them. Now I 'm seeing many girls are having bangs, side bangs.

However  I'm more into layers now.

What do you prefer ?
Long, medium, short ?
Layers or bangs ?
Dark or light ?


  1. You look fantastic! Like a new person!

  2. Fascinating post and you look stunning!

  3. Oh my goshhh.. U look so beautiful Izi.. My jaw dropped when i saw your pics.. Nice Salwar Kameez too.. Ya dis new look completely suits u:) *vistles* Stunning:*

  4. Gorgeous looks n post:) Missed your posts!

  5. It was like from a serious girl to a sassy gal. It was indeed a transformation but either one, you still look stunning.

    Have a great Hair Day!

  6. with that sweet face ..
    any hairstyle will do....

  7. Izi, you look stunning! You look like Rinke Khanna.. really! :) I did miss you ;)

  8. I think both hairstyles are great, and of course I missed ya! :)

  9. Your hair looks lovely - I like to colour my hair - but onbly because of the grey hairs lol! Take Care.

  10. That is some GORGEOUS hair you are rocking there!!!!!!!! Masha'Allah, I'd pay money to have hair like yours!! :-D I like it in both pics. It's just a different look (like Sofia said: Like a new person!) and the new hair suits you very much aswell! :-) MASHA'ALLAH!

  11. I am spoilt for choices. You look beautiful in both the photos. But you know what, it's always refreshing to get a new look. It's quite opposite in my case. I have always had different kind of hairstyles but never had that long hairs. Trying to grow them now. It also works as an excuse for not frequenting the parlors. After doctors' clinic, it's the beauty parlors that I hate going to.

  12. Your hair looks great. The lighter color really brightens your face. I have mine layered and just went with some highlights, so my usually dark brown hair is much blonder looking now. It's fun to change things up every now and then.

  13. hahaha i used to have long hair i get piss off with it. i chopped them off! if u ever watch this video clip part of me by katty perry. dats what i did to my hair but her hair is tooo short. mine is shoulder length n u look stunning babe mashaallah


  14. love your hair and your tips

    followed here please follow me back

  15. Ah u look lovely! :D
    love ur hair <3

  16. You're very pretty! I'm glad you posted again! I was beginning to miss you!! ;)

  17. Wow! Gorgeous. XOXO

  18. Your hair looks fantastic and you are a beautiful girl, it is good to have a change of hair colour and style. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  19. The haircut looks lovely! My hair is long and one length, although not quite as long as your old picture. I'm trying to figure out how to change it up but keep the length!

  20. Love your new haircut and color. You look beautiful. I need to find a good hair stylist and have my long, all one length hair cut and maybe a new color as well. Sorry to hear the bitch is still a problem. xoxo

  21. hey Izdiher, good to know more about you :)
    take care

  22. hmmmmmmmmm i prefer bangs+layers :p i have them both and i loveee my haicut :p and i prefer medium length hair as they are easy to tend to and manage, i've always had long hair :p but for the last couple of months i have this craving for growing out my hair :p

    I dont really have an issue with the length of my hair mtlb as long as the hair cut suits me i am okay with it. Eventually ur hair are gonna grow back tou tension kis bat ki :p

    p.S MashAllah MashAllah u look sooooooo pretty :D before and after dono :P

  23. I like the layers. You look great in that picture, by the way. Our thirty-one year old unmarried son agrees.

  24. Both looks great! But I can say I love the second one, change is good and it seems this style allow more movement. Your hair are fabulous Izdiher! A blessing!
    Stay well my sweet friend.

  25. That bitch is a serious problem!
    Your hair look so healthy and nice!
    Miss Starshiny

  26. You look beautiful :)

  27. Hey girl! I'm loving your haircut and colour suits you and a good look for the summer. I have lots of layers and bangs!I think its noce to change cut andcolour once in a while makes you feel fresh and alive.

    I have this secret urge to get dark pink purple tone in my hair, it wont be punk like it just gives of a slight pinkish hue in the light-obviously no one in my family gets it, i dont think my friends get it, I think i will never really do it done but yknow a girl can dream.

    I'll try and put a pic on my blog of what I mean :-)

    and I hate that bitch from messing up your blogging schedule
    btw I'm totally addicted to reading your blog

    P.S I think you gave away too much of your address, plus ppl know what you look like, please be careful, there are lots of freaks out there.

    Take care Izdiher

  28. Wow! :) You are pretty with your new hair color :) I like it.

    Jewel Clicks

  29. Wow you look so gorgeous with your new curled hair...

  30. You look fabulous! Very beautiful! :) Glad you're back!

  31. You look fab!!
    I prefer short, bangs and dark hair!

  32. I love ur new hair style...and I am a big fan of layers. :)

  33. i used to change a lot of hairstyle as well with hair color but after my baby was born i took for granted a bit... now my hair is too long!

    this is great post dear! you look amazing!!!! take care and have a great weekend!

    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  34. Hi Izi!:) Love the new look!!:) I used to have long ,black and straight hair ever since, one length before, now with a bit style on bangs and layered, still straight hehe..:)Next time I want to try long curly wave hair, and change color too,from deep black to burgundy or dark brown hahaha..:) For a change..:))

    Thanks Izi..:) Love yah!:)

  35. mashaAllah u look grate u r so beautiful like Bollywood stars
    i love u n i love ur new look

  36. i love your hair! and i loved it before! I'm currently in long, wavy, blonde hair, but mine is not so long, it's medium :(( i just can't wait for it to grow!
    dolly, xo
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  37. On women? Short-Medium length crimson red hair.

  38. you changed your hair color; interesting - I think I like it

  39. IZDIHER! Thank you for the shout...and even a link? WOW! I feel 'special'. About the hair, well, you sure look different in the two photos. I would guess that is a HUGE decision for a girl to make big change like that. Some girls are so vain, whatever that means--grin! The 'new look' hair will be easier to care for I bet. And cooler in the heat of summer. And...well, and, it looks terrific! OK?

    Hope you didn't know anyone on the air liner which crashed, it was in your neck-of-the-woods. Guess it does not matter if you knew anyone. Such a tragedy, no matter.

  40. You look fabulous in both photos. The second photo, however, really shows your beautiful hair and the colour suits you perfectly. (:

  41. Wow, you look great in both looks ...

  42. Oey Hoey...Aap to buhattttttttttttt piyari ho..MashaAllah..
    & the new hair set up is so perfect :)

  43. You are very beautiful both the old and the new one are extreamly nice :))

  44. Men usually dont think about hair this much but it is worth it when you hair turns out nice!

  45. YOU. HAVE. BEAUTIFUL. HAIR. Period. :-o

  46. I LOVE your new hair! It's still very long, and I absolutely love the layers, it makes it look so lively and pretty.

  47. LOVE it!!!!! It looks GORGEOUS!!! :)

  48. Hey Izdehr...Is that you in pics...Gorgeous you are :) stay in touch and nice post

  49. you have been tagged! Please check it out dear!