Friday, December 28, 2012

Not just rape.

That  gang rape of a young woman on a bus in Delhi   has just got media attention and noting else. Remember Mukharta Mai cases from Pakistan ?

Has gang rape stalled over here after that much  hyped it had gotten ?  Has everyone became a saint ?

No .

Believe me, within few months, you will see  people  will will forgot about it and keep on living their lives. I know my people.

Mukhatra Mai  was lucky  and smart  who called out media, other wise no one had ever known  about her.  Unfortunately, that Delhi girl lost her life. My heart goes to her.

 But still I just hope some thing real good  pan out, the way Indians are figuring out what to do what such types of crimes.

However,  don't forget these types of gang rapes  and other  gruesome crimes happen in this South Asian region a lot, and no one stands up against it. Only NGOs for their own publicity make some waves. They get funds and you know the rest. 

Here man think only their women (wife, sister and mothers) are  angels, rest of them are WHORES. ......public property.  Goody, goody, good educated men stare women like they have never seen any woman in their entire life. They literally don't know how to behave in public.

We should also ask our people why acid throwing is OK.Why burning her just because she hasn't brought dowry with her ? Why She is suddenly awarah , badchalen and bla bla if she works in office.

 And women are also part of this mess. They no matter  what  have let this happened.

Now you would be thinking why I am connecting our men, our culture and all that jazz  with this gang rape. 

Of course rape has no race, it could happen  any where, and it happens. But here issue is of mentality, men and society.

First of all hardly few cases get reported, and hardly few got caught. And also don't forgot,  these are not just  rape where man does for desire only. In some area this gang rape is  punishment a jirga  gives to  girl if she does some thing wrong  huh !!

Note: If any wanna be liberal,  degree holding kinda educated desi tried to say " I am not like that...I respect " other" women as well as I respect my own women ....or any other bullshit,"  his comment will be deleted instantly.



  1. What is the punishment for rape there? It's too little here in the UK with the average being 8 years in jail - In my opinion it's the worst crime someone can commit (something a lot of people disagree with i.e. them thinking murder) as the rape victim then has to go through life living with what has happened needing years of therapy etc meaning their life is taken away from them. In my opinion a rapist should get everything they own taken from them i.e. their house, car etc along with being given a long term jail sentence so they have pretty much their whole life taken away from them. The money from the property claimed should go into a fund to help rape victims as best as they can

  2. What a line!they see as if they never see any women in their entire life!!!!...and we respect women as we respect our own mothers,yeah hypocrite they are.These people are the same one who possess most flirtatious nature....what the hell!

  3. @Jamie Price: In India, the punishment for rape (if proven guilty) is seven years in jail and a maximum of life term imprisonment.

    I reckon that no matter where females are, they are treated as an 'object' of desire. It has more to do with the mind set of people. Prejudice stands in their way no matter where they are or what they choose to do. Changing law is not difficult, punishing culprits is not difficult but these don't provide a long term solution. What will we do about the centuries old beliefs of people regarding women? Forget about men, I am even more stunned to see apathy of women towards their own kind. Changing mentality of people is much difficult than changing anything else. :(

    I agree with you Izdiher. We are hypocrites. The shouts and slogans die down without any conclusion. If people really want to change attitude towards women, why don't they start by teaching their children (sons in particular) in hopes that one day their children don't make it to the headlines.

  4. I agree we are all hypocrites... But if you know what all happened you'll see that apart from the gangrape, it was the brutality that they put her through that was so inhuman... Nope I can't even call them animals cause animals do not rape and neither are they so brutal to their own kind... This was a case of misplaced values, a sick mind and the lack of fear of punishment. The fact that this happened on a Sunday night at 9:00 pm in a moving public transport in supposedly India's poshest and the most secure areas for a continuous 90mins is something that we need to take cognizance of...
    Young India asks for capital punishment for Rape... We ask for physical castration for rapists like how they have in the Arab countries (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.) but with the Indian democracy and the uncanny ability of the Indian Govt to be extremely "calm", this remains a far cry... Chemical castration could be an option but like Izdiher says it will all fizzle out in a couple of months... It is really sad!

  5. i just hope justice will prevail

  6. Such a sad, sad thing to happen. And on/in such a public place. That bespeaks volumes. It's almost as if the perpetrators are saying "I can do ANYTHING I want, and get with away it! Hope justice will prevail and they will not! What is the harshest sentence they can receive ther?

  7. Of all the atrocities! I don't see how anyone anywhere thinks this is okay? My heart goes out to the young girl as well and to all the other countless victims, around the world, as it's everywhere! May they know justice!

  8. Change will come when enough people refuse to accept these sorts of atrocities. Such a sad situation.

  9. The world needs to change. My heart goes out to the young girl in Delhi, I have heard that she has died. I hope the men that raped are punished for murder.

  10. aww. I almost gotten myself rape few years back, luckily and still now thankful that I've run myself outa there, but still it gives me traumas and all. My prayers to the Delhi girl.

  11. Really sad! Where do we go? If even this is found normal by some people...

  12. The news has become so sensational... I pray for justice and I pray for the girl's soul...

  13. Women are not only victim for gang rape but they also facing eve teasing at public places and harrassment at work place. Women protection law is no where. I pray for the girl and her family.

  14. i wish i could say the attitude you are talking about was just in your part of the world, but sadly women are considered property or a "thing" in many cultures and that seems very twisted, yet it is pervasive. The gang thing is even worse because it becomes more like a pack picking on someone they believe is lesser or weaker - this is also something in most cultures and in this case it does not just target women. The worst part is that i also do not see an end to this at least in the "man" side unless the women really put a stop to it, but i am unsure of what would really work. I have not been able to comment on this at all in other blogs because it is just so horrible.

  15. very true...i agree to each and every word you just wrote :/