Friday, June 8, 2012

I'll say.

When I first started this blog I had no idea who will be reading it or coming over here. 

Well, I met lotta  peeps  meanwhile blogging. Some got scared, and left instantly  however  some have became close  friends and still with me.

I don't mind who left. What makes me sad is that hardly few Pak peeps read my blog. I dunno the reason. I'm a good desi girl, isn't? Anyway, so now peeps who follow me and read me (faithfully)  are non-Pak. It is sad actually, you know. How will you understand our issues ? Remember Qaddafi's last interview to BBC. He said just the  right thing  " NO, you can't understand."....Yes, you can not understand, believe me, you can't.

Fun would be when desi peeps give their two cents.  They don't read my blog.

Anyway,  non-Pak peeps  ask questions.

Actually they have questions. I don't mind answering  them but remember my blog doesn't represent Pakistan, neither it represent anything else. It is just me, randomly blogging. Yes, I'm Pakistani. I have Pakistani pride I never hide but I'm ain't a blind patriot. To me patriotism is doing something better for country instead of writing, or talking! I believe in development, progress and prosperity by hook or cook.

 Though there are so many sane and amazing blogs with impeccable English from Pakistan which paints pink pictures. They are  high class, English speaking Pakistani, and more patriotic than me (waiting for their green card.....just joking!).

As you all know my English sucks big time. Most of the time I am repeating same, same sentences again and again. Before it used to take me two to three days to complete one post. Now I have gotten  some flow. I am writing. Still there are many mistakes I am making . First, I thought that is they don't read me. No sweat.

Another thing, my point of views piss off. Sites like teabreak,pk and type websites have kicked me out. 's membership is still pending. I'm only accepted in It is more global.
Izdiher - Find me on Bloggers.comHey, if you there then add me. OK ?

That is why I am more careful with my big mouth. On the other hand, most of the time  I am not that passionate enough to comment on every event or stuff going on over here. I can't close my eyes either. They are in my face. And you know what after writing them I feel so regret. I feel like.....damn it...can't I just shut the bakwas up!

So, when you ask questions about Pakistan, it scares  me.  I try my best to answer balance.

I am gonna start with a question, what is the meaning of my blog description.

ڈھونڈو گے اگر ملکوں ملکوں, ملنے کے نہیں نایاب ہیں ہم

 It means       Set forth a search party, village, county, nation-wide,
                  Without a yield returned, thus rare an entity,

Well, it is  a line from a  Urdu poem written by  Shad Azeem Abadi. We dub this types of poem Ghazal.

Set forth a search party, village, county, nation-wide,
Without a yield returned, thus rare an entity,
Found but within desire and grief,
My companions, I am but a dream.
Sweet agony pray show me the way,
This muddle of a riddle, lies unsolved,
Does inside me beat a restless heart?
Or is my entire being simply restive?
Worn down by grief, here I am so glum,
On the quietened shores of love,
Beckoning encouragement, simply,
‘Come swim with me, where ‘tis yet shallow’
Millions of travellers set out,
An odd couple make their destiny,
Hark upon my very being,
Not yet extinct, just a rarefied kind.
Even to birds in captivity,
O Shaad, this message the blossoms send,
Come along if you will,Find freshness galore.
ڈھونڈو گے اگر ملکوں ملکوں، ملنے کے نہیں نایاب ہیں ہم
تعبیر ہے جس کی حسرت و غم، اے ہم نفسو وہ خواب ہیں ہم

اے درد بتا کچھ تُو ہی بتا! اب تک یہ معمہ حل نہ ہوا
ہم میں ہے دلِ بےتاب نہاں یا آپ دلِ دلِ بےتاب ہیں ہم

میں حیرت و حسرت کا مارا، خاموش کھڑا ہوں ساحل پر
دریائے محبت کہتا ہے، آ! کچھ بھی نہیں پایاب ہیں ہم

لاکھوں ہی مسافر چلتے ہیں منزل پہ پہنچتے ہیں دو ایک
اے اہلِ زمانہ قدر کرو نایاب نہ ہوں، کم یاب ہیں ہم

مرغانِ قفس کو پھولوں نے، اے شاد! یہ کہلا بھیجا ہے
آ جاؤ جو تم کو آنا ہوایسے میں، ابھی شاداب ہیں ہم


  1. I am a paki blogger, and i can tell you that you have quite a few following you. And yes your blog is bold, that is good, but considering the environment here, u should be a little bit more careful...
    keep blogging and have fun :D

  2. No matter the nationality , your voice is your voice and you use it with passion and sincerity. This is why you have followers. People from different countries tend to exercise more understanding and patience with those who do not belong to their country.

  3. Having a voice is good Izdiher, no matter where you come from, just let the words go out and set you free. You won't be pleasing everybody, does it matter really?
    Take care dear and don't worry for the English, I too make mistakes and repeat words. Take care!

