Thursday, December 27, 2012

Last night and Biryani.

Last night, one of my neighbor got married. We are already super busy in sister's Nikkah ceremony (marriage), so wasn't able  to attend it.   Only my brother went there. Then   around 1:30, when we were almost slept, he knocked, and called out  """ Get up everyone, Biryani and Mitahi is here !!!!! "

 We jumped from our beds out and chow down it. Just two hours ago we had Chicken Karhai and Chapati roti with Pepsi.

Well, in front of it, who remembers  what we had two hours ago.

Can a desi keep off  chowing it down ?

I don't think so !

 I have never seen any desi wedding without it.  No matter what, it will be the main dish of any event, and we never get enough of it. 

Small size chumchum and Gulab Jamun sweets.


  1. I love biryani, especially with lamb. Take care.

  2. Looks kinda nice hihi.


  3. Yum yum yummy... :)

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  4. Looks yummy, I can't resist sweet stuff, and doesnt everyone love biryani :-)

  5. Wow! I miss biryani among all the Arab dishes I tasted... and those sweets look so delectable...

  6. I looked up "biryani" and found what you ALL are talking about here.
    I have to eat, before I can like.
    Now...if it were made of chocolate!!!!!

  7. Happy feasting, Izdiher:) New Year is a good time to binge!!

  8. Well it look yummy! :D

  9. the desserts look unique ;) i have not seen any around my place..

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  10. All the three food are among my favourite ones....I am from Kolkata, the city of Sweets...And that in itself speaks for my love for sweets....And about biriyani...well!!! I have no words...that's one dish which is better than

    Girl with the Quixote Curse!