Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ain't that bad.

Just  watched  Kick-Ass.

I know it was stupid. 
I know, so you don't need to  repeat it was stupid.

It was only reasonable thing on airing at that time.

All the  reviews I have had heard so far were all panning it, like it's just media hype, or it's for nerdy -comic loving-teens, ultra violence kinda stuff, and that is why I did not watch it the time it got out. I am the one who ask around before watching anything.

2nd thing, super hero related, tagged flicks are not my thing. I have never watched bat-man, hit-man, spider man, this-man or that ever in my life, even if someone else is paying for ticket.

Tough after today, I can only say K-A  ain't that bad. Quite  a watchable  flick. It was a change for my taste  I enjoyed  it. Excuse, it was not that ultra violence.

See, no flick is good or bad. It just gotta get your attention.And it got mine. It neither make make me  laugh or make me cry.  That is why I ain't saying it's an amazing hahaha funny movie. Neither pushing you to watch it Just sayin' I watched it and   it passed my time good.

There was comedy, teen drama, and funny actions. Scenes were fast packed. Starting was cool. End was predicted. Loved every characters. And most probably everyone's acting was too good.

Especially Aaron Johnson's. He has some flair.

And scoop is   K-A 2 is coming!!!

Is there any flick which was totally not your thing, but you watched it later, and  it turned out ain't-that-bad, man ?


  1. I actually like action hero movies, last one I saw was Batman rises. However I felt the same way you did about this movie and would not have been inclined to watch it either but it does not sound as bad as I first thought. Do not think It will ever be my first choice to watch though.

  2. I loved kickass. I love when the 2 real supeheroes break into his apartment and are like "Hello Ass Kick"

  3. Haha glad you liked it! I did too, despite the "ultra violence." But it had some charm, and "Hit Girl" was just an amazing little kid actress that I hope will go places, like Dakota Fanning did! :)

  4. Yes, it happens with me too. For instance, I was skeptical before watching Hellboy -1 (2004) but enjoyed it thoroughly:))

  5. Ooo almost all the movies I watched in my language...the plots are superficial and predictable...or maybe I'm just way too choosy :P but they are funny, that makes them enjoyable to watch.

  6. I didn't know what to expect with this movie but I actually liked it - I'm a big fan of Hit Girl too!

  7. At first I thought I will not comment on this--NAH!
    Then I remembered early in the summer, my wife-Peep
    wanted SO bad to see this film:


    ...and so reluctantly I paid the money (WOW! When did prices go way up--grin!)
    and spent a most surprising and enjoyable couple hours. Truly adult-funny, serious,
    and carrying a message on which to ponder later. I LOVED IT!

    Here is short clip: CLICK HERE Please watch--you will like it--trust me!
    Steve E

  8. Kick-ass is now on my 'movies-to-watch' list now :)

  9. Had a few moves over the years I wasn´t keen on watching then loved them!

  10. Kickass is nice! XOXO♥

  11. i dont like the story format but i like Hit girl.. the rest they can die lol

  12. Dear friend,
    I have watched a few movies that did not appeal to me at first, but then became enjoyable to watch. You are one funny lady (smile). Try romantic movies next time. Thank for sharing my friend.

  13. I enjoy all flicks and don't usually re-watch them because they loose their thing. I did watch A Walk to Remember a gazillion times though :p
    Hey, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog. Check it out for more details x

  14. lol:D you are so nice a viewer:D

  15. Dear Izdiher,
    Happy Saturday!
    I'm inviting you to join me for Blog Hop Saturday! Linky will open at 9:00am today (in about half an hour). You may enter any 2 links. Hope you can make it!

    1. LOL...since you requested it, I've opened the Linky early...come on over!

  16. Haven't seen the film but I would like to see it some other day! Have a good weekend!

  17. I really have not seen it but since it passed your standards them i might watch it...i'm a big fan of comedy as well...