Sunday, April 7, 2013

Respectable and honorable education.

In my BA English book there was one chapter "The Door Swings Open." It was about Elizabeth Black__ the first   female doctor, how she got admission in medical collage( which in my eyes was not that big deal because at first her college was just not  sure to take her, nothing else, so  instead of saying a straight no,  they  put it before student body who approved it anyhow. That is it ) and blah blah.

 We even  had a discussion in that class  whether women should get professional education or not.

I said NO_____not in our culture. And I still stand by my No,  because they waste it !

 My point at was that she was someone from 18-19 century if I ain't wrong, and we in  2010  were  discussing whether we should or not !! Amazing. Now it is 2013, things are much like same. Still more than 40 percent of girls never enroll in school. We are not getting the concept of " education."  This higher and and professional stuff comes later.

Actually this whole education system in urban areas  is beyond my understanding.  So freaking messed up. Poor, rural people_____who cares for them !

My other reason of saying no was that  we should not ignore the ground realities that despite having more female students in professional schools rather than male students, though only 10 percent from them  are really "that professional working in their related fields."

Yes, in rural areas no one stop anyone from getting respectable education.

Due to higher number of girls studding in professional collage, guys don't get admission, who could in the end at least be professional unlike girls. 

It is a fact. Hardly 10 percent from them really  go for the career. I personally know lots of girls who are my friends, relatives, and neighbors...highly qualified, but brain washed. So proudly says, OUR GIRLS DON'T DO THIS. Like others who are working, professional  or studying honestly are whores. Some how they who don't let their girls do this, are honest.

Then there are one who are  engineers, MPA. MBA, D-Pharmacy done girls and  working in  schools as a teacher.


Why they studied such stuff when in the end they have to be school teacher?

 They could have gone to some normal community collage, get their B.Ed and M.Ed degree, and be a professional teacher but no, no ! It is just a filed which is consider respectful, and we all know how we look upon other females and what name we give to them who work in offices. Teaching is noble. I can bet majority of them are teachers because this is what they are allowed t do. No heart, no passion in it.

 There are hardly very few females I know personally who get these professional or even higher education merely because they wanted to get it, other wise most of them are those who are actually getting it for passing their time. And there are many  who want to be doctors or engineers just cause these are " respectable and honorable" education for girls.

In the nut shell, there should be a quota system like it was in back days, because we as a nation is  still stuck in pass. And only those girls should be allowed to get higher and professional education who are not brain washed, who will pursue that career. And let the guy study.

No, I ain't taken in changing this society, or its mind set. They are not living in some 18 or 17th century.They should have common sense. And there is one thing, you  can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.


  1. Have u made up your mind, dearest? As to what profession you'd like to belong to? I know you can do it... Good luck!

  2. Hi! Despite all the advances and innovations we have today, women are still deprived is so many ways. Whether we like it or not, we still have to work out more to be successful.

    Hope you are having a great day!

  3. Good analysis but sometimes it takes a lot of time to bring radical changes in societ!

  4. Nice post! But women need to educate whether professionaly or not as in future they will b the mothers of mba, bba students..

  5. well I guess we all need ad do have the right to have a good education regardless of the gender

  6. Pakistan may be behind the curve, but the rest of the world, most of it anyway, realizes that women are capable of doing any job, perhaps better than men, and education is the key. Pakistan will come to accept this one day when enough brave women refuse to be considered second class citizens on this planet.

  7. Dear Izdiher,
    I always enjoy reading your posts because you talk about subjects that matter and show the diversity existing in this world.
    Personally I think the more education you can get the better it is cause it broadens your horizons and makes you see things differently.
    I understnad that things in Pakistan are difficult. It takes time the population to be educated and mindsets to be changed.
    But I think we shouldn't lose hope.
    Lots of love,
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  8. I think this is a really controversial issue everywhere but it's interesting to see your point of view :)

    Rose Gold Whimsy

  9. an honest point of view you have in here... Very controversial issue indeed

  10. Thank you for sharing your insights on this... I was a bit surprised that things like this could be far off in Pakistan esp. in terms of education of women. I do hope things will open up...

  11. I'm not sure i understand the tone of your essay, are you saying that women should not have access to education if they do what you consider 'wasting' their education?
    Did you think their might be what we call in England a 'glass ceiling', meaning the person underneath can see where they want to be in their career, but they cannot 'rise upwards' because of prejudice, because they are women?.
    Interesting point of view though, i always like your essays.
    Maybe you will be a journalist?

  12. I hope a modern day Feminist doesn't read your post. They're going to claim that you're brainwashed by the all powerful "patriarchy" and that you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking this way.

    I think that your post should apply to both men and women though. Not sure how many guys I know of that waste their degrees as well.

  13. i guess i go with the saying "give chance to those who deserve it..."