Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We are all human.

I have been  spending lots of my time in interfaith forums these days. Jews and Muslims for peace. They don't talk much about religion, mostly politics and very less crowd, though I am  on the verge of being kicked out  from Christian Muslim forum., where every one is Jesus and Mohamed. One is saying your book is corrupt. Other believe one  made up  religion via borrowing stuff from old and new testaments.

 However, I went there to lean about  religion(s) though the more I am trying to understand them, more I am going nuts. I am hearing so many  things for  first time in my life. Discussion are mostly arguments. See, everyone is cool with their religion how can we change them and they change ours?Impossible.

So live and let other live.

Well, after spending a month I have came to this conclusion that  this is God's scheme, you that, me this, and we gotta understand it.  If God had wanted all of us to be the  Christan or whatever, He would say "Be." and it would be, but He loves variety. No snowflake is exactly like any other. No leaf on any tree is exactly like another. 

He also send different prophets, from Adam(pbuh) to Mohamed(pbuh) with the same message: oneness of God. He send them to teach people universal morality, unity amongst mankind, regardless of class, color, language status etc.

Then why such hate and extremism ?

Things can be better between us when we will ask each other how are you, instead of who are you ? 

All religion in this world is just to guide us. Not to divide us. In the end of the day we are all humans.  And if your religion is diving you, separating you from an other human being, then please have a check.

 "No religion is higher than humanity"___Edhi

he basic principles of all religions are rooted in humanity. - See more at:


  1. You are a very bold and open-minded person to be doing this.Take care, though.

  2. Nice piece, dearest.. How are you and not who are you, yep.. Can't agree more.

  3. ''all religions in the world is to guide us not to divide us'' what a great powerful sentence you said .

  4. I had TWO comments prepared.
    One was written by Nal @ TPJ
    Other expressed by Fatimah

    Ifrah, you have great skill in expressing yourself in writing.
    And your honesty exceeds all your other talents.
    Thank you, girl!

  5. i certainly agree to you and it is not the religion that saves us its the faith

  6. Well expressed, love this post. I always hope for tolerance and acceptance not just in religion, but also in culture, racial background and orientation. Peace!

  7. I completely agree with you! All religions should have respect for others

  8. So true dear. Brilliantly said! Religion should bring us all together, as we do worship God. I keep hoping things will change, people will accept others with respect. The world can achieve it. We can do it.

  9. I asked a pastor once who he thought was "right". The Christians? The Muslims? The Jews? The Buddists? The Seikhs? and I also asked him if you say "the Christians"...which Christians? The Baptists, 2nd Baptists, freewill Baptists, Southern Baptists, the Catholics, the Copts, the Lutherans, the COE? And if you say the Muslims, is it the Sunni the Shia or any of the other 25 branches. His advice to me was to seek out God through study. To read the bible, read the torrah, read the Quran, read the book of Mormon. To know the histories of the peoples, the 12 tribes, the migration of man.

    My point is, that it all comes down to our own path, our belief will ultimately be based in faith alone, but I think that study is essential. I don't have much faith in "religion" as it is, and yet I have great faith in God. However, during this study (of which I am always behind), I find it difficult to deal with people who have already made up their mind. They followed their parents into the religion and have there remained. While some of them are wonderful, caring people, others are extremist in their belief and intolerant of the idea that maybe they should read and look outside their own family history.

    just my two cents, but this is why I don't have much love for the Christian-Muslim forums...feels a lot like people trying to tell other people why they're wrong in their interpretation of a bunch of books, that are clearly up for interpretation.

  10. Wish everyone could understand such a simple thing

  11. some people find religion as a good excuse why there are wars, problems, differences, and all that... what they don't tend to admit is that most of the times, it is only about our attitude and selfishness.... nice post. :)

  12. this is such a great post! for one, religion should be a source of comfort and love. that being said, everyone has different beliefs, but we should all be mutually accepting and tolerant of one another you know? i haven't been on your blog lately, but it's great to see you're still posting (:

    a very loud introvert

  13. Waw this is so true! If only everyone could realise this...

  14. It is said that GOD created man in his own image, however I believe man created GOD in his own image with all his shortcomings.

  15. This is an eye opener Izdiher. You talk so much sense. Thanks for sharing this post.