  4. I agree with John here.
    I admire your honesty and courage. You are fearless.
    Also remember that you are God's child. There are many small bosses[elders, police,government,society,leaders etc.etc.] whom we fear and then there is The Big Boss [God} to whom even the small bosses have to report after death and also in this life.
    I was like you in my younger days, a young rebel with a cause. But now I am a seeker of peace-I do not try to offend anyone by my views -but I am old you know:-) and you are young, so a big thumbs up to the youth with a questioning mind.

  5. Hello sis ;)..we have different nationalities and each of us have our own minds so it is but normal for us to have different opinions and since this is your site you have the right to say what you have to say..I do agree with sis Marie there..we are not here to please everybody..we will meet people who will disagree with us along the is a free world..

    on the other hand it is also important to be at least cautious on some things or words due to respect BUT not blurting out words just to please everybody because we can't stand also to be a fake or pretend whom we really are not.

    some readers may judge us because of how we write or on how we view things but at the end of the day as what sis Marie said to me before " spend more time with people who really cares for you ' ;)

  6. John hit the nail on the head :)

  7. You may think your English is bad, but I love the way you express yourself. It's the emotion that counts, not the polish.

  8. Hello!

    In the country I live
    man may not smile at a child
    or one will say, "was beguiled."

    It is sort of like in Pak
    girl not smile at stranger
    -until she can see his back!

    IZDIHER! Go get 'em, Girl!

  9. Oh to have 722 followers.. I only have 15 on one of my blog and 12 I think on the other.. It may take years for me to have that many followers.. God willing! LOL! Maybe then I will be famous!! I think I'm boring! LOL! You rock Izdiher!! Keep doing what you do and I'm very proud of you! Your writing is improving and you really do have that flow thing down!! *hugs*

  10. You're always the best izdiher ...!!

  11. Keep on writing... and be an encouragement!... Have a fantastic weekend!

  12. Hi there Izdiher! Nice to know you have lots of friends around the world and not only Pakistani! Never mind our English, (I'm not also fluent in English, it's not our native language in the Philippines) but at least we can express ourselves with this language and we can understand each other. Just be yourself and stay grateful! Have a great weekend to you!

  13. It is true that there are less Pakistani people reading your blog than non-Pakistani. I,myself notice that too. Keep matter how!

  14. Izdiher,
    Your English is quite good enough to show the world a gentle soul charged with compassion. That's something we need more of, whatever the language. Here in the US where we have "free speech", that still doesn't mean free of consequence. I've no idea what consequences may be in your country, so please be careful. Everyone who's responded to this post, me included, value your voice.

  15. I love friendship. No matter my friends come from if they love friendship too. Wish you a great day.

  16. It doesn't matter where you're from.. and whatever you're writing, is up to you.. as long as you're happy. We're following your blog coz we enjoy what you write.. So don't bother about others..

  17. Izdiher I love the poetry! Keep up the blogging girl, you are popular worldwide, that's bigger than being popular locally. More people from the US read my blog and visit it than from Saudi Arabia, I have no idea why. English is not your native language so cut yourself some slack, the point is you express yourself well and your personality hsines throuhg your writing, not everyone knows how to do that, not eventhos with so called perfect English. So, keep bloggin, the wrold is reading :-). xxx

  18. Hmmm...the first thing I did when I visited your blog was to had that blog title translated :) I've had Pakistani friends when I was working in N. Africa and I had the best experiences with them.

    I think you could speak about almost anything in your blog. It would be great to know what you stand for ;)

  19. I don't think you can choose your followers. I thought because I write about crafts that I would have many crafty bloggers following me - but I only have a couple. My followers come from all diffrent backgrounds and countries! I actually like it that way - so much more choice of topics to look at.

  20. i think the same, is something that you cant choose. great pst honey.


  21. Izdiher,
    I agree with Steven H. We love your VOICE, your passion and your spirit. No need to apologize for your grasp of English--it's excellent!

    Personally I visit your site because I'm fascinated with cultures other than my own, AND to hear your personal voice. But even though you may think yourself a "rebel" in your own country (metaphorically speaking), you are still very much a product of your culture. I loved your explanation of wearing the Hajab. Very enlightening!

    Keep your voice loud, fearless and strong, girl!

  22. I visit your blog not to hear about Pakistan (though still enjoying this byproduct immensely) ..I visit it because I want to know more about your views and news !keep it up Izdiher may allah bless you :)

  23. You're blog is great, you're English is fine. It's a damn site better than my Arabic! I really enjoy reading your blog, the topics are both new and interesting and as others have said, it gives me some insight into a culture I would otherwise have very little contact with. My life here in the KSA has become more interesting because of all of the expats I've met, many from nationalities that I don't see a lot of in the US.

    Really, you're English is fine, I will however tell you the same thing I tell my students. If you want to improve you're written English: read and write. If you want to improve you're spoken English: read aloud.

    And as someone else said, relax you're doing great, you're in the 700's! I have quite a few page visits, but I think only 5 followers...

    Love the blog, keep it up!


  24. I'm a PAKI :D
    And i recently started blogging :)
    I wish we had more exposure to urdu though, I might try reading Allama Iqbal's poetry this summer under Mama's guidance :)