Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Again ?

Last night at Christan Muslim Forum one British posted a link regarded current Egyptian protest, and asked:
"How do my Muslim brothers and sisters understand the current events in Egypt?"
After going through few posts I couldn't keep my self  idle:

  • Izdiher:  I just wanna ask what is wrong with Egyptians?

  • someone replied:   In general or today:)

  • Izdiher......since protest. Never mind, what they really want?
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I mean, seriously what is wrong with them? Again protest? 

It seems like never gonna be settle down with anyone.  First of all, all  these protest, anonymous uprising etc, etc are so main stream and make no sense! What are they protesting for?  People should work hard, and pay their taxes. All governments in this world  are some how same. There is no absolute democracy anywhere in this world. These protest are only about kicking out president(s) and nothing else. 

If you really wanna change your county, change the system, reform the constitution and all those technical stuffs instead of changing presidents after presidents.They do what constitution tells them to do.  

Anyway, I left after that. It was  getting late here. In the morning when I  checked in again, so many people had posted their two cents, and same old crap. Democracy, democracy, democracy. Arabs are tribal and fundamentalists, why chocking them with democracy? It doesn't mean they are dumb. They have their own system.

About Egypt: Simple thing is that people did not see Islamist were coming. All the liberals who were protesting were dreaming about some kinda secular-free-modern Egypt. However it turned out  majority voted for  Morsi. Now  Mohamed Elbaradi is saying you can't eat sharia? Saying the guy who didn't take part in 2012 Presidential election!

 I dunno in 48 hours will he step down or not, like I just saw on CNN, but this is a fact. Accept it or leave it. Majority of Egyptians are with him, or even if not they  elected him in a  democratic  way ! Mosri is their first ever democratically elected President.  People gave him mandate to serve. Now suddenly outta no where people  are  against him too.  He is also criminal, his pat Muslim brotherhood is terrorist.

Yechnically whether you like it or not, people should wait for the tenure to finish and then vote for a new president. This is what democratic nations do !

People are just baffle. They forgot this is democracy. he gotta complete his term, have to fulfill his commitments. Otherwise how will they have democracy.  Problem is in the system/constitution, not in him.  

 People on the street are again same people who were against Mubarak. There dreams didn't come true. Now they are out once again in the hope this time they will kick him out with their protest. Every country is different from other country, isn't? Shouldn't people make their own government which suite them and their culture as well.

 Even once Perzada, a journalist on national T.V was interviewing Egy ambassador to Pak, literally warned him about the situation because we have been through the same situation, but Mr. ambassador was so full with revolution said, " No,no our system is so different, we don't mix religion and politics." 

Anyway, you  asked, so I answered otherwise  I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HER. Egy is miles away from me. Just watching it on CNN and communicating on forums can't tell us what they really want, or what is really going on over there.


  1. The Egyptians aren't in majority with Morsi at the moment. Many, if not most, of those who voted for Morsi have changed their minds now after they have seen his incompetence, corruption and indifference to horrible crimes committed that are partly the fault of his party. I think it's something to respect that they are out there in the millions demanding the best for their country.

  2. I think égyptien were Full of hope when the last élection took place but nothing can change so qyickly . Now they do not know anymore what is right or wrong and they are raising their voices for some change without understanding this can not be done overnight.
    Hope your Sis and family is safe.

  3. I wish peace for them, and soon.

  4. From what I see and hear on TV it seems that Morsi isn't listening to his people and taking ALL of them into consideration. A president needs to fulfill the needs of all of his people, and the people need to know that they are heard. I think that one of the greatest ideas ever was the separation of religion and state. People should be free to worship as they please but the government should be independent of religion, in my opinion.

  5. All I know is that Egypt citizens have a great and the strongest unity ever. All I hope they get peace in the soonest time

  6. It is not a good sitruation, however you are so right in what you say, all Gevernments are different yet the same.

  7. hmm well i just hope everything will be settled soon

  8. Seems like everyone wants to be a "democracy" like the United States. We are NOT a Democracy? We are a a Republic. There IS a difference. Sometimes even our president forgets that.

  9. a lot of people has been suffering because of that...it's saddening as well as scary.

  10. The majority of Egyptian citizens are not supporting Morsi any more..And even most of who have chosen him in the elections are now against him, because of his Dictatorship that he used against the Egyptian people
    So at least I think that we have to express our respect for all of these people who wanted to make their country much better