Saturday, March 23, 2013

That Dil.

I saw him twice today and didn't say ' hi ' for my own peace of mind. Completely ignoring  him since last month, and I know he is dumb ass, would not mind that either.  Actually I don't have  that dil to go through all that once again with anyone. I hope you know what I am trying to say. Like, when we started talking I was  kinda OK, and thought lets see, we will be friends sort of things, but after ward,  felt so wrong and could not connected. All blame is on me.

And this is not a first time, and actually a real reason I am running away. And playing games.

 Every time I meet some one I have this strong feeling I am  repeating the mistake I did  years ago. Even though I got over with M pretty well, and I was not that sad about  us. OK, yeah I cried a lot... a lot .. I even  begged him not to leave like a complete loser. Though after passing time I literally forgot everything. Zero in on important things in my life  

Moved on with cool mind,   but  had no idea  it will haunt me like that I'll not be able to start again. It wasn't love. I don't miss him. No feeling at all. COLD.

Whatever it was, my bad. I  hurt my self in such a bad way that  time could not heal my wounds.

Note:  Nigga, please. No sympathy. Just scribbling it down for the sake of understanding few things. You can slap me. I need that more.


  1. *slap* You deserve better!!! You relived it, now let it go.. for a little while atleast.. but hopefully longer!

  2. Recover. By the way, whenever i go to this site, my mouse turns all flowery.

  3. no need for slap,you can breathe now,you know what was it all about and thank God it wasnt love so you are much better without him,go on and move,oneday you gonna meet who will make you feel complete

  4. You don't need a slap dear Izzy, relationships are complicated. One day you will meet someone who is worthy of you, there won't be any complications, awkward moments, you will feel complete and at ease with this person.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Enjoy life:)Good things happen sooner than you expect!

  6. Thanks to all the heartaches, we'd be better persons in the end.

  7. always wishing the best for you..especially when it comes to love!
    take care!

  8. The heart is the heart, we cannot switch it off much as we may want to at times, we just learn to live with it.

  9. Don't be afraid to live and try again.
    Everyone gets hurt.
    That's life!
    Good luck!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  10. I sometimes feel that I would have been perfect had it not been for some non categorized emotions which are hard to explain. I tell you, my narcissism always helps me get over any sort of defeat I might have felt. Perhaps you could do that yourself more than anyone in the world but not to the extent of standing in front of the mirror gloating how beautiful you are hundred times a day (I don't mean I do that...not in the least...erm less than hundred perhaps). :D :P ;)

  11. I have a question for you Iz, do you read all the comments you receive or skip through them? Since there are no replies, I would like to know if what I say makes any relevance to you. Just this once would you reply???

  12. in ourlives there are lot of bad choices , and we learn from it so don't be hard on yourself :)