Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shopping from Friday market.

Updated:  I added pics of Pringles as a  jewelry holder. .

Oh boy, it's an end of one hectic day.

Cherry on the top  weather is changing and I am having a running nose. And then it was Friday.
Every Friday, Sunday and sometime   Tuesday/Wednesday   temporary   bazaars are being set up over here. Like today was Friday, so it was Friday Bazaar.

They were supposed to be discount bazaars on weekends, where everything will be available under one tent. Till now everything is available understand one tent,  though they are no  more for weekends only, now they are on alternatives days too like, somewhere on Wednesday, some where on Thursday.

In my area bazaars are on   Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

So I went there with my running nose. My head was spinning but I still shopped. It been three weeks I didn't check out mall or any such thing. I was dying to buy something.

So I bought three dresses, and few jewelry. The one who was selling cloths was hard nut to crack. You see I bought three dresses from his stall. He did not gave me a discount.  Instead of  listening me he started his stories.

At jewelery  stall, every stuff was 20 Rs only_. I got  4 rings, one gold imitation bangle,  two cute ear rings and necklace. They shop keeper gave me one cute nose pin for free .HOOT! Total cost 160/-. I only had 200/-, and had to  backtrack home, so I stalled there.

This Pringles is my  jewelry holder. 


  1. That's fine ... at-least you had a good shopping :-)

  2. Hope you feeling better now
    and your runny nose has improved

    i love shopping and sounds like you had fun.

    Happy weeekend

    x Fiona

  3. I love these bazaars so much especially, Defence Sunday Bazaar!
    HEY! In which area do u live? I live in maymar!

  4. Haha love to hear you being all "cutsey girlie" and shopping with friends on a carefree day! Jewelry and Pringles--a perfect combo, LOL! Love to hear about the "haggling", too, as we don't do it much in the States!

  5. Greetings to you. I've came across some pretty good deals at different markets and fairs. It's like a treasure hunt. I love bargains and I love to haggle over the prices with merchants.
    Sounds like you had a very enjoyable time purchasing your new goods!

  6. aww nice loot :)
    I love the colors :)

  7. I LOVE BAZAAR!!! Izi those accessories are so pretty...

  8. Hey
    *new follower*
    you have a lovely blog... =)
    And yay for a nice shopping! I rarely go to shopping!! I get bored and tired :D

  9. P.S Visit my blog too @ vanishingfromtheworld.blogspot.com

  10. shopping shopping shopping! hihi
    i thought the pringles was part of it. LOL

  11. pringles can be jewellery holder? that's creative! :D

    Latest: Best of Ramen

  12. lovely post and i can understand those sales man won't listen:p...by the way nice shopping:)

  13. Cute collection! Hope you are feeling better now. Thanks for commenting on my short story glad you enjoyed..was nervous bout putting it up on blog..keep posting.. :-)

  14. Hope you feel better Izdiher, retail thereapy seems to work across the world. :)

  15. pringles as jewelry holder.. great idea! ;)

  16. Awesome deal!! And you picked out some super cute stuff even though you were feeling bad. A girl after my own heart. :) I hope you feel much better now!!!

  17. That's a fairly handy way to reuse a Pringles can. :P

  18. I hope you are feeling better now. And I like your jewelry selection!

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  19. thx for that interesting one. Defenetly also worth a

  20. Wow! I think it's cool to go out and treat yourself at least on Fridays...here, my family does it on Sundays ;)

    I liked the set of jewelries you bought and the "pringle jewelry holder' ;)

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