Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No title for this post.

Can you believe Eid is soooo  around the corner?
Just   four or five more days.

Today I have a day off . It's Pak's independence day. Hope they don't take electricity today. You know it came back around 3am in morning after 4 hours.  People was so awake all night. And right now al most whole hood is sleeping. No single voice !

 They should feel ashamed of taking it in Ramadan, man. I got up at 330 am  for sahoor and slept again at 5. Light gone  again around 10 in morning.

Weather has suddenly become hot.  You remember, how happy in one of my previous post I was  like  how windy and cool it has become. I jinxed it, dammit !

I am having off and on work days. Like I had a day off last Friday, then it was Saturday and Sunday, automatically off........ weekend. I went to school on Monday. And today again it is a day off. I will go tomorrow, and  then gonna get Eid holidays till August 23rd.

Yesterday in class I gave hand made badged to kids, and  face painted them with Pak flag on their cheeks. Kids are so innocent. Hope they would not turn bent, and do something good in future.

First I made four flag on a white printer paper, got their 20 photo copies, gave them to fill color in it. They are so wee. Dunno how to do color properly, wasted many flags. So in the end I did few touching. Mostly work  done by them. Stick them on card paper and punch them on their pockets.

They got so psyched  after they had their badges and  face painted.

There was also a small independence day  function type thing after first period in assemble hall. My kids did not participated in it. No one informed me this will happened, other wise I would have had some how prepared them for  patriotic song or anything of that sort.

It's been busy Ramadan. Dunno how time passed. I was thinking I will never get a single time to do any post. Anyhow I got some .

I also  got some time to do my facial LOL. I did that at home. Thinking about doing a post on it. VOTE how many of you want home facial post!!!!!!!!! I mean it will be done by proper products, nothing home made, just would have been done at home.  Actually I called my esthetician   she is clearly said no . Her days are jam packed. I have products, so why I beg her for dates.

I'm can't beat a professional, who  does  best job, but when I  do my stuff, they ain't bad either. I go their for hair trimming, and cuts.....regularly and for eye brow job which I can never do in this life time.  You know you can do your own pedicure and manicure, facial at home sometimes, sky wouldn't fall down, not recommending always though.

And got an Eid dress from Sunday market .

You know, I was saving my that month (July) pay. I will get my August one in first 5 days of September. I really did not want to send it on buying new dress. I already  have enough. In June I had made for one of my relative weddings.

Wasey tu I am  quite a clothes·horse. This time I am like so/so about it. I was planning to get after Eid.

 My mom said it is so bad. Saying no to new  dress for Eid is bad thing. Eid is for celebration. But we stay mostly at home on Eid. Anyway,  she last Sunday she went to Sunday bazar and bought one for me, coast 800/- . It's mustard  yellow in color and have shocking pink, white and orange embroidery on it up to abdomen. Also have some at back too. My neighbor who is my seamstress has  ready stitched it :). Just in one day Image it. How smart she is. Then last night I went to lace shop and bought two different kinda laces. I will put them on the shirts da'man. I dunno what to call it. Like the end of the shirt.

I am wearing lots of embroidery type shlawar kameez lately. They are in my league. 

What else, Olympics has finally finished. Our athletes  came back home empty hand. When ever we watched any such stuff on T.V my father  says, man, can't you bring one stone for us

I will cook spaghetti for Iftari later not now. However having water in my mouth just at  fancying  about it. I love love mad loves pasta.

Oh, yeah there are tag and award post to be done. Dunno why I am not doing them. Postponing them  for no reason. Thanks everyone for giving me awards and tagging.

I love y'all.

No title for this post.

Hope y'all doing great.


  1. Happy festive times, Independence Day, Eid and have fun ! Keep fingers crossed for electricity:)

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Happy Independence day and happy Eid in advance! It always feels nice to read about your experiences with the school kids, those cute and innocent activities that you can witness only when you are around small kids:)) and about your question, count me among those who would like to read a home facial post.

  3. yeah i also want a post on home facial.happy independence day and eid mubarak stay happy and blessed:)

  4. Nice post.. I really like the way you share your thoughts here:) I would love to read your post of home facial. And congrats that today they(K.E.S.C) didn't took the electricity ;D you can also follow my blog. I will appreciate that. www.my-dynamic-thoughts.blogspot.com

  5. Iz, you make it sound as if working with children could be your 'calling' in life.
    There can hardly BE a more noble reason for one's existence. Teaching the young during
    their formative years--before they can become "bent" (your word!).

    The pay may not be best, but steady work is assured--always there are more children--grin!
    Always they are in need of Good Orderly Direction
    (note: "Good Orderly Direction"--initials G.O.D.!!!)

    Also note: Only One Who is not concerned about paycheck is Allah.
    (I believe) One of His great desires is that we help Him bring about
    change in Peeps' lives. He enjoys to use us.

    Condolences on the Olympics...well, your athletes are so
    accustomed to the power going OFF, they could not play always at full strength LOL!

    Happy Independence Day--
    with 24 Hour
    of "PAK" Power

    Thanks...you write a good blog, full of news. Oh yeah, "end of a shirt is "Shirt Tail" or one word "shirttail".

  6. Great post Izdiher, always filled with energy. Sounds like you love your work too.

  7. Dear Izdiher,
    You are certainly full of energy and a BIG sense of humor. I enjoyed your post today (smile).

  8. Dear Izdiher,
    Have a very Happy and wonderful Eid with your loved ones :)


  9. Happy Eid, and hope all your holidays are wonderful!

  10. If you get a chance, show us pics of your new dress! Happy Eid!

  11. Sorry to hear about your country's performance at the olympics. The bigger countries have such a more unfair advantage at the games. The top country will almost always be either USA, China, or the UK.

  12. My Eid shopping's done. Thankfully :)

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  14. Izdiher,

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. http://parentsofanaddict.blogspot.com/ You gave me a very important lesson today, thank you. I wrote about it and linked your blog.

    Thank you, Ron Grover

    I deleted my first post because I misspelled the web address, sorry

  15. have some recreative holidays!!

  16. It sounds like you're keeping busy, although you might have a case of the blahs. Happens to everyone.

  17. Enjoy Ramadhan while it lasts and look forward to Eid. Hope you do not get much load shedding there, I know how it feels when I visited..

    Hopefully Thar Coal will be developed for electricity and remove load shedding one day.

    Take Care

  18. The dress sounds gorgeous. Can't wait to actually see it, dear..

  19. Your post titled "No title for this post" speaks as if it has a perfect head which let you connect with the outside world and communicate freely.
    Man your thoughts and experiencing difficulties and disappointment is so true that Independence day or Eid Day is not easy anymore to enjoy as good as in the previous years.
    Advance--EID MUBARRAK!

  20. Oh you're so right. One month has already passed and it was so fast. I'm looking forward to your Eid.

    Oh so many things are also happening in your young life ;) Do enjoy :P

  21. like ur header!! thanks for dropping by my blog! :D

  22. Hello, just stopping in to say hi and look around. I like what I see! :)
    Thanks for stopping over at my blog today. It's always fun to see who shows up.

  23. Thanks for stopping by! I am following you now


  24. oh ramadhan will be over soon I cant believe that :(

  25. That was as AWESOME post. not could I say I would mind getting to know more about you but hey, it's the internet, have a good one.

  26. have a wonderful Eid...may god sprinkle his blessing on you and your family :)
    stay blessed