Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shut up and read.

                                My love hate relation with spacs, and contact lenses
   + Awards.
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I ain't dead, OK ?

Not even snow under.

 Work has never been an excuse for me for not  blogging   or not visiting your sites. Even last month ( Ramadan) things were more hectic than usual though I pulled it off  anyhow, and posted much regularly. Actually there was electricity in those days. It was going only 2  times a day  for 4 hours.

Now, It's back to its regular timing, 3 times a day, for  6 hrs, and we have one PC, which my other siblings use more than me. So yeah that is the only reason.

Thanks heaven it is Sunday today. It will not go off today. And they are still sleeping

On the other hand I am doing fine. Almost everything is  on fire. I am just desperately waiting for my August's pay. I will get it within  first10 days of September.

First thing I am gonna buy are new contact lenses. My previous one had expired 2 weeks ago and you may have no idea how miserable and ugly  I  look with specs. But unfortunately  I can't wear contacts all the time. I have to wear  specs no matter how much I hate them.

One day , when I was in  9th grade I was watching T.V and things got blur. I  was prescribed spacs,  though haven't accepted that fact yet, that I have got specs.

This is something I am not comfortable with from begin. Just after few days I was prescribed  I cried my ass off, and my mom  got me contacts.

Before my numbers were-2/5. now they have raised up to -4.5. 

Seriously, this is  just the most irritating  thing on my nose, like have you seen a dog with that cap thingy on his neck. I wish I have my vision back, can they ? So I hate them.

Dunno how do people find it cool !

I know lots of them wear it even if their eye sights are perfectly fine. They wear more dark, big  spacs.

Totally ridiculous.

Check out the light color of my frame.

O see, get my point. I ain't talking down about  those peeps who wear specs. Just sayin' it is pretty ridiculous if your eye sights are just  fine and you are wearin' them to look hip. And for those who thinks it is hip, then it is not. It was never, ain't, and will never be.

At the optics shop there was this deaf  and dumb women with her husband, and a kid. She was trying to explain the sales man, the  color contact lenses she bought are not staying in her eyes. After every attempt they were coming out.  Her husband was understanding, but shy enough to convey her message.

Sales man asked me to  demonstrated her how to wear it, but problem was with her lenses because when she used from tester they stayed in eyes pretty well. S, in the end we convinced  the sale man   to change her lenses, and give her new one.

Color lenses are cool.

After seeing her color contact lenses. I got some kick to buy one pair  for myself too. I tried aqua blue, cool grey, and light green. They were looking fine on me LOL. Then I came back home and mulled over whether I should buy color contacts or my regular transplant contacts?

Came to this decision I should buy both, and then finally decided I am going  for transparent one for transparent one with good expensive solution to keep them longer. Buying both  will  cost me an earth. One con of this is that I can not crash out anywhere any time. But anyway, I love contacts.

And what is the use of color contacts. They look fake. And no more in fashion over here.

They were so in in early 2000, when Rani Mukerji and Asweria rai was  top bollywood heroin. Now a days no one wear them, maybe occasionally. OK I will wear them if I am gonna get them for free. 

Well but it is still so in thing in far east Asia. Women over there are so found of using them. Circle lenses are so famous.  This make their eyes look bigger and cute.

And to some it is fake and to some it is cute and eye catching.

So like them  we all do something to make our eyes more prominent. And because of all the reasons I mentioned above I am not gonna buy colored one.

I  use lots of kajal around my eyes.

What's your take on  color contacts?
Do you also hate your spacs?


There are also some award I have received so far, haven't the kick to post them, so doing it now.

  Sui from, gave me specular commenter award long, long ago. This is for her redars, so I am not forwarding it :).

 Then Val from  gave me versatile award.

Here are the rules for nominating another blogger for this award

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7 Random facts about myself:
1. I getting better day by in every department of life.
2. I have never been to cinema.
3. My fav food dish is spaghetti and biryani.
4. I want to travel.
5. I love life
6. I love bi cycles.
7. I want a dog.

Then Crystal from   gave me Leibster Blog. This is my 5th LA wow. There are also 11 questions with them, which I will answer  in a separate 11 Q/ A tagged post.
I am also forwarding this  award to anyone who is reading this.

Last but not least recently  and Maria from gave me Sunshine award. This is my 2nd SSA. There are also 11 questions with them, which I will answer  in a separate 11 Q/ A tagged post.


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Nomination:  ANYONE who is reading this post.

Thank you Sui, Crystal, Val, and Maria for so much love:)

Have a good weekend.


  1. I just have regular contacts. My doctor doesn't recommend anything else than what I got.

  2. Well, I find specs rather troublesome at times but I've gotten so used to them, anyways. And lenses are cool as well, just not very good for extra sensitive eyes like mine. Love them, though. Bought a pair of light green for Eid..

  3. I've been asked a time or two if I wear contacts.. apparently my eyes are a little brighter naturally.. but I've never wore contacts or glasses. I can't imagine how uncomfortable either one would be.. especially for someone having to all of a sudden wear them after years of having perfect vision.. It would be quite a transition! I hope you enjoy your new contacts though.. And some people look better in glasses than others.. I'm sure you would look great either way!! P.S. You are very welcome for the award!! Happy blogging and I can't wait to see your answers!! :)

  4. Followed, thank you for visiting my blog! You have a really cool one!

  5. I wear regular contacts too. I find coloured ones fake.
    Eyeglasses are not thatbad but I still prefer contacts.
    Congrats for the awards!
    Do you have cinemas in your area? I'm sure you're gonna like them. I love going to the cinema.

  6. Nice story of your contacts:) Congratulations for collecting so many awards!

  7. Interesting about your eyeglasses and contacts thoughts.
    I think what matters is not what I wear, clothing or glasses,
    but what is inner self, and that shows through the eyes regardless of 'eye-wear'.

    Four years ago, my eyes at age 75 were deteriorating,
    no glasses would help me see better. Dr fixed the cataracts
    and transplanted new lenses in each eye.
    Today I see like when I was age 10, with no glasses or contacts!
    Like a miracle, I tell you that! I cold see IMMEDIATELY after the operation,
    and ride my scooter home.

    Correction: I do wear sunglasses, because our sun is so bright,
    and so "all-the-time"...

    I enjoy seeing others receive awards. Congratulations!
    For me to receive awards...well, it does not excite me.

    PEACE to you Izdiher, and all your Peeps.

  8. Congratulations on those awards. Well deserved.

  9. Congratulations on your award. I've never worn contacts - don't intend to. I wear glasses and absolutely love them. It's not what you wear that matters, it's how comfortable you are with what you wear and of course what you are inside that counts most of all.
    Dropping by from Andy's Saturday Blog Hop.

  10. I am with Steve E, let your natural beauty, both inside and out, shine, with or without glasses you'll look great!

  11. I wear glasses but I do not hate them I actually love them! I could change them of whatever colour I want and design according to occasion! I do not prefer contacts cause I once heard about it from a doc that they can cause you blindness and some girls actually got blind! I tell you this cause i care about so think about before buying contacts!

  12. I know what you mean, I'm SO jealous of all those people who have perfect vision and don't need to wear specs/contacts!

    Yeah, don't get the coloured contacts, they look odd.

    Congrats on all the awards :)

  13. Hello there,

    Here from Andy's blog hop!

    You have got a nice blog here - loved it!

    Many congratulations for having won these prizes...!!

  14. I am one of those people who like wearing Big Geeky glasses. :P

  15. I've been wearing glasses since the age of seven, and I've always hated how they look on me! The good news is that I can still see well without them, but of course, the more often I wear them the better. Last year I started wearing contact lenses and I've never been happier: they were my saviour.

    You're right about coloured contact lenses- they do look very fake. Stick to good old transparent :)

  16. I've had glasses since grade 4. I tried contacts out in high school and I liked them except I like taking naps and it's not good to sleep with them on.

    And I'm too lazy to take them out and then put them back in after said naps. ._.

  17. btw I nominated you on my blog,check it out:

  18. I have a love hate relationship with contact lenses too. I have never tried color ones but they seems cool! :D

    Please check out:

    Twitter: backtofive's twitter
    You have to visit: Bloggers Against Social Injustice too!

    See you there! :D
    backtofive's twitter

    xoxo backtofive

  19. Am not a fan of colored lenses. i think its like trying to be someone u r not. Like i know this girl who wears green and gold lenses to seem different as she has brown eyes like almost all arabs :D

    Ishould wear glasses as my eye sight isnt so good. I guess ill have to do that when ill drive.
    not happy about that :(

  20. My dear friend,
    Whatever you decide, take care of those beautiful eyes. You will need them to see me (smile). In fact, when will I see them? (are you smiling?). Thanks for sharing a very important subject.

  21. Hi Izdiher :) Alhamdulillah! I'm not the only one resting at my end...

    I have also having some difficulties with my eyes ~ my work requires me to stay on the computer for many hours aside from my regular readings online...

    I do not wish to wear contact lenses so I guess I'll stick with specs.

    I used to wear them when I was seven til nine...then I didn't use them til I was in College...when I was 26, I abandoned my specs again :P

    So be patient with me when I couldn't visit you as regularly... I just rest my eyes, my mind and heart every now and then...

  22. Remember me? It's been awhile since I've visited you - shame on me!

    You are lucky that you can wear contacts. I used to wear them in my late teen years, but they began to bother my eyes too much, so it's back to wearing glasses (e.g. specs). My husband wears contacts, and he does just fine with them. I don't know. They just irritate me far too much to wear them. It feels like I have something in my eyes constantly. I suppose everyone is different.

    Anyway, hope you get paid soon from you job so you can do some shopping. :)

  23. Hi Izdiher,
    Here from Andy's bloghop...agree with an earlier commenter about the importance of the eyes over the eyewear...the minds eye over the physical many people wear glasses to see better with the outer eyes, forget to get the specs for their inner eye :